Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 3 Episode 13

The Zeppo

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode starts off in a cave where Buffy, Faith, Giles, and Willow are all working together to kill a demon. After they finish off their last nemesis an injured Xander joins the rest of them. The gang warns Xander to stay out of trouble, because he's going to get himself killed one of these days.

It's the next day at school and Xander gets himself in a situation where he's threatened and insulted by Jack O'Toole- a psycho senior. Cordelia was near by and witnessed the who scenario. She tells Xander that he's "the zeppo".

The next scene Giles is in the library talking to Buffy about an all female apocalypse cult called The Group of Jhe that are trying to end the world by opening the Hell mouth. Oz comes in and locks himself in the cage. Buffy and Giles decide it would be best to hit the books.

Cut to the doughnut shop. Xander is picking out doughnuts for the gang and Cordelia walks in. Once again she pushes Xander's buttons and tells him how useless he is. She tells him that no one cares about a stupid car as a girl starts to check out Xander's car. Xander smirks at Cordelia and leaves with the girl.

Now Xander and the girl are at the Bronze and all the girl can talk about is her ex-boyfriends and cars. Angel show's up looking for Buffy, and Xander tells him she's at the library. Xander is mad, because Angel wouldn't let him come to the library incase he got hurt. "I mean, they act like I'm some sort of klutz". Just as he says that he gets into a fender bender with the car parked in front of him. Jack O'Toole steps out. Xander is trying to ramble on excuses for the little accident. Jack pulls out a knife and tells Xander that the difference between them is fear. He hands Xander the knife and still manages to get him backed up onto the hood of a car with the knife pointing at Xander's throat. A cop comes by, and Xander doesn't rat Jack out, so Jack takes him and the girl to get the boys.

Now they're at the graveyard where Jack makes two of his friends rise from the dead, and the girl runs away screaming. Giles is also there and is trying to get information from The Spirit Guides, who will reveal no information. Xander spots Giles and talks to him trying to get Giles to let him help out. Giles refuses and leaves Xander to drive the boys to the hardware store so they can "bake a cake".

Cut to Xander at the hardware store. The guys broke in, and are stealing supplies. Willow walks out of the magic shop, and Xander tries to get her to tell him what's going on. She won't tell him, but she leaves with telling him that she loves him. The guys come back and decide to initiate Xander into the group- by killing him. He manages to escape, and drives off.

While driving Xander runs into Faith, who is fighting one of the Jhe's. The Jhe is beating her, and Xander tells her to hop in the car. They go back to Faith's place, and Faith uses Xander for some post-slaying exercise. She then kicks Xander out of her motel room. He goes back to his car and realizes that this 'cake' is really a bomb.

Next scene, Buffy and Angel are having a very dramatic talk about Angel dying for the good cause again. Buffy refuses to let him, but Angel thinks that it's the only way. Xander walks in and interrupts their argument, but decides that it's a bad time and leaves.

Giles is working on a spell to open the hell mouth. Willow moved Oz, so he wouldn't get injured. Cut to the basement of the school where the guys are building the bomb. Now cut to Xander driving to the school to see Giles. He runs into the guys on the street and forces one of them to tell him where the bomb is, but the guy's head gets knocked off before he can tell Xander how to defuse the bomb.

Xander gets to the school, but the basement door is locked, so he makes a dash for it. The guys split up to look for him. They run past the library where a huge demon has risen. Back to one of the guys chasing Xander. He chases him into the student lounge area, but Xander kills him by pushing a vending machine on top of him. One of the other guys notices and runs away. Back at the library Buffy is blown out the doors by what looks like a very powerful blow. Now back to Xander chasing the guy, who gets eaten by a Jhe. Now Xander runs to the boiler room and fights off Jack O'Toole. Since he can't use his strength to win the battle, he talks Jack into defusing the bomb. Xander lets Jack "live", but then Jack opens a door beside the boiler room and Oz jumps out at him.

Cut to the next day. Willow, Giles, Oz, and Buffy are all talking about the past night. Angel is still alive, and they beat the demon. Xander comes, and they tell him "Boy, you're lucky you weren't at school last night. It was crazed". Xander played along, pretending that he didn't have a wild night of his own the night before. Cordelia walks up to him and starts to make fun of him again, but Xander just smiles and walks away.
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