Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 13

The Killer In Me

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The WB
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Willow finally gives in to Kennedy's advances, and they share a lingering kiss. Suddenly Willow transforms into the likeness of Warren, Tara's murderer, and she must find a way to reverse the change while she deals with the still-raw emotional wounds caused by Tara's death. Meanwhile, when Spike's chip begins to malfunction Buffy must turn to an unlikely source for help, and the gang discovers that the First may be closer than anyone suspected.moreless

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  • There's no polite way to put this: "The Killer in Me" doesn't get much right and is easily the worst episode since "Where the Wild Things Are".

    The good news is that I think this is going to be the low point of the season. As for this episode, though, oh where do I begin? There's tone problems, pacing problems, and plotting problems all over the place. I think there's something worth exploring somewhere inside here, but that vision is far too muddy to make any sense of it. I take it you probably want some more specifics though, right? Well, okay, but just this time...

    Before I dig into my many problems with this episode, let me just say that the moment when Willow and Kennedy kiss only to have Warren say "well, that was nice," is so insane that I can't help but laugh. Poor, poor Kennedy did not deserve that! Also, a lot of the early scenes with Willow as Warren are tapped quite nicely for their inherent comical possibilities, with a particularly inspired moment involving Andrew -- always extremely fond of Warren -- grabbing Willow as Warren on the This moment is extremely funny because of how much it plays with everyone. Think about this for a moment: we have Andrew, a sexually confused, likely gay, guy grabbing the boobs of Willow, a lesbian, who has the visage of Warren, the guy Andrew was kind of into. Ahhh!! :)

    So Spike's chip is malfunctioning, huh? I suppose this could help explain some of the inconsistencies with it not firing off lately. My problem with this is simply that it wasn't made clear in previous episodes. This major of a change in Spike really should have been plotted much better than it has. I also find it to be a little bit of a stretch that Spike is just now having extreme pain in his head -- this feels a little abrupt for me. In general, I love the idea of Spike needing to get his chip removed, and Buffy being the one to make that choice, but the implementation here is sadly lacking in both reason and emotional pull.

    As for Willow and Kennedy, I can appreciate that the writers are at least making an effort to address Willow's past and hesitations about starting a new relationship. But, I have to say, it makes me feel a bit awkward seeing Willow being able to so quickly jump into another relationship, not just because of the circumstances of Tara's death, but also because Kennedy is simply so not Willow's type. I, in no way, can see the two of them really sticking it out long term. Tara was an excellent fit for Willow -- they complemented each other extremely well. I don't feel that with Kennedy. The big scene at the end of the episode tries hard to get us to see Willow's pain in letting go of Tara, all in an effort to convince us she's now free to start something new with Kennedy. The problem is that I can't help but feel this whole resolution is far too pat and manufactured. So, while I appreciate the effort, it still ultimately falls flat for me. I don't feel this episode at all earns what it set out to do.

    Unfortunately, the problems with this episode run even deeper than I've already mentioned. The attempt to distinctly separate the humor from the drama did not work. Buffy, as a show, works best when it's able to blend its humor with its drama. This is something "Killer in Me" fails at, badly. We have a funny scene one moment, and then uninteresting drama the next. The episode is so split between its plot threads that it doesn't amount to anything engaging. Buffy and Spike going back down into the Initiative, and having people still be there is also pretty darn ridiculous.

    On the Willow thread, we see Alyson Hannigan and Adam Busch as Willow, but it switches between the two actors so frequently that what's left is just a bunch of uninteresting mush. It's like they didn't trust Adam to pull off a good Willow for a very long period of time. Then there's the completely unnecessary shoe-horning of Amy into the story. Why is Amy the one doing this to Willow? Why now? Why is this the last time we see Amy? Why didn't the writers make much better use of Amy after mid-S6? Why am I so bored by all this? Then there's the abrupt "resolution" to the worry that Giles is the First. When we find out that he's not, it only makes us feel cheated and mislead rather than relieved. Why'd they even go there if all they had planned is a cheap gag?

    Altogether, this is honestly a complete mess of an episode. It started out alright, with some decent intentions and a bit of humor, but it quickly devolved into nonsense. Sadly, this episode really doesn't even feel like a Buffy episode. If there's one moment where I agree with all the complaints leveled at S7, it's with this episode. While I'll give it due props for at least trying to do something, it ultimately doesn't succeed at very much of it.moreless
  • Amy's back!


    Oh my god, this is ep 135, we're into single figures left!

    The Good;

    Always lovely to see Amy again, sadly her last appearance although she's back in the comics. Nice subplot with 'Is Giles the First?' and some creepy stuff in the old Initiative, very Halloween (the movie not the ep).

    The Bad;

    I find the whole Willow/Kennedy storyline not that involving frankly and I'm normally a Willow fan. Rather ruins the suprise reveal of Amy when EAA's name is in the titles.

    Best line;

    Spike; "Who you gonna call? You know that's never going to be usable again, is it?" (tell that to the 118 118 boys!)

    but also like;

    Initiative officer (of Spike) "We're here to help ass-face (noting Buffy's look) Those were agent Finn's exact words"

    Women good/men bad;

    Pretty much all the Warren stuff


    Will slapping Amy is shocking

    Kinky dinky;

    When Buffy tries to tell the Initiative that Spike's 'chip' is malfunctioning they seem to think she's referring to something else. Andrew grabs Will's breasts and he and Dawn take the opportunity to feel up Willow/Warren and all the Scoobs grope Giles in the final scene. Giles is affronted that the Scoobes think he's evil because he'd take a group of nubile teenage girls on a camping trip and NOT touch them. Xander appears to wear Aquaman underwear, how does Willow know this? Amy's top is very revealing, I never appreciated how hot she was until this ep.

    Captain Subtext;

    One big lesbian seduction of Willow by Kennedy. Kennedy says that Willow is sexy when she pouts, quite true. Kennedy presumes Willow is gay but Will never actually says so. She asks how long has she enjoyed sex with women (well doesn't EVERYONE?). Interestingly Will says she didn't fall in love with WOMEN but with one WOMAN. Will's mum hardly met Tara. Kennedy says she was first attracted to women when she was five (!) after watching Rhett sweep Scarlett up the staircase in Gone with the Wind. This scene is widely considered to be marital rape but then as a potential Slayer Kennedy has that dark sexual side we see in Faith and Buffy and in 'Get it done' we find out why. Note that Kennedy wishes to play the Rhett role who's the sexual aggressor just as Kennedy is courting Willow. Kennedy tells Willow she doesn't worry about her "Being too butch". More signs of Andrew and Xander bonding, love Anya and Dawn's little look at him. Dawn and Anya snuggle under a blanket.

    So, does Amy actually have a gay crush on Willow and is this all the result of jealousy? Certainly Amy at the end seems to be coming on to Kennedy, saying "You must be good" after the revelation about the kiss. Kennedy thinks Willow's freckles are 'lickable'.

    Guantanamo Bay;

    The Initiative's new front is a flower shop, what is it with Buffy and florists?

    Missing scenes;

    Presumably around this time Dawn recieves her phonecall from Angelus but we never see it. Also the Scoobies never seem to notice the eternal darkness in LA or Jasmine but then they have their own worries.

    Apocalypses; 7,

    Scoobies in bondage: Spike continues to keep himself chained up

    Buffy: 8

    Giles: 4

    Cordy: 5

    Will: 4

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 4

    Oz: 1

    Faith: 3

    Joyce: 1

    Wes: 1

    Xander; 2

    Dawn; 4

    Spike; 3

    Scoobies knocked out:

    Buffy: 20

    Giles: 12

    Cordy: 6

    Xander: 15

    Will: 9

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 6

    Oz: 3

    Faith: 1

    Joyce: 3

    Wes: 1


    Dawn; 4

    Tara; 1

    Spike; 1

    Kills: one demon for Buffy

    Buffy: 118 vamps, 61 demons, 6 monsters, 10 humans, 1 werewolf, 1 spirit warrior & a robot

    Giles: 8 vamps, 2 demon, 1 human/1 god.

    Will: 6 vamps + 3 demons +1 fawn+1 human.

    Oz: 3 vamps, 1 zombie

    Faith: 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans

    Xander: 6 vamps, 2 zombies, 1 a demon, 2 humans

    Anya: 1 vamp and 1 a demon

    Riley; 18 vamps + 7 demons

    Spike; 9 vamps and 6 demons+1 human

    Buffybot; 2 vamps

    Tara; 1 demon

    Dawn; 1 vamp + 1 demon

    Kennedy; 1 human+1 vampire

    Amanda; 1 vampire

    Scoobies go evil: Willow, big time

    Giles: 1

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 4

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 1

    Oz: 1

    Joyce: 1

    Xander: 4

    Anya; 1

    Dawn; 1

    Buffy; 1

    Spike; 1

    Alternate scoobies: Willow as Warren

    Buffy: 8

    Giles: 4

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 6

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 2

    Joyce: 2

    Xander: 4

    Tara; 1


    Spike; 1

    Anya; 2

    Recurring characters killed: 13

    Jesse, Flutie, Jenny, Kendra, Larry, Snyder, Professor Walsh, Forrest, McNamara, Joyce, Katrina, Tara, Quentin Travers.

    Sunnydale deaths;


    Total number of scoobies:

    Xander, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Anya, Spike, Giles, Kennedy, Molly, Vi, Chloe, Rhona, Amanda

    Xander demon magnet: 5(6?)

    Preying Mantis Lady, Inca Mummy Girl, Drusilla, VampWillow, Anya (arguably Buffy & Faith with their demon essences?), Dracula?

    Scoobies shot:

    Giles: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 4

    Riley; 1

    Buffy; 1

    Tara; 1

    Notches on Scooby bedpost:

    Giles: 2; Joyce & Olivia, possibly Jenny and 3xDraccy babes?

    Buffy: 4 confirmed; Angel, Parker, Riley, Spike. 2 possible, Dracula+RJ(?)

    Joyce: 1;Giles, 2 possible, Ted and Dracula(?)

    Oz: 3; Groupie, Willow & Verucca

    Faith:2 ;Xander, Riley

    Xander: 2; Faith, Anya

    Willow: 2;Oz and Tara

    Riley; 3; Buffy, Sandy and unnamed vampwhore

    Spike; 2 Buffy and Anya

    Anya; 2 Spike and Xander

    Dawn in peril; 14

    Dawn the bashful virgin; 9

    What the fanficcers thought;

    Read an interesting one where Willow's guilt manifest's itself differently, she's visited by Warren every night and he cuts skin from her body. In the end she forgives him and then forgives herself, making him disappear and only dreaming of Tara from then on. Another good one has Willow confronting Amy and we find out that this is all due to an unrequited gay crush from Amy for Willow. Amy tries to stab Will with her Bringer dagger and Xander shoots Amy with the gun Willow-as-Warren bought. She collapses and dies in the arms of a tearful Willow.

    Questions and observations;

    Weird to see flashbacks all the way back to season 4, seems a world away. SMG seems rather hoarse in the first scene. The series seems to be running out of money to judge by the commentary, all that CGI expensive. It strikes me that Spike has moved into the basement just as Xander moves out. Robson the Watcher has survived, the Watcher's Council is not entirely gone and can help Buffy and co in season 8. Shouldn't Xander pack some weapons when he heads off to the desert?

    So is Amy working with the First (she uses it's catchphrase, 'It's about power')? But when she talks to Kennedy she seems to not even to be evil, that this is petty jealousy of Willow. OR maybe she's bitter at Willow having killed Rack and left Amy to have painful rehab on her own?

    Is the leader of the Initiative team the same guy from the series The Unit? What a shame they couldn't have got Graham back. In the end where we see Warren weeping and saying "I'm sorry baby" is he actually grieving for Katrina?

    Marks out of 10; 6/10, not my favourite

  • The One Where Willow's Warren, But with More Skin

    A slight break from the potential-heavy episodes around it, The Killer in Me is an intriguing albeit slightly dull episode which features some interesting character development.

    The episode has Willow turning into Warren when she kisses Kennedy. Whilst getting Amy to help reverse the spell, Willow finds herself fading away and Warren taking over. Meanwhile, Spike's chip malfunctions and Xander, Anya, Dawn and Andrew go to find out if Giles is the First.

    The Willow storyline is spoilt by Kennedy, who, despite appearing to be completely up for any battle since she first appeared, comes across as really pathetic as she tries to stand up against Amy, who could easily kill her in a heartbeat. Amy's motives for the hex on Willow are slightly vague. How the writers went from making her the caring, experimental witch of the first three seasons to some junkie psychopath is over the top and it's annoying that her storyline doesn't really have much of an ending. She just stands around making idle threads to Kennedy before magically zooming her off to Buffy's backyard. We don't know what she did next or even if she managed to get out of Sunnydale alive. Slightly disappointing for such a cult character. Alyson Hannigan is great, as usual, and the closing scene in which she struggles to come to terms with Tara's death, is just heartbreaking.

    The Initiative storyline is very reminiscent of season four and it takes a while for it to get to the main point of it all: to remove Spike's chip. Also, the whole "Is Giles the First?" thing ends up being completely pointless. In my opinion, they should have only done the storyline if it ended with Giles revealing to of been killed. It's highly unbelievable that he managed to survive the beheading and next episode's further explanation of how it happened only helps to make it sound more ridiculous.

    All-in-all, The Killer in Me is a slightly empty episode which serves its purpose, I guess.moreless
  • So Spike's Chip is having problems, Giles being groped, and Willow and Kennedy's relationship finally happens.

    This episode had a lot to offer and it didn't disappoint me. First Spike's chip is having a Y2K problem and has to go back to the Initiative with Buffy, with help from some soldiers Spike's chip is finally removed although we won't actually learn this till the next episode.

    Then Xander, Anya, Dawn, and Andrew think that Giles is the first so the go off to find out if he is or not and after tackling him and groping him they realize he isn't the First and after that moment Giles says the funniest thing I've ever heard him say: You think I'm evil if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and Don't touch them? Good times.

    But now to my favorite the Willow and Kennedy kiss. After they kiss Willow becomes Warren and as time goes on Warren's personality starts taking over. Kennedy finds out that Amy was the one that put the spell on Willow but before Kennedy can do anything Amy teleports her and as luck would have it the final setting in the episode takes place in the back yard of Buffy's house were Tara was shot. Willow enters the back yard with a gun and points it at Kennedy blaming her for this. But then Willow says that she let Tara be dead and that she let her go. Then Kennedy kisses Willow again and for some reason don't ask me why Willow becomes...Well Willow again and they head on inside for some tea.

    So after seeing this episode it is the last we hear of Tara and that does make me sad but I also like Kennedy. So the question is do I like Kennedy better than Tara? After thinking about it I found out that I like both of them equaly, their characters had aspects that I loved and the more I saw them the more I liked them.

    Good Bye Tara it was one heck of a ride.

  • This episode could have been much better. I really loved the Willow character development and finding out that Kennedy was into her. And the turning into Warren wasn't a bad idea either. Just that it had some very weak scenes and Adam Buch's acting was kimoreless

    The Killer In Me

    Good episode, but not entirely. I loved the last scene and Alyson's acting. The episode also had many things that were too funny. But the thing is, Adam Busch's acting wasn't that good and it also had a few things that makes you sigh. It's not quite Buffy at it's best even though it has some very high points.

    Cut to Giles saying goodbye cause he is taking the potentials to the woods and Willow comes and she says that Kennedy isn't going cause she’s sick. Buffy goes downstairs to Spike and Buffy is glad they are going and they say they are annoying. Spike is chained because he says he's still dangerous and then he suddenly attacks like he has pain and Buffy doesn't know what is happening and he says the chip and screams.

    the credits start

    Cut to Buffy going to Willow and she is going to Kennedy and Buffy knows what's going on and then asks about Spike's chip. Willow arrives in the room and she sees Kennedy and she says she was never sick and Kennedy doesn't wanna go because she wants to show Willow something. Cut to the bronze and Willow noticed that Kennedy isn't going to do anything and Kennedy wants her to stay and asks if she is gay and she know that Kennedy is gay and Willow feels ashamed. Then Willow says how long she knows and it was just with one woman. Cut to Buffy going to Spike and he is bleeding and they think it's the chip and that he wasn't meant to live for so long. Cut to the girls again and Willow says that Tara and her are private and then she says they were.

    Cut to Buffy talking to someone on the phone about flowers and she wants to know if its the government and Spike has an attack and she sees it and he is in pain. Cut to the bronze again and Willow doesn't get why Kennedy likes her. She says that she should look at herself. Cut to them coming home and Kennedy continues and then they kiss each other and suddenly Kennedy sees Warren. She looks in the mirror and says it's the man she killed and goes downstairs with Kennedy and she says she's Willow and the people see it and it says it's Willow but they don't believe. Buffy comes and hits it and it's Willow and they realise it's her and Spike falls on the ground. Willow says she doesn't want them to see her and she leaves to fix it and Buffy sees Spike on the ground. Spike says that they can't wait.

    Cut to Willow outside and Kennedy finds her and Willow is going to get some help and Kennedy wants to go alone by herself because she killed him. Willow is going to some old friends. Cut to Buffy and Spike trying to find the initiative and go inside. Cut to the house and Andrew takes the phone and someone called and Xander tells them that a guy saw that he saw Giles died. They cannot remember Giles touched something but they can't remember and now they are gonna find Giles and they take Andrew. Cut to Giles in the camp. Then cut to some witches doing magic and Willow and Kennedy arrive and Willow says they have met and she became a guy. Then Amy steps out and she knows her and says that she was screwed up but is doing better. She hopes someone can help but they are not sure but will try. Cut to Amy and Willow doing the spell and it didn't work and it slaps her and she is turning into Warren and walks away and Kennedy follows her but she does a spell and Kennedy cannot follow.

    Cut to the initiative and they find all those bodies. They go in the lab and there is something with them. Cut to Willow going in an alley and begins to cry and it begins to become Warren. Cut back where something attacks Spike and Buffy. Cut to Amy and Kennedy goes to Amy and she says that Willow is going to be fine. And Amy says something that Kennedy realised that she was the one who did it. Cut to Buffy fighting the monster and it hits her away and takes Spike who fell down. Cut to Warren buying the same weapon that he had last time. Cut to Giles and the gang attack him and they feel him and he doesn't know why and he doesn't understand why he thought he came with the group of girls to not touch them. Cut to the initiative where the demon hits Buffy but then she is able to kill him and the light goes on and a guy says that Riley said that she tried to contact him and they were gonna help Spike.

    The man tells Buffy that the chip is damaged and it could be fatal and they have to operate him now and it's her call between repair the chip or remove it. Cut to Amy and Kennedy and she hits Kennedy away and she doesn't get why she did something to Willow and she says because it's about power and Willow had it all and it was easy but everyone had to work twice as hard to become half is good and everyone loves Willow even if she almost destroyed the world. Amy says she isn't the bad guy but asks herself where Warren is and then Kennedy appears in the garden and Warren walks in and Willow grabs the gun and says that it was Kennedy's fault because she tricked him. She says that Warren is winning and she kissed Kennedy and cause of that she let Tara go and she didn't mean it and that they should have been forever and she let her be dead and she killed her but Kennedy says she didn't do anything and she is figuring it out and she is bringer her back to life and kisses Warren and then he becomes Willow again. It worked and they go inside the house again 'I'll make you some tea'.

    Black Out


    Best episode quotes:

    Willow: All right, I'll stay for one drink, then I'm going home.

    Kennedy: OK. One drink. I can work with that. Let's start with the easy stuff. How long have you known? That you're gay.

    Willow: Wait. That's easy? And you just assume that I'm- I'm gay. I mean, presume much?

    Kennedy: OK. How long have you enjoyed having sex with women?

    Willow: Hey! What you think you have some special lesbidar or something?

    Kennedy: OK, you know there's a better word for that, right? You really haven't been getting out there much, have you?

    Willow: Well, I just- can you always tell just- just by looking at someone?

    Kennedy: No. No, of course not. That wouldn't be any fun. The fun part is the process of- of getting to know a girl. It's like- it's like flirting in code. It's using body language and laughing at the right jokes and- and looking into her eyes and knowing she's still whispering to you, even when she's not saying a word. And that sense that if you can just touch her just once everything will be OK for both of you. That's how you can tell. Or if she's really hot, you just get her drunk- see if she comes on to you.

    Willow: Three years ago. That's when I knew. And it wasn't women, it was woman. Just one.

    Kennedy: Lucky woman.

    Spike: Popped another blood vessel, I think.

    Buffy: There's gotta be a reason why the chip is going all wonky. Maybe it's related to the trigger or maybe it has something to do with the new soul.

    Spike: Or maybe I wasn't meant to last this long. One more thing you and I have in common, eh, pet?

    Buffy: Well, we'll fix it. We'll hit serious research mode-

    Spike: Good. Try Behavioral Modification Software Throughout the Ages.

    Buffy: OK. You're right. Not a book thing. It's a phone thing.

    Spike: Who you gonna call? God, that phrase is never gonna be useable again, is it?

    Buffy: Doubt it.

    Kennedy: Do your parents know?

    Willow: Yeah. My mom was- was all proud like I was making some political statement. Then the statement mojo wore off and I was just gay. She hardly ever even met Tara.

    Kennedy: Classic.

    Willow: I didn't mind. Tara and I are kind of private.

    Kennedy: I'm sorry. It must've-

    Willow: Were, I mean. Private.

    Buffy: Yes, Agent Finn, Riley. Tell him we're having a problem with Spike's chip. No his chip. Spike.

    Spike: Listen, pet?

    Buffy: No, no, Finn is his last name. Yeah. Well, did he used to work there and then he got transferred? Oh, is this actually a flower shop, or is this one of those things where I'm supposed to play along to show that I know it's really secret ops? Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Oh, OK, right. Well, if some guy named Finn shows up to buy flowers- Yeah. Thanks. Wrong number. Or a giant government conspiracy.

    Kennedy: It was Gone with the Wind. I saw that, and I knew I wanted to sweep Scarlet off her feet.

    Willow: You were five.

    Kennedy: Well, I'm not saying the sweeping would have been easy... What?

    Willow: I just- I still don't get it. Why you like me. I mean, you don't even know me.

    Kennedy: Have you seen you? And we like the same things- Italian, skate punk, Robert Parker mysteries, fighting evil...

    Willow: I don't like any of that stuff. Except the- the fighting evil part. Even then, I prefer a nice foot massage.

    Kennedy: OK, I dig the way you always turn off the Moulin Rouge DVD at Chapter 32 so it has a happy ending. I like the way you speak. It's interesting. And your freckles...likeable. I'm not so into the magic stuff. It seems like fairy tale crap to me, but if it matters to you... You care about it, so it's cool.

    Willow/Xander: I'm me. I'm Willow. Guys, come on. As Kennedy- she was there.

    Kennedy: I don't know. I'm not sure. We were up in Willow's room and we were-

    Andrew: No... No. You're back.

    Willow/Xander: No, I'm not. It's not- I'm not it. Listen to me-

    Andrew: No more listening. I know who you are now. I know what you made me do. Your promises of happy fields and dancing schnauzers and being demigods won't work on me anymore.

    Anya: Buffy!

    Xander: The Bringers are coming too.

    Willow/Xander: No, I'm not the First.

    Andrew: You made me do things. Things I can never take back. Ever.

    Willow/Xander: I'm not the First.

    Buffy: What the hell is going on here? Ow!

    Spike: Buffy...

    Anya: Wait.

    Dawn: But if he's the First...

    Willow/Xander: I'm not the First.

    Xander: You're not the First.

    Willow/Xander: I know.

    Andrew: Oh, my God! You're back.

    Willow/Xander: Hey, bad touching! Everyone please stop it.

    Kennedy: It's Willow.

    Willow/Xander: I'm Willow.

    Xander: Are you sure?

    Willow/Xander: There are other stories from kindergarten. Non yellow crayon stories in which you don't come out in such a good light. An incident involving Aquaman underoos, for example. You want me to start talking?

    Xander: Hey, Willow!

    Anya: What happened?

    Willow/Xander: I don't know. We were there, and then I looked like him.

    Anya: Oh, like a glamour.

    Willow/Xander: Maybe, but I probably brought it on myself.

    Buffy: What makes you think that?

    Willow/Xander: Well, it wouldn't be the first time. I have a history with my witchy subconscious making things go kerfloopey. Remember the wacky "I can't see you, you can't see me" spell?

    Buffy: Guys!

    Andrew: It's so real.

    Willow/Xander: I'm all too aware.

    Buffy: OK, say you're right, and you did do this to yourself. Why would your subconscious turn you into Warren?

    Willow/Xander: Obviously because I feel bad- about killing him.

    Buffy: We'll deal. We'll get help.

    Willow/Xander: No, I can handle this.

    Buffy: On your own? Why?

    Willow/Xander: I did it. I'll fix it. I don't want you seeing me this way anyway.

    Buffy: It's kinda a little late for that.

    Willow/Xander: Seriously, I'm not posing any big threat to the world. Looks like you've got your hands full already. I'll go, I'll handle it, I'll fix it, I'll be back before you even know I'm gone. Promise.

    Buffy: Spike.

    Spike: Buffy.

    Buffy: I'm right here.

    Spike: The chip fired again.

    Buffy: I kinda figured. Maybe they'll call back. Maybe they'll send help.

    Spike: Maybe we can't wait.

    Andrew: Oh good. Let me just get some tapes for the car. I've been working on this mix-

    Xander: You're not coming.

    Andrew: What? Why? 'Cause I used to be evil?

    Xander: No, actually, 'cause you're annoying, but that's a good reason too.

    Andrew: Wait, I- don't leave me here alone. I keep getting attacked in this house.

    Dawn: Actually, Xand...

    Andrew: What if this is all part of the plan? Drive you guys away so it can have its way with me? Ever think of that?

    Xander: I'll risk it.

    Andrew: OK, well, if you leave me here alone, I'll do something evil, like burning something or gluing things together.

    Anya: For crying out loud, Harris, let's just take him. At least we can keep an eye on him. Xander...

    Xander: I know, they're out there all alone. All of 'em.

    Andrew: OK, I'll go. "R". Ghost is is hard to play by yourself.

    Anya: How long since they left?

    Xander: A few hours.

    Anya: If it is the First, and I'm not saying it is, what're we expecting to find?

    Xander: He didn't bring them out there to meditate.

    Andrew: Kinda makes you grateful you weren't a potential after all, doesn't it? Safer.

    Anya: Not so fast with the big "phew".

    Xander: He might know we're coming.

    Anya: Which means we're already too late, and we're heading out to the middle of nowhere.

    Dawn: With no slayer, no powerful witch...

    Anya: Just a teenager, a powerful former demon, and two big geeks.

    Andrew: OK, license plate game, maybe?

    Xander: Touch him. Touch him.

    Dawn: Oh, I feel him. I feel him.

    Xander: Me too.

    Andrew: Me too.

    Giles: We all feel each other. Including some of us who don't know each other well enough to take such liberties, thank you. I assume there's a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation here.

    Anya: We thought you might be non-corporeal evil.

    Dawn: We got a call. We couldn't remember you touching anything.

    Xander: We had to make sure you were OK. We were worried.

    Giles: Oh. That's very sweet. Now wait a minute- you think I'm evil... if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?

    Soldier: Miss Summers. Agent Finn reported that you tried to contact him earlier today.

    Buffy: I knew it! Government conspiracy.

    Soldier: He indicated you might be needing our assistance. We're to provide you anything you need to help assface here. Those were his exact words, ma'am. Med team tells me they took a look at the chip. You were right. It's degraded. Leave it as it is much longer, it'll be fatal to him.

    Buffy: OK. So, how long t-

    Soldier: Now.

    Buffy: Right, of course. Um, what do we do next?


    Agent Finn said it was your call, ma'am.

    Buffy: My- what was my call?

    Soldier: All decisions regarding Hostile 17 are to be left in your hands. This chip...we can either repair it... or remove it.

    Kennedy: Tell me why you did this to her. What did you do to her?

    Amy: What, to Willow? Oh, just your standard penance malediction is all.

    Kennedy: OK, and that's magic crazy talk for what?

    Amy: I put a hex on her.

    Kennedy: I got that part. But why Warren? And why did it happen after we kissed?

    Amy: Oh, that's rich. That must've been some kiss. You must be good.

    Kennedy: Answer me.

    Amy: The hex I cast lets the victim's subconscious pick the form of their punishment. It's always better than anything I can come up with. Elegant, you know?

    Kennedy: Undo it. Let her out.

    Amy: OK. Oh, wait, I forgot- no.

    Kennedy: Why would you do this to her? You really hate her that much?

    Amy: This is not about hate. It's about power. Willow always had all the power, long before she even knew what to do with it. Just came so easy for her. The rest of us- we had to work twice as hard to be half as good. But no one cares about how hard you work. They just care about cute, sweet Willow. They don't know how weak she is. She gave in to evil- stuff worse than I can even imagine- She almost destroyed the world! And yet everyone keeps on loving her? So what's wrong with having a little fun, huh? Taking her down a peg or two?

    Kennedy: Fun? She's disappearing. Fading away in that creep, and you think it's fun.

    Amy: It was just a game. It's not my fault if she's losing herself.

    Kennedy: I'm gonna stop you now, you know.

    Amy: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. But I wonder where he'd be right about now.

    Kennedy: Well, that was a hell of a thing.

    Willow/Xander: Think you can just do that to me? That I'd let you get away with it?

    Kennedy: Do? Get away with- OK, let's not get excited.

    Willow/Xander: It's too late for that. This is what I am. I made it happen, and I'll make it stop.

    Kennedy: Willow, what did you make happen?

    Willow/Xander: You were there, bitch! You saw it! I killed her.

    Kennedy: You mean him?

    Willow/Xander: Her, him- You know what I mean.

    Kennedy: You said her.

    Willow/Xander: No, that was Warren.

    Kennedy: No, no it wasn't. You said I was there. Who did you kill, Willow?

    Willow/Xander: It was your fault, slut. You tricked me. Got me to forget.

    Kennedy: Tara....

    Willow/Xander: Shut up! Shut up! You do not get to say her name. Offering it up to whoever's there. Tricking me into kissing you. I didn't- I didn't mean... what I'm saying, I- I can't make- Kennedy, I can't hold on... he's winning.

    Kennedy: No...

    Willow/Xander: I'm being punished. I k- I kissed you just- just for a second, but it was enough. I let her go. I didn't mean to.

    Kennedy: Kissing me didn't mean th-

    Willow/Xander: No, she was never gone. She was with me. We should have been forever, and I- I let her be dead. She's really dead. And I killed her.

    Kennedy: Willow, no.

    Willow/Xander: Please, baby, I'm so sorry. Come back. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Come back...

    Kennedy: Willow, I don't think you did anything wrong. This is just magic. And I think I'm figuring the whole magic thing out. It's just like fairy tales.

    Willow/Xander: What are you doing?

    Kennedy: Bringing you back to life. Hmm. I am good.

    Willow: It's- it's me? I'm back? Oh, God...

    Kennedy: Are you all right?

    Willow: I have no idea. I'm so tired.

    Kennedy: Yeah. I'll make you some tea.


    Story: 9

    Acting: 8

    Writing: 8

    Picture: 9

    Gripping: 8

    My Rank: 9


    Total: 8.5

Terence Bernie Hines

Terence Bernie Hines

Shop Keeper

Guest Star

Anna Maria Maccarrone

Anna Maria Maccarrone


Guest Star

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Megalyn Echikunwoke


Guest Star

Anthony Stewart Head

Anthony Stewart Head

Rupert Giles

Recurring Role

Adam Busch

Adam Busch


Recurring Role

Tom Lenk

Tom Lenk


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • After Willow and Kennedy kiss they go to the Wiccan group "The Daughters of Gaea," which is where Willow met her last girlfriend, Tara.

    • In the opening scene Buffy has a large mug on her lap as she talks to Giles, who is sitting on the coffee table. As Giles stands up Buffy is suddenly holding the mug close to her mouth.

    • At the end of season four, we hear a shadowy government organization say that the Initiative will be filled in with cement. In this episode, you can clearly see that this order was not carried out. According to the commentary by director David Solomon and writer Drew Z. Greenberg, the debris seen falling in when Buffy and Spike open the hatch is concrete. It appears that government shortcuts sealed the Initiative with concrete instead of filling it.

    • When Kennedy and Willow are in the Bronze, Willow has a blue straw and a pink umbrella in her drink, while Kennedy has the opposite. In the next shot, however, Willow's umbrella has changed from pink to blue. If you look at the back of the table you see a stack of umbrellas indicating the two of them have been there talking (and drinking umbrella drinks) for a while.

    • When Amy tranports Kennedy to the garden she arrives in broad daylight, has time meant to have passed? If so then it must have been at least several hours.

    • The length of Amy's 'healing crystal' necklace changes from a shorter one during Amy's first meeting with Willow/Warren to a longer one during the exposition of Amy's reasoning behind the spell she cast on Willow and then back again when Kennedy confronts her.

    • When "Warren" is talking to Buffy, Dawn and Andrew are feeling on her/him. In one shot, Andrew reaches out and puts his hand on "Warren," but in the next angle shot, they show him just standing and then he reaches out to touch him/her.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Kennedy: (Kennedy kisses Willow and breaks the spell upon her) Hmm. I am good.

    • Dawn: Oooh, I feel him.
      Andrew: Me too!
      Giles: Good, we all feel each other. (pointedly, to Andrew) Including some of us who don't know each other well enough to take such liberties, thank you. (Andrew, looking embarassed, takes his hands off Giles) I assume there is a perfectly reasonable and not all insane explanation, yes?
      Anya: We thought you might be non-corporeal evil.
      Dawn: We got a call. We couldn't remember you touching anything.
      Xander: Had to make sure you were okay. We were worried.
      Giles: Oh. Ah. Yes, well, that's very sweet. Now wait a minute. You thought... You think I'm evil if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?

    • Anya: Which means we're already too late. And we're heading out to the middle of nowhere.
      : With no Slayer, no powerful witch...
      Anya: Just a teenager, a powerless former demon and two big geeks.

    • Buffy: Is this actually a flower shop, or is this one of those things where I'm supposed to play along to show that I know it's really secret ops?

    • Kennedy: And we like the same things... Italian, skate punk, Robert Parker mysteries, fighting evil.
      Willow: I don't like any of that stuff, except the fighting evil part. But even then I'd prefer a nice foot massage.

    • Buffy: Remember when things used to be nice and boring?
      Willow: (thinks) No.

    • Initiative Leader: We're to provide you with everything you need to help ass-face here. (Weird look from Buffy) Those were his (Rileys) exact words.

    • Willow: Thought I'd bring her some tea, make her feel better.
      Buffy: Mmmmmhmmmm...
      Willow: It's just tea.

    • Anya: Rona won. You should probably let Molly out of the trunk. (Giles sighs)
      Anya: (walking away) I never actually realized just how compact Molly really is.

    • Giles: Apparently someone told them the vision quest consists of me driving them to the desert and doing the hokey pokey, until a spooky Rastah-Mama slayer arives and speaks to them in riddles.
      Buffy: (looks shameful) That's not exactly how I put it..(sees Willow)...Heyyyy, how's Kennedy?

    • Buffy: Have funnnn delivering the tea.
      Willow: Ok, NOT when you make it sound all dirty like that. (Walking away) It's just tea.

    • Buffy: It's not a book thing...it's a phone thing.
      Spike: Who you gonna call? (Weird look from Buffy)
      Spike: God that phrase is never going to be usable again, is it?
      Doubt it.

  • NOTES (7)

    • All scenes of Willow/Warren were shot twice, once with Alyson Hannigan and once with Adam Busch. This was so the actors could try to maintain some consistency in their acting and match each other's performances.

    • Director David Solomon broke his finger during filming and had to be taken to the emergency room. David Grossman filled in temporarily and shot the scene of Willow and Buffy in the kitchen.

    • This marks the final appearence of Elizabeth Anne Allen "Amy Madison", after being in eight episodes. She appeared once in season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, she was absent through season 5, appeared three times in season 6, and one more final time in this episode of season 7.

    • Kennedy states that she first recognized her own orientation when she saw Gone With The Wind and Scarlett O'Hara. In that movie, the O'Hara plantation is called "Tara".

    • Kennedy is the fifth homosexual character to be introduced to the show. Aside from her there is Willow, Tara, Larry and Scott (although we don't find out until many episodes later that he was gay). Also, there is much speculation that Andrew is gay, but it was never proven on the series.

    • Assuming Buffy's comment from 'Potential' was correct when she mentioned to Xander that Giles was retrieving Chao Ahn, then she was in the car with Molly, Vi, Rona, Amanda, and Chloe during the vision quest in this episode.

    • References were made to "Intervention" dealing with the vision quest and Giles's hokey pokey dance.


    • Andrew: He's holding the new issue of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for me.
      "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is a comic book written by Alan Moore and published by America's Best Comics, a subsidiary of DC Comics. It features a 19th century superhero team consisting of famous literary characters, such as Allan Quartermaine (from King Solomon's Mines), Captain Nemo (from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), The Invisible Man , Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Tom Sawyer, and Mina Harker (from Dracula). It has been adapted into a feature film (with some significant changes) by director Stephen Norrington.

    • Willow: What you think you have some special lesbidar or something?
      Willow is making a pun on 'gaydar'. It is perceived as something that everyone has that allows them to pick up on a person's sexuality.

    • Kennedy: That was a hell of a thing.
      Kennedy's line after being teleported is identical to Tony Shalhoub's bemused reaction after a similar event in the Tim Allen film Galaxy Quest.

    • Spike: Who you gonna call?
      "Who you gonna call?" is the popular catchphrase used by the ghost capturing service in the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters starring Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis. People haunted by ghosts would call up the service to exterminate the ghosts from their homes.