Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 15

This Year's Girl (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2000 on The WB
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After eight months in a coma after her fight with Buffy, Faith awakens to seek revenge. After Faith is thwarted by both Buffy and the cops, Mayor Wilkins gives her a mysterious gift from beyond the grave. Armed with her secret weapon, Faith confronts Buffy in a climatic slayer-on-slayer battle.


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Chet Grissom

Chet Grissom


Guest Star

Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan


Guest Star

Jeff Ricketts

Jeff Ricketts


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Kristine Sutherland

Kristine Sutherland

Joyce Summers

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Amber Benson

Amber Benson


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Leonard Roberts

Leonard Roberts

Forrest Gates

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Goof: When Riley is talking with Forrest and the other guy, his shirt goes back and forth from being lined up straight in the close-ups, to being sloppily apart in the medium shots.

    • In the opening dream scene, Faith tells Buffy that they're preparing because of "little sis coming." This foreshadows the arrival of Dawn in the first episode of the fifth season.

    • Nitpick: When Buffy and Faith are fighting near the front door, it looks like there's a partition of the wall missing where the front door should go.

    • Goof: When Buffy is chasing Faith into the living room, Faith opens the door so that Buffy would smash through it. As she does that you can clearly see an elbow from one of the crew holding the boom mic to the left of your screen.

    • Goof: After Buffy runs up to look over the wall Faith has just leaped over, Buffy's shirt pulls out from her pants. Look closely and you can see Sarah Michelle Gellar's real life tattoo on her left hip.

    • Goof: When Faith puts her jacket on in Joyce's room, you can clearly see she has no tattoo on her arm.

    • Goof: Willow's legs go from up on the couch, to down on the floor, to her putting them down in the floor in Xander's basement.

    • Goof: When Buffy is chasing Faith just after they first meet, Faith jumps over a brick wall, and the whole wall, as well as the bushes besides it wobbles quite visibly.

    • Goof: During the scene in which Buffy, Xander, and Willow find the strung-up demon, Buffy unwittingly goes right by it. After she then passes by the tree and before the camera pans back to show it behind her, if you look in the background, you can clearly see a man holding a boom mike just standing out in the open.

    • Nitpick: Faith walks through the streets of Sunnydale after she escapes from the hospital. A woman in a blue coat walks past her in the background. Then they have a close up of Faith and the same woman in the blue coat walks past her in the same direction. Then another close up and the same woman walks her path a third time. Finally, as they pull back for a crowd shot of the entire street, you can see the woman a fourth time, only her partner is now rather suddenly on her other arm.

    • Goof: When Buffy and Faith are rolling down the stairs, to the left you can see a camera following them.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Faith: Payback's a bitch.
      Willow: Look who's talking.

    • Joyce: You're sure you're okay?
      Buffy: Five by five.

    • Faith: (Willow behind Faith ready to attack her with her school bag) Try it, Red, and you'll lose an arm. (Willow backs away frightened)

    • Spike: What do you need?
      Xander: Her. Dark hair, yea tall, name of Faith, criminally insane.
      Giles: Have you seen her?
      Spike: Is this bird after you?
      Xander: In a bad way, yeah.
      Spike: Tell you what I'll do, then. I'll head out, find this girl, tell her exactly where all of you are, and then watch as she kills you. (sees the surprised looks on Giles and Xanders faces and sighs) Can any one of your damn little Scooby club at least try to remember that I HATE you all? Just because I can't do the damage myself doesn't stop me from aiming a loose cannon your way. And here I thought the evening would be dull.
      Xander: Go ahead! You wouldn't even recognize her!
      Spike: Dark hair, this tall, name of Faith. Criminally insane. I like this girl already.
      Xander: (to Giles) We're dumb.

    • Faith: Thought I'd got to the clean marine, didn't you? He's a cutie. Looks like he could use a good roll in the sack.
      Buffy: You're not his type. He's not big on sleaze.
      Faith: He's probably just never tried it.

    • Joyce: (to Faith) Were you planning to slit my throat any time soon?

    • Faith: You're thinking, "You'll never get away with this!" Warm?
      Joyce: Actually, I was thinking my daughter is going to kill you soon.
      Faith: That a fact?
      Joyce: More like a bet.
      Faith: Whoa. You got a pair on you, Joyce. I like seeing that in a woman your age.

    • Faith: "Ruby Sunset"... "Burgandy Skyline"... "Harlot." Mmmmmmm, way to go Joyce. Now, normally I wouldn't be going for something this dark. But I read in some magazine that eight months in a coma will damage a girl's natural skin tone. Good thing pale is in this year. Or was it last year? Anyway, for real now, I'm gonna ask you something, and you gotta promise you'll be honest and not spare my feelings just 'cause I could kill you. You promise?
      Joyce: I promise.
      Faith: Okay. How do I look?
      Joyce: Psychotic.
      Faith: Hmmm, I was shooting for sultry, but hey.

    • Buffy: She's a very dangerous woman.
      Riley: Okay, I get it, Faith bad. Do I look like I'm arguing?
      Buffy: Not yet. But you always make that innocent face right before you start.
      Riley: Figured that out, huh? Damn. Took Mom twelve years to catch that one.

    • Willow: Thanks for coming with. Hunting for a psychopathic super-bitch is definitely in the above-and-beyond category.
      Tara: It's okay, really. So, what do we do if we find her?
      Willow: Run. Flee. Maybe skedaddle. We're not here to engage. This is strictly recon. (Tara stares) What?
      Tara: You said "recon". You're like "Cool Monster Fighter"!
      Willow: Well, technically, Faith isn't a monster. And as far as fighting, I'd be lucky to bruise her fist with my face.
      Tara: Oh.
      Willow: What?
      Tara: Face punching. I'm not so good with the whole... (gives the air a few punches)
      Willow: Swimming?
      Tara: Violence.

    • Buffy: I've been looking for you.
      Faith: I've been standing still for eight months, B. How hard you look?

    • Buffy: (about Faith) We don't know what she's thinking, what she's feeling...
      Xander: Who she's doing.

    • Buffy: It's Faith. She's awake. She beat someone up, took her clothing and disappeared out of the hospital. No-one knows where she is.
      Xander: I'd say this qualifies for a worst-timing-ever award.

    • Buffy: You seem a little... somewhere else. Is there anything I can do?
      Riley: Give me an order. That's what I do isn't it? Follow orders.
      Buffy: You don't have to.
      Riley: Don't I? All my life that's what I've been groomed to do. They say jump, I ask "How high?", I get the job done. Just don't know if it's the right job anymore.
      Buffy: I know how you feel. Giles used to be part of this Council. And for years all they ever did was give me orders.
      Riley: Ever obey them?
      Buffy: Sure. The ones I was going to do anyway. The point is, I quit the Council. And I was scared. But it's okay now.
      Riley: Now, see, that's where you and I are different. I just suck at the whole gray area thing.
      Buffy: It's a choice. Go back in there and make some changes from the inside. Or you can quit the team, fight demons in your own way.
      Riley: You make it sound so simple. I don't even know what my way is.
      Buffy: Well, it's time to find out.
      Riley: I'm a soldier. Take that away, what's left?
      Buffy: A good man.

    • Buffy: He's studying biology - human, demon, whatever he can get his hands on and tear apart.
      Willow: Learning what makes things work.
      Xander: I really don't want to be around for the final exam.

    • Buffy: (about Adam) There's a demonoid killing machine out there, Giles. It doesn't only work the night shift.

    • Willow: Don't worry, we're sure to spot Faith first. She's like this cleavagey slutbomb walking around going, "Ooh, check me out. I'm wicked cool. I'm five-by-five."
      Tara: Five what by five what?
      Willow: See thats the thing, no one knows. Buffy can handle Faith and you're plenty safe with me.
      Tara: So, um... we recon till nightfall?
      Willow: Then the ritual hiding begins.

    • Giles: Perhaps there's some form of rehabilitation we just haven't thought about.
      Willow: And if not, ass-kicking makes a solid Plan B.

    • Buffy: Faith, these are innocent people.
      Faith: No such animal.

    • Xander: Second. It's called a blaster, Will, a word that tends to discourage experimentation. Now, if it were called the Orgasminator, I'd be the first to try your basic button press approach.

    • Buffy: There's no way around it. Faith is back, and whether I like it or not, she's my responsibility.
      Willow: Yeah, too bad. That was the funnest coma ever.

    • Xander: I'd hate to see the pursuit of a homicidal lunatic get in the way of pursuing a homicidal lunatic.

  • NOTES (8)


    • Faith: So that's my dream. That and some stuff about cigars and a tunnel.
      Faith makes a Freudian kind of joke. Freud believed that things in our dreams where symbolic. Cigars and tunnels would be symbolic of sex.

    • Buffy: Well, you haven't seen this Adam thing. He's the Terminator without the bashful charm.
      The title character from the movie The Terminator was far from being bashful or charming. Buffy uses the hyperbole to express just how dangerous Adam is.