Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2003 on The WB

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  • that speech!!

    Loved this episode it was brillant1

    while watching it couldn't believe the way the scoobies betrayed buffy it was so unfair it was kinda like they got rid of spike and she had no one left to stand up for her.
    and like i know a few potentials died at the vineyard and xander lost an eye but faith was there aswell she didn't exactly protect them from caleb. Loved the way spike stood up for buffy and it was about time some one did,if it wasn't for her they'd never have survived through any of the apoclypses!
    that scene with the speech BEST EVER!i love the way he was there for her and they way he stated with her and huged her it showed how much things had changed for them and that it wasn't all about sex even for buffy.
    And then she went and fought caleb it was like spike gave her the strenght to carry on and picked her up of the ground and she left him a note so he wouldn't worry about her.... so sweet!
    and giles....get over yourself!he plans to kill spike then sends him off and betrays buffy just because she doesn't need him anymore.
    I think this episode showed buffy and spike could have been great together if they had more time coulda been even better than buffy and angel...i mean she would have loved him back i just know it this is a brillepisode thta i could watch a million times and never get sick of!!