Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 6 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The WB
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While the paramedics try to save Buffy, Willow desperately calls on Osiris to bring Tara back to life. She is told that magick will not reverse a natural human death and she becomes consumed with rage. With her emotional anchor gone, Willow gives in to the dark magick that she had turned away from for Tara's sake. As the magick begins to control her, it becomes clear that no one is safe. Especially Warren.moreless

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  • The truth is that we haven't felt anything like this before either.

    "Villains" is a near-perfect episode that lets Willow's magic -- which has been slowly building and occasionally crackling for four years now -- blow wide open, and in chilling fashion. This is what four years of build-up warrants! Actually, it warrants more than just one episode of this kind of awesome, but I'll address that in my next couple reviews.

    Alyson Hannigan absolutely steals the show this entire episode, and deserves loud cheering for it! Willow storms into the Magic Box with her opening salvo, and sucks all the dark magic books dry. I really have to commend the effects in this scene: they look creepily great, especially the red text moving up Willow's skin. Her icy-cool detachment from reality is extremely, well, chilling. The scene where Willow matter-of-factly saves Buffy's life and then softly -- but in a fake way -- addresses Xander and Buffy afterwards is particularly praise-worthy. That's a tough emotional state to pull off on screen, but Aly nailed it.

    The scene where Willow magically stops a bus that she believes Warren is in is wonderfully charged as Buffy frantically tries to give her 'motivational speaker' talk to get Willow to back down, but it isn't close to working right now. Xander also tries to appeal to Willow's senses by telling her "You said it yourself, Will - the magic's too strong, there's no coming back from Willow responds, in what is possibly the line of the episode, "I'm not coming Wow. On this series we can take her belief in that at face value.

    Although most of this episode is a frenetic charge to hunt down Warren, I want to take the time to applaud the details. Willow's creepy blood-soaked locator spell, for one, is darkly poetic: she finds Warren through the blood of his victim. Once found, I really enjoyed the scene in the woods, which is also extremely creepy yet super cool. I love every moment of this sequence, from the effects to the acting to the dialogue. Just wonderful.

    When the big 'talking' scene came, I found myself impressed with how the writers dispensed with unneeded dialogue and just jumped right to the heart of the matter. Willow is able to very quickly get to the heart of Warren's reality when she, nearly immediately after finding him, makes a mirage of Katrina appear. This leads to Warren bluntly showing the disgusting man he is, once again. How he expects to win over Willow's sensibilities after everything he's just said and done is beyond me, yet he tries nonetheless, and to no avail.

    Willow's flaying of Warren is honestly -- and to this day -- probably the most shocking thing I've ever seen on television. Seeing a main character of a show rip the skin off another human being, and then have that fact be a part of the character from that point on is truly daring and quite unique. This act makes the "bored now" reference to Vampire Willow in S3 all the more relevant and startling. Although I won't shed a tear at Warren's death, Willow's method of execution is particularly brutal. Flaying? Jeez! After this act, there's certainly no denying that the show's earned our fear for not only Willow, but everyone around her.

    Before I let Warren disappear into the flame for good, there's a few remaining things to mention. It's been pointed out to me that there are some parallels between Warren and Spike at work in recent episodes, especially "Seeing Red". I can definitely see a bit of that. It's interesting how each of them reacts to their respective bad deeds: Warren gloats and then tries to run away out of fear for himself while Spike is confused and also runs away, but with resolve to correct his deficiencies and become a better individual. It's obvious who made the right choice, and who made the wrong choice here. By the end of this season, though, both Spike and Warren are dead.

    "Villains" is an extremely face-paced episode of Buffy, but there is one noticeable moment when the action calms down. This is the significant morality discussion between Buffy, Xander, and Dawn at the Summers' house. Personally, I think this conversation is brilliant because it is not only relavant to the situation at hand, but it also is a checkpoint in Buffy's development as a leader. I pointed out in my review of "Consequences" that "Buffy doesn't have a lot of answers because she's still young and figuring out things for Although Buffy always had a core foundation of good values, she didn't really know how to defend how she felt and give real-world application to those values, as she was experiencing things for the first time.

    Buffy's changed over the years; she's grown, matured, and learned. In "Villains" we now see a Buffy that defends Warren's right to life, despite what he's done, and with a strong conviction. We don't see doubt in Buffy's stance anymore -- she knows what she believes in and makes a case to back it up. Xander and Dawn want him dead, but Buffy makes the case that "the human world has its own rules for dealing with people like She goes on to say that "There are limits to what we can do. There should These words feel very much built from her experiences, especially with Faith in S3, who wanted free reign to do whatever she wanted to do.

    Although I admire Buffy's moral conviction and feels she's correct, I also won't shed a tear when Warren dies. I say Warren's fair game for Willow, but in no way does she have the right to go after Jonathan and Andrew. That's really stepping over the line. I'm glad that, although Buffy doesn't want Willow to kill Warren, she still makes a distinction between that and killing innocents like Jonathan and Andrew. And yes, they're not completely innocent, but in terms of murder, they are.

    To wrap my thoughts up, I'll say that this is a pretty unique episode of this series, from the tone to the pacing to content. I'm very proud of the writers that they are still willing to take risks with their characters, and that they're sticking to their own rules. Natural deaths cannot be revoked. Likewise, major character-altering events cannot be undone. This gives the entire series a much larger sense of authenticity and reality than it would have otherwise possessed. I cannot thank the writers enough for these attributes.

    "Villains" is, simply put, a relevant and significant character moment for Willow that is extremely dark yet still a complete blast to watch. It combines many of the best elements of S6 while dropping the lagging bits. I don't feel it quite deserves the transcendence of a perfect score due to a lack of a little more underlying intelligence, but it's about as close to one as it gets.moreless
  • Willow doesn't live here anymore


    The Good;

    DarkWillow saving Buffy then her relentless pursuit of Warren. The Geeks in jail, the heartbreaking scenes with Buffy, Dawn and Xander.

    The Bad;

    Surely the Sunnydale police must need to get lengthy witness statements from Buffy and Xander? Wouldn't they hang around the house after the paramedics report the shooting? Buffy appears to have heart surgery yet keep her top on. Also the bullet seems awfully high in her chest to have damaged her heart.

    Best line;

    Xander; "I've had blood on my hands all day, blood of people I love"

    Women good/men bad;

    Everything that comes out of Warrens mouth. DarkWillow states that he has a big thing about the Slayer because he wants to dominate powerful women (which would explain a lot of the nastier fanfic out there)


    Willow skins Warren, god damn!

    Captain Subtext;

    Jonathon is very nervous of his prospects in prison, especially as he's heard that prisoners like lovers with small hands like their girlfriends? Andrew by contrast is suprisingly blase(?) Clem says he's been dying to see The Wedding Planner?

    Guantanamo Bay;

    DarkWillow tortures Warren

    Scoobies to the ER;

    Buffy to the operating table. You wonder if DarkWillow saved Buffy or if the surgeons or Slayer healing would have done it anyway?

    Apocalypses; 6

    Scoobies in bondage:

    Buffy: 8

    Giles: 4

    Cordy: 5

    Will: 4

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 4

    Oz: 1

    Faith: 3

    Joyce: 1

    Wes: 1

    Xander; 2

    Dawn; 4

    Scoobies knocked out: Buffy on the operating table

    Buffy: 18

    Giles: 12

    Cordy: 6

    Xander: 12

    Will: 8

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 6

    Oz: 3

    Faith: 1

    Joyce: 3

    Wes: 1


    Dawn; 2

    Tara; 1

    Kills: DarkWillow kills Warren (or does she if you read the comics?)

    Buffy: 107 vamps, 56 demons, 6 monsters, 3 humans, 1 werewolf, 1 spirit warrior & a robot

    Giles: 8 vamps, 2 demon, 1 human, 1 god.

    Cordy: 3 vamps, a demon

    Will: 6 vamps + 3 demons +1 fawn.

    Angel: 3 vamps, 1 demon, 1 human

    Oz: 3 vamps, 1 zombie

    Faith: 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans

    Xander: 6 vamps, 2 zombies, 1 a demon,

    Anya: 1 vamp and 1 a demon

    Riley; 18 vamps + 7 demons

    Spike; 8 vamps and 4 demons

    Buffybot; 2 vamps

    Tara; 1 demon

    Dawn; 1 vamp

    Scoobies go evil: Willow and how! I almost think that what's more disturbing is the way DarkWillow just leaves Tara's corpse lying there on the floor soaked in her blood, compare that with Dawn who stays with the body of the girl she loves because she doesn't want her to be alone.

    Giles: 1

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 2

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 1

    Oz: 1

    Joyce: 1

    Xander: 4

    Anya; 1

    Dawn; 1

    Buffy; 1

    Alternate scoobies: DarkWillow

    Buffy: 8

    Giles: 4

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 4

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 2

    Joyce: 2

    Xander: 4

    Tara; 1


    Spike; 1

    Anya; 2

    Recurring characters killed: 12

    Jesse, Flutie, Jenny, Kendra, Larry, Snyder, Professor Walsh, Forrest, McNamara, Joyce, Katrina, Tara

    Sunnydale deaths;


    Total number of scoobies: 2- by the end of this ep Willow's well and truly gone, Dawn still not fully part of the team, sent to hide with Clem, only Xander and Buffy remain. The scoobies at their fewest since 'Welcome to the Hellmouth'.

    Xander, Buffy,

    Xander demon magnet: 5(6?)

    Preying Mantis Lady, Inca Mummy Girl, Drusilla, VampWillow, Anya (arguably Buffy & Faith with their demon essences?), Dracula?

    Scoobies shot:

    Giles: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 4

    Riley; 1

    Buffy; 1

    Tara; 1

    Notches on Scooby bedpost:

    Giles: 2; Joyce & Olivia, possibly Jenny and 3xDraccy babes?

    Cordy: 1?

    Buffy: 4 confirmed; Angel, Parker, Riley, Spike. 1 possible, Dracula(?)

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Joyce: 1;Giles, 2 possible, Ted and Dracula(?)

    Oz: 3; Groupie, Willow & Verucca

    Faith:2 ;Xander, Riley

    Xander: 2; Faith, Anya

    Willow: 2;Oz and Tara

    Riley; 3; Buffy, Sandy and unnamed vampwhore

    Spike; 2 Buffy and Anya

    Anya; 2 Spike and Xander

    Spike; good or bad?

    Spike in Africa where the demon says that he's been 'castrated', a vamps ability to kill once again compared to sexuality.

    Dawn in peril; 10 from Willow!

    Dawn the bashful virgin; 9

    What the fanficcers thought;

    One called 'Deserving' that always sticks in my mind is where Season 7 Willow is nightly visited by Warren's ghost who tortures her by cutting the flesh from her body. She eventually realises that it's not Warren at all but her guilt manifesting itself magically. She forgives Warren and forgives herself, dreaming only of the happiness she knew with Tara from then on. Another good one is that Glory has brainsucked Faith so Willow brainsucks Warren before she kills him and uses his mental energy to cure Faith, restoring our favourite dark haired Slayer's sanity once more.

    And a lovely one where Tara's ghost visits Dawn., As Dawn Lay Snuggled in her Bed

    Questions and observations;

    Interesting philosophical debate between Xander and Buffy, Xander wonders if Willow is justified in going all Punisher, Buffy says she can't be (prehaps because of what happened to Faith in Bad Girls or her in Dead Things?). Andrew is a fan of Mathew Broderick who of course starred with Michelle Tractenberg in Inspector Gadget. The cave paintings on the wall in Africa depict a man tied up and flayed alive and with his mouth sewn up just like Warren. Despite it all your heart still stops when you think Warren has killed Willow with the axe.

    Here's a question, presuming this is in real time how did Spike get to Africa so fast? In Angel he remarks he's never been on a plane before?

    Marks out of 10; 8/10

  • The Dark Willow Saga Part I: Warren Must Die

    Villains-While the paramedics try to save Buffy, Willow desperately calls on Osiris to bring Tara back to life. She is told that magick will not reverse a natural human death and she becomes consumed with rage. With her emotional anchor gone, Willow gives in to the dark magick that she had turned away from for Tara's sake. As the magick begins to control her, it becomes clear that no one is safe. Especially Warren.

    Here begins the dark and epic conclusion to Season 6 where we see Willow in a light we've never seen from her before: utter despair and pure hatred. We've seen a taste of Willow's darker side at the beginning of this season but then she turned around and things seemed like they were getting better when her and Tara got back together. It makes sense that once Tara was out of the picture, nothing would stop Willow from turning to thee dark side completely,. I have to say, it was hard watching Tara go, Amber Benson is a great actress and has really impressed this season showing a more confident, independent Tara. It's a shame to see the character killed off so brutally and she will deeply be missed after her exit, but it was a move from the writers worth making as Willow's descent into a powerful, evil witch (aka Dark Willow), was definitely one of the most profound stories the writers ever told. Alyson Hannigan was surprisingly up to the task, as her performance throughout these episodes are quit remarkable. The opening scene with Willow begging Osiris to bring Tara back was both saddening and scary at the same time. Here, Willow's on a rampage to get even with Warren for killing Tara by killing him. Meanwhile, Warren get help but gloat about killing Buffy but actually only wounds her. I gotta say Adam Busch is a pretty good actor and even after all the things Warren has done all season, you feel really bad for him this episode, especially when Rack tells him that Willow is coming after him. Willow going after Warren was an intense sequence, like when you think he's killed her with an axe and then when Willow use a bullet to torture him. Willow's whole speech about how a tiny piece of metal destroys everything is some great piece of writing. I was creeped out by the moment where Katrina's ghost comes back and Warren completely snaps at her. But nothing can top the moment when Willow rips the skin from Warren's body. Not only a gruesome visual (seriously, how did the producers get away with that! O_0) but one of the darkest moments from the series as Willow will never be the same again.

    The rest of cast once again shows how great they are as well when dealing with Willow's new agenda and Tara's death. Dawn, Buffy and Xander's reactions to seeing the body gave me chills, especially seeing Dawn stay next to the body cause she didn't want to leave her alone. I also loved the talk the three of them have after Tara's body has been taken away. When Xander and Dawn are all for Warren dying, Bufy steps in and reminds them that being the Slayer doesn't mean she has the right to kill people which is an argument that has been given throughout the series and I'm glad the writers never forget that. Then there's the scene where Xander and Buffy find out Anya's a vengeance demon again. You can just tell that Xander feels even worse, now knowing the consequences of his decision. Meanwhile, Spike arrives somewhere in Africa and is about to go through a series of trials to get his chip removed. That creepy green eyed demon=YIKES!

    I got to mention, how impressive the effects are these last few episodes. I loved the shots of Willow using her powers like when she heals Buffy at the hospital, freezes Warren's flying bomb, sucks the dark magic books at the Magic Box etc. You can really tell the writers are going for a real epic tale about revenge and falling into the abyss. A great start to the 3 part finale.moreless
  • How did she dare doing this to Tara ?

    In this episode, what stroke me the most was the fact that, knowing she made \" a mistake \" when she brought Buffy back from Heaven, she tryed to bring back Tara anyway when she died.

    That's egoistich.

    I know she was in pain but it would have been so unfair if she had reached her goal.

    Nasty Willow ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • The first episode of this fantastic Dark Willow arc. and it's also much sadder than Seeing Red. It's also one of Buffy's best episodes. it's powerful and Warren finally gets what he deserved. Dark Willow was the best thing this show ever did.moreless


    This is a fantastic and dark episode. the first Dark Willow one. Willow can't turn Tara back to life because it was a natural one and instead she is going to kill Warren and she ends up filling him at the end which was so awesome and that's one down and two to go. Dark Willow was the best this amazing season had.

    cut to some police men coming and they go to save Buffy. cut to Willow crying with Tara and Tara doesn’t react. cut to the others with Buffy and they need to take her to the hospital and Xander is still shocked. cut to Willow calling up Osirus and she tries to bring Tara back to life but he says it's natural because she was killed by a human and it's not the same like Buffy died. she says not but he says again that it's done and she screams vanquishing Osirus.

    the credits start(Amber Benson has been taken off)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Nicholas Brendon

    Emma Caulfield

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    James Marsters

    and Alyson Hannigan

    cut to Willow coming out and Xander sees her and tells her it was Warren and he calls for her but she doesn't listen and he goes to the hospital. cut to Jonathan and Andrew in jail and they are fighting cause they were gonna leave Jonathan behind and Andrew thinks Warren is coming for them but Jonathan knows he isn’t. cut to Warren going to a bar and tells everyone she killed the slayer but they all laugh cause it was on the television that the shot girl survived and is in the hospital. they tell him that slayers heal fast and that she’s gonna kill him. cut to Willow going to the shop and Anya tries to stop her but Willow blocks Anya and then grabs all the black magic books and sucks them out and her hear turns black 'that's better'

    cut to Dawn coming home and she can't find anyone in the house and goes into Willow's room and she finds Tara dead on the floor. cut to Warren going over to Rack and Rack takes him in and Warren wants some magic and Rack can give it and says that Warren should be worried about Willow because she’s coming after him and and is the new thing in town and he's gonna be the first because he killed someone and Warren asks him to give him a lot of black magic for money. cut to the hospital and Buffy is dying but Willow comes and tells everyone to leave and then she gets the bullet out and saves Buffy and Buffy doesn't remember but Willow tells them that they need to go to find Warren.

    cut to Willow, Buffy and Xander riding but Willow starts to drive the car with magic and they all say it's not good for her. Willow stops and stops a bus and makes Warren come out but it's a robot and she destroys it. the oher two want to stop her but she tells them that Tara is dead and now he's too and they say they don't kill humans but she doesn't care and makes them fall and when they look up she's gone. cut to Buffy and Xander coming home and Buffy goes to the room and finds Tara on the floor and Dawn is close to the body and she doesn't understand and Buffy either and they hugg. cut to the police guys taking away her body and they sit down and Dawn wants Willow to kill Warren but Buffy says it doesn't work that way. this world has his own rules for humans and it's the same of bringing back people from the dead. they don't want to bring Dawn with them so they sent her over to Spike while Xander and Buffy go to find Willow.

    cut to Buffy and Dawn going to Spike's crypt and they find Clem and ask if Dawn can stay there and he says yes and says that Spike went away for a while and Dawn stays with him. cut to Spike going to a place and he goes into a cave and asks to return him to his former self and that there will be trials and Spike want them 'that bitch is gonna see a change'. cut to Xander in the magic shop and Anya can feel Willow and tells him that she's a vengeance demon again and Buffy arrives and they tell her too and Anya would have to do vengeance but Willow wants to do it herself and she's helping for Willow and she says she's in the woods close to Warren.

    cut to Warren and Willow in the woods and they use all kinds of magic on each other and Warren says it wasn't personal and Willow says that instead of killing her best friend he killed her girlfriend. Warren tries to escape but Willow captures him and she starts to talk to him. he says she's gonna pay and she reveals Katrina and Warren says she deserved it and Willow knows he liked it because it made him feel powerful and Buffy was his big O. cut to Willow and Warren and she grabs a bullet and says that a tine piece of medal made her light go out and puts it into him and shuts his mouth and lets him suffer. then he says he's sorry and he deserves jail but she's not a bad person but then she rips off his skin. Anya, Buffy and Xander arrive and see it and see Warren without skin and then she makes the body burn 'One Down'

    Black Out


    Best episode quotes:

    Willow: Hear me! Keeper of darkness!

    Osirus: Witch! How dare you invoke Osiris in this task!

    Willow: Please. Please, bring her back.

    Osirus: You may not violate the laws of natural passing.

    Willow: How? How is this natural?

    Osirus: It is a human death, by human means.

    WILLOW: But I-

    Willow: You raised one killed by mystical forces. This is not the same. She is taken by natural order. It is done. No. There has to be a way.

    Osirus: It is done.

    Willow: NOOOO!

    Jonathan: That's what you're worried about? In-flight entertainment? We're in jail!

    Andrew: We're in custody. We haven't been charged yet.

    Jonathan: Thank you, Dragnet. It doesn't matter what they call it, they got us, okay? We're going down. That guy's been looking at me. I think he wants to make me his butt monkey.

    Andrew: Don't flatter yourself. I heard him talking to the guard. He's in here for parking tickets.

    Jonathan: That doesn't mean anything! The joint changes you. I hear they like the small ones, with little hands like their girlfriends.

    Andrew: You have got to chill out. This isn't Oz, it's like, Mayberry. Besides, Warren is going to find a way to get us out of here.

    Jonathan: Yeah. I'm sure he'll be busting us out any minute.

    Andrew: He will. He's coming up with a plan. Like, "War Games." Remember that decoder that Matthew Broderick used?

    Jonathan: Oh, yeah. That was rad. The one he made from the scissors and the tape recorder?

    Andrew: I miss "Ferris" Matthew. Broadway Matthew? I find him cold.

    Jonathan: Really? No, I- Shut up! This is real life. And nobody's coming to get us. Not even your aunt who won't return your one phone call.

    Andrew: She must be out of town.

    Jonathan: She. Doesn't. Care. And neither does your partner in crime, Warren.

    Andrew: Don't say that. And what do you mean, my partner in crime? We're in this together.

    Jonathan: What do you mean, what do I mean? You two were totally going to fly off and leave me holding the bag.

    Andrew: No we weren't! I was going to - carry you.

    Jonathan: No, you two were setting me up, and then Warren was going to screw you over too.

    Andrew: That is so not true!

    Jonathan: Sure. He's a nice murderer who keeps his word.

    Andrew: You're wrong. He's coming for us. He's out there right now, devising a brilliant way to get us out of here.

    Rack: All right, who's next?

    Warren:: I am.

    Junkie: Hey.

    Rack: You're new.

    Warren: Yeah. And I come bearing dead presidents, so you think we can just skip the small talk?

    Rack: How'd you find me?

    Warren: I talked to a guy. He's one of your regulars. Offered to show me the way for twenty bucks.

    Rack: Should have haggled. Most of my customers'll bring you here for five.

    Warren: Great, great I'll file that away. Look, I'm in a bit of a situation here. I tried to do us all a favor, and eliminate the Slayer, but it ... I.... I guess it didn't take.

    Rack: Killing a Slayer, that's big business for a kid.

    Warren: I'm not a kid.

    Rack: Okay.

    Warren: I had my own guys. The Trio, yeah, you've heard of us.

    Rack: Right. What were you, a band or something?

    Warren: I thought word traveled in the underworld. You know, we were evil. Robots were my thing. didn't hear about the freeze ray?

    Rack: Sorry. So why aren't your guys helping you?

    Warren: Look, I thought this was a cash for service gig, not an interview process, all right? I need protection. I've got the Slayer after me.

    Rack: Slayer is the least of your problems.

    Warren: You're right. Let's talk about my skin troubles. You know, I'd say on the scale of problems, that she ranks!

    Rack: If I were you, I'd be worried about the witch.

    Warren: Witch? W-which witch?

    Rack: Willow. Slayer's pal? She's the new power, man, anybody with intuition can feel it. She's going to blow this town apart . Starting ... with you.

    Warren: Me? What did I, what did I do to her? O-okay, okay, I, I shot her friend...

    Rack: I feel death.

    Warren: But the Slayer's alive. And - and she heals.

    Rack: She might, but somebody's stone cold, and that ... is why the witch wants your head. She can sense your essence right now, man. It's just a matter of time before she finds you.

    Warren: All right. Take it. All right, there's that, and I can get more. Just give me something.

    Rack: Hide or fight?

    Warren: Both. All of it. I, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but it's not enough. I need, I need a cover, and I need lots of fire power.

    Rack: I can't guarantee anything. Not this time. The girl is running on pure fury. I've never felt anything like it.

    Warren: Thank you for the tip, Nostradamus. Just load me up, okay?

    Willow: It's a robot. I, I could feel his essence. He tricked me. We'll find him another way.

    Buffy: And then what?

    Willow: And then we'll kill him.

    Buffy: Okay, you need to calm down.

    Willow: Calm down?

    Buffy: Look, you're angry. I, I am too. There's no excuse for what Warren did, but that-

    Willow: He shot Tara.When he shot you, he hit her too. Upstairs in my room.

    Buffy: Oh my god.

    Willow: Guess the last shot was the charm.

    Xander: She's dead?

    Willow: She's dead. Now he's dead too.

    Buffy: Oh my god ... Tara...

    Xander: Christ, Will, how come you didn't say anything?

    Willow: I'm busy.

    Buffy: W-Willow, please, just stop. We love you. And Tara. But we don't kill humans. It's not the way.

    Willow: How can you say that? Tara is dead.

    Buffy: I know ... I know. And I ... can't understand ... anything. Not what happened ... a-and not what you must be going through. Willow, if you do this, you let Warren destroy you too.

    Xander: You said it yourself, Will ... the magic's too strong, there's no coming back from it.

    Willow: I'm not coming back.

    Buffy: Will, please. Please, we'll get through this together.

    Willow: We won't! Not your way.

    Buffy: Please, just-

    Willow: No! No more talking. It's done!

    Buffy: Oh god.

    Dawn: I didn't ... want to leave her alone.

    Buffy: Dawn. Sweetheart. Come on. Honey, we need to get out of here, okay? Dawn, sweetheart. Be strong for me, okay? Dawn, we need to go downstairs.

    Dawn: I don't understand.

    Buffy: I don't understand either.

    Xander: So that's it.

    Buffy: Are the police gone too?

    Xander: Coming back tomorrow with more of their pretty yellow tape.

    Buffy: We need to find Willow.

    Xander: Yeah, she's off the wagon big-time. Warren's a dead man if she finds him.

    Dawn: Good.

    Buffy: Dawn, don't say that.

    Dawn: Why not? I'd do it myself if I could.

    Buffy: Because you don't really feel that way.

    Dawn: Yes I do. And you should too. He killed Tara, and he nearly killed you. He needs to pay.

    Xander: Out of the mouths of babes.

    Buffy: Xander.

    Xander: I'm just saying he's ... he's just as bad as any vampire you've sent to dustville.

    Buffy: Being a Slayer doesn't give me a license to kill. Warren's human.

    Dawn: So?

    Buffy: So the human world has its own rules for dealing with people like him.

    Xander: Yeah, we all know how well those rules work.

    Buffy: Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. We can't control the universe. If we were supposed to ... then the magic wouldn't change Willow the way it does. And ... we'd be able to bring Tara back.

    Dawn: And Mom.

    Buffy: There are limits to what we can do. There should be. Willow doesn't want to believe that. And now she's messing with forces that want to hurt her. All of us.

    Xander: I just ... I've had blood on my hands all day. Blood from people I love.

    Buffy: I know. And now it has to stop. Warren's going to get what he deserves. I promise . But I will not let Willow destroy herself.

    Xander: You feeling any change? Can you talk?

    Anya: It's wearing off. Willow was here earlier. She put the whammy on me and went straight to the dark arts books. Sucked them dry.

    Xander: Look, Anya, something terrible happened.

    Anya: I know. Tara.

    Xander: Willow's out for blood, big time. We need to find her before she finds Warren. Is there something you can do, a, a locator spell?

    Anya: I don't need a spell. I can feel her.

    Xander: You can...?

    Anya: Feel her. Her thirst for vengeance, it's overwhelming. No. Not left over.

    Xander: Oh.

    Anya: Yeah.

    Xander: When?

    Anya: When do you think?

    Buffy: Is everyone okay? Did Willow -

    Anya: Got her power boost and took off.

    Xander: Anya's ... Anya was saying she knows where Willow is.

    Buffy: A spell?

    Xander: Not exactly. Seems Anya got her vengeance on again.

    Buffy: Oh.

    Anya: Normally, I'd have to ... but she doesn't want me.

    Buffy: She wants to do it herself.

    Anya: Yeah.

    Buffy: Look, Anya, we don't have much time. Which side of this are you on?

    Xander: If you know where she is, you can help us.

    Anya: I'll help. But I'm helping Willow. She's close to him. He's in the woods.

    Willow: Cute tricks.

    Warren: You're really asking for it, you know that?

    Willow: I'm asking for it?

    Warren: I'm gonna walk away from this. And when I do, you're gonna beg to go join your little girlfriend.

    Willow: She wasn't your first.

    Warren: Uh, first who?

    Willow: Tara. She wasn't the first girl you killed.

    Warren: I don't know what you're talk-

    Willow: Reveal!

    Katrins: I should have strangled you in your sleep. Back when we shared a bed. I should have done the world a favor.

    Warren: It's a trick.

    Katrina: Why, Warren? You could have just let me go.

    Warren: Make it shut up. Make it go away.

    Katrina: It didn't have be like that.

    Warren: I'm not kidding!

    Warren: Because you deserved it, bitch!

    Willow: Because you liked it.

    Warren: Oh, shut up!

    Willow: You never felt you had the power with her. Not until you killed her.

    Warren: Women. You know, you're just like the rest of them. Mind games.

    Willow: You get off on it. That's why you had a mad-on for the Slayer. She was your big O, wasn't she, Warren?

    Warren: Are you done yet? Or can we talk some more about our feelings?

    Buffy: What's happening? What do you feel?

    Anya: She's stronger now. Close.

    Xander: What about Warren? Has she-

    Anya: He's still alive. She's not done.

    Warren: Help! Let me go. Somebody! Help!!

    Willow: What's the matter? Thought you wanted to talk.

    Warren: No.

    Willow: Okay. I'll talk.

    Warren: What, what are you doing?

    Willow: Shhh.

    Warren: Hey, hey, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.

    Willow: Wanna know what a bullet feels like, Warren? A real one? It's not like in the comics.

    Warren: No. No.

    Willow: I think you need to. Feel it.

    Warren: Oh god! Stop it!

    Willow: It's not going to make a neat little hole. First, it'll obliterate your internal organs. Your lung will collapse. Feels like drowning.

    Warren: Please! No.

    Willow: When it finally hits your spine, it'll blow your central nervous system.

    Warren: Oh please, stop, god! Please-

    Willow: I'm talking! The pain will be unbearable, but you won't be able to move. Bullet usually travels faster than this, of course. But the dying? It'll seem like it takes forever. Something, isn't it? One tiny piece of metal destroys everything. It ripped her insides out ... took her light away. From me. From the world. Now the one person who should be here is gone ... and a waste like you gets to live. Tiny piece of metal. Can you feel it now?

    Anya: Over there.

    Willow: I said, can you feel it?

    Warren: Please! God! I did wrong, I see that now. I need, I need jail! I need ... But you, you don't want this. You're, you're not a bad person. Not like me.

    Buffy: Willow!

    Warren: Oh, and when you get caught, you'll lose them too. Your friends. You don't want that. I know you're in pain, but-

    Willow: Bored now.

    Xander: Oh my god.

    Buffy: What did you do? Willow, what did you do?

    Willow: One down.


    Story: 10

    Acting: 10

    Writing: 10

    Picture: 10

    Gripping: 10

    My Rank: 10


    Total: 10

Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober


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Tim Hodgin

Tim Hodgin


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Michael Matthys


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James C. Leary

James C. Leary


Recurring Role

Danny Strong

Danny Strong


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Adam Busch


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Buffy is being loaded into the ambulance Willow exits the house still wearing the shirt with Tara's blood on it. It seems odd that Xander wouldn't connect this with another injured person in the house since he knew that Willow never came near Buffy.

    • When Buffy flatlines on the operating table after getting shot in the chest, this is the third time she has died on the show.

    • As Willow is chasing Warren through the woods, the cables pulling the trees away from the very powerful Willow are visible. At one point, as Willow is walking towards the camera, you can also see part of a crewman in a red shirt on the right-hand side of the screen.

    • When Warren's skin flies off, there isn't any bullet hole in his chest.

    • Assuming that Xander went inside the house to get the phone to call 911, wouldn't he have heard Willow screaming after Tara had been shot?

    • Notice while Dawn is in the room Tara is breathing. This happens several times.

    • The amount of blood on Willow's shirt changes a bit in some scenes - sometimes there's one larger splotch of Tara's blood near Willow's heart, but other times there's only a little spray of blood on the shirt.

    • In the operation scene, they are working on Buffy's "left ventricle" but haven't removed her shirt. There is no oxygen mask, no IV, no sterile wrap or covering, and she's not hooked up to any medical sensors that we can tell (although an assistant does seem to be reading off a machine giving her heart rate that then goes flat when she "dies"). None of this is standard emergency room procedure.

    • The bullet that Warren fired, and that we see Willow magically extract and later puts in Warren's chest, seems oddly intact. It's probably not a hollow-nose, but still there is typically a noticeable deformation ("mushrooming" as it were) of the bullet as it impacts and moves through the human body after a gun shot.

    • Buffy's gun shot wound looks lower in the hospital then where she was initally shot.

  • QUOTES (7)

  • NOTES (6)

    • Several of the wall paintings in the African cave appear to depict victims of violence and/or torture. This includes a man with his mouth sewn shut and one without his skin, both of which are fates that befall Warren by the end of the episode.

    • Even though only as a dead body, this episode is the last to feature Amber Benson as Tara Maclay. Tara is one of the only people on Buffy to die and never be seen again in any form. (Joyce in illusions/The First, Warren's girlfriend Katrina in illusions, Jenny Calendar as The First etc.)

    • While this episode was being filmed, season 7 writer Drew Goddard was on set being interviewed for joining the staff. He was upset since he was severely spoiled for the rest of season 6.

    • In the "Previously On" section, the producers seem to have taken note of Spike's incorrect grammar when he was on his dirtbike and throwing his cigarette on his way to Africa. He now says "I'll be back, and when I am..." as opposed to the original scene in which he said "when I do".

    • When Warren is in the demon bar bragging about killing the Slayer, the song in the background is "Die, Die, Die My Darling" by the Misfits.

    • Willow's line "Bored Now" was a favorite saying of her vampire alter-ego from the season 3 episodes 'The Wish' and 'Doppelgangland'.


    • Andrew: This isn't Oz, it's like, Mayberry.
      Oz was a gritty, HBO prison drama. Mayberry was the nice southern town of The Andy Griffith Show where Andy Taylor was sheriff.

    • Andrew: I miss Ferris Matthew. Broadway Matthew -- I find him cold.
      This is a reference to actor Matthew Broderick, who is probably best known for his role of the title character in the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In later years, he established himself as a regular on Broadway, appearing in such hits at the musical version of The Producers.