Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 9

What's My Line? (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1997 on The WB

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  • What's My Line? (1)

    This is part one of a respectable two-parter that should have been much better. This is the big Spike 'event' we've been waiting for since he was introduced back in "School Hard" (2x03). This should have been explosive and intriguing, but instead we get a slow paced and exposition heavy letdown. These episodes aren't bad, in fact they are even decent, but they should have been fantastic. No matter, there is still a lot of good beginning with part one.

    This episode begins with Xander, probably reflecting Whedon's own views, hating taking any kind of dumb standardized exam. This "career day" exam is used as a launching point for discussion about a possible future beyond slaying for Buffy. Also interesting is the pondering of what she could have been had she not been chosen. Buffy is still expressing to everyone that she just wants to be a normal girl. I really like the consistency in not only Buffy's character, but all the characters (main and otherwise) on this show.

    Spike and Drusilla are finally launching their scheme to restore Drusilla to full health. I adore the scene where Spike is impatient with Dru and it hurts her feelings. To make her feel better Spike picks her up and dances around the room with her in his arms. It's so rare to actually like the villains on a show. These two get a surprsingly little amount of screen time for an episode who's plot is supposed to be about them. I think the biggest problem with this is that Spike and Dru have no contact with the Scooby Gang and instead send the boring Order of Taraka assassins after Buffy instead. The writers should have learned by now, more Spike is better!

    I have to confess that I really loved all the Angel and Buffy romance material in this episode. All of it hit the right chords from their conversation in her bedroom (with Angel holding onto Mr. Gordo), to Buffy beautifully ice skating and then kissing Angel even with his vampire face exposed (they had better avoid french kissing). I like that Angel recommended going skating with Buffy, that was a smart idea. Buffy needs a breather from her Slayer duties every now and then besides going to The Bronze. I also like the Kendra fake-out during this scene. We're made to believe that Kendra is the third assassin when she's in fact, not. I also want to mention when Buffy is scared her first instinct tells her to go to Angel's place. This is a beautiful setup for the big "Surprise" (2x13) and "Innocence" (2x14) two-parter coming up.

    In this part, the Order of Taraka comes off as pretty pathetic. The 'brute' guy wasn't scary at all and I don't feel that he should have just been able to choke Buffy to death had Angel not been there. The worm guy is a bit of a different story though. I actually find this guy interesting because he doesn't look like an assassin at all. He looks like the average working man. Is there a metaphor here about people not always showing you their true face? This topic comes up again in "Consequences" (3x15) when Faith says, "When are you gonna learn, B? It doesn't matter what kind of vibe you get off a person. 'Cause nine times out of ten, the face they're showing you is not the real one." I have to wonder if that is actually true, do most people really hide their true identity to others and possibly even themselves?

    Unfortunately there are a whole slew of problems with this episode as well. The biggest being the horribly slow pace, the corny synthesized music, and the overload of exposition. This episode just meanders along forever while, every now and then, hitting a nice character scene. The music is reminiscent to S1's corny music, which is not a good thing. Also, there is so much exposition in here that it's hard not to fall asleep (especially if you're watching this at night). Like I mentioned before, there needed to be some involvement between Spike and the Scoobies to take this up a notch.

    The problems here extend to the fight scenes as well. The directing during Kendra's fight with Angel really felt off. Most of my criticism is meant for the director, David Solomon, who just can't seem to keep everything smooth. Overall, though, there is a lot of good stuff in here and a solid setup for part two. The ending surprise that Kendra is another Slayer really does make you sit up and go "woah, now I'm all of the sudden really interested in seeing part two!"
  • There can be only one?

    What's my line? pt1

    The Good;

    Love Buffy's miniskirt and booties, very hot. The neighbours scream blending into the plane's engine noise. Will and Oz, awwww! Buffy ice-skating, you wonder who's better now, SMG or Michelle 'Ice Princess' Tractenberg? Or maybe Julie Benz who is also apparently was once rated 12th best in the US. Buffy's gesture with the torch when Giles suggests she consider law enforcement as a career. Death by iceskate! Buffy's paranoia as she walks through careers day. The Xander/Snyder faceoff. Cordy's little expression at the thought of free cosmetics. Buffy's look of shock at the final line.

    The Bad;

    Kendra's accent for one although if she was taken from her parents as a child and raised in the UK you'd expect it to be a mishmash.

    Best line;

    Cordy; What am I, mass transportation?

    Xander; That's what guys say but it's just locker room talk

    Questions and observations;

    A small town like Sunnydale must have a pretty huge airport to handle a 747? Why has no one tried to hire the Order of Taraka before now? Willy the Snitch for the first time. Angel tortures him, of course. Xander refers to the Scooby gang for the first time. First sign of Will's frog fear. Is this the first appearance of Mr Gordo? Also Dalton who will reappear as Spike's lackey in future eps. Xander breaks into Buffy's house very easily,for such a dangerous town everyone seems very slack. What happened to the Slayer rule about not killing humans, Kendra tries to kill Buff with the axe.

    10/10 great stuff

  • What's My Line? (1)

    What's My Line? (1) was the first episode of Buffy's second season's mid-season and it was another Classic Buffy Episode with the usual suspects conjuring dark plans, and an unknown character is revealed to be.... Kendra the Vampire Slayer. This is a great story line and I think it will be an important one. I really enjoy these episodes because they have a great fictional history that almost feels real, and the characters are charismatic and play their parts well. I also really enjoy the cinematography, as it gives the series such a unique and classic feel, making homage to its origins. I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the next episode, I'm on the edge of my seat!!!!
  • Great 2 part episode

    This one was pretty good. It had action, killers after buffy, steamy love scenes and Spike and Drusilla plans dashed again.

    The evil vampire hire hit men to kill Buffy. and Buffy and her gang are having to decide what they are going to do after they finish high school. I think they should be concentrating on living first and then get careers. Buffy also goes ice skating. Lucky for her she has sharp skates to cut the throat of a big hairy biker type killer. We also have Spike and Drusilla capture Angel and perform a spell to give Drusilla her strength back and suck the life out of Angel. Luck for him Buffy, Willow Zander and the crew show up and kill everyone and save him. But didn't quite finish the job. Buffy should of learned by now that you can't crush vampires you need to cut their heads off or stap them through the heart.

    And Angel gets his reward for helping Buffy all this time and it takes alot to win over a Slayer.
  • Season 2, Episode 9.

    It's Career Week at Sunnydale High School. In the meantime, Spike tries to get a cure to restore Drusilla's health, and a girl is following Buffy and imprisons Angel.

    This is one of the most important episodes in Buffy history. I liked the ending. There's another vampire slayer! Thanks to Buffy's temporary death at the hands of The Master. I strongly dislike Kendra's accent. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, a very good episode. I liked that Buffy could be a law enforcer. It's very similar to a Slayer. I found that those dudes taking Willow into a different class or something was weird. Good episode, nonetheless.
  • Career day.

    As they all look to the future, Spike is looking to distract Buffy as he tries to restore Drusilla to her glory. Willow finally meets Oz in this episode and I like how he enters with the line of 'canape?' which is so classically Oz. Then Xander and Cordelia getting caught by the assassin in Buffy's house is really funny. Kendra's appearance is a really great and her character is in such stark contrast to Buffy. Angel and Buffy's date is also really cute in this episode as they try to be human but are interrupted by death. A really good start to this two part story arc.
  • Buffy's Alienation Begins...

    God I love this show... Having watched the entire series three times already this time around the episodes have more of a big picture feel to me... and this one is pivotal to the rest of the series.

    It's the first time we see Buffy really understand that she is different and that her destiny will always prevent her from having the "normal" life she so desperately desires.

    We also see the future of her deep connection with Angel when she feels she has nowhere to go, she goes to Angel's house.

    This episode also introduces the Slayer succession with Kendra appearing in town due to Buffy's death at the hands of the Master.

    It is also the first time "Scooby Gang" is used.

    So for me a must see episode.
  • Hellmouth Presents: Dead Guys On Ice

    In the first ever two parter for the Buffy series (excluding the first episode with a dog of a cliffhanger) "What's My Line" plays a pivotal part in this season of Buffy. Spike fed up with Buffy owning him every time they face devises a plan to get four assasssins to kill her. Xander & Cordy's romance starts when they are trapped in The Buffsters house by one of the assassins. AT the ice skating rink Buffy and Angel's romance continue to develop and they kill another assassin. But its the ending of the episode that really shines. Buffy believes a mysterious girl who is following her around is an assassin while Kendra (the mysterious girl) thinks she is an assassin. So when they come face to face and tell eachother that they are both The Vampire Slayer we have an interesting cliffhanger TO BE CONTINUED...
  • The Assassins Are In Town

    What's My Line, Part 1-It's "Career Week" at Sunnydale High, and Buffy is faced with the reality that she has no future apart from her destiny as the Slayer. Meanwhile, in order to stop Buffy from interfering in his plans, Spike sends four deadly assassins to ensure the Slayer has no future. Also, a mysterious girl is following Buffy and Angel around, and Xander and Cordelia are trapped in Buffy's house after being attacked by one of the assassins.

    An episode that does well by introducing some cool villains, some nice twists and characters. The Career Week plot is great development as it questions if Buffy will even have a life besides slaying. It may seem like a plot just too have our heroine whin about what she wants and use ti have but it brings some good questions. It's also great how Angel is the closest thing Buffy has to a normal life, yet he is a vampire. It's their relationship that keeps her grounded and makes her seem like any teenaged girl in love with her boyfriend.

    The episode also sees Spike and Dursilla sending The Order of Taraka after Buffy, who are very impressive villians. The way Giles speaks of them as they work alone and stop at nothing to kill their target makes you feel like how is Buffy gonna get out of this one. The Worm guy has to be the best assassin of the bunch. Kelly Connell is very good at playing character as very menancing yet normal when being his salesman persona. Also, Bianca Lawson makes her appearence as Kendra, Da Vumpiah Slayer and despite her "where the hell is from?" accent, she is a cool character. Kendra fight scene with Angel is great as well as the concluding fight as both slayers go head to head. It's the first time we see 2 slayers go at it and it's a real treat. The episode ends with Kendra's self-declaration and Buffy's "what the hell is she talking about" look. All and All, a wonderful first part because of the great introductions, well satged fights, creative villains and nice dialogue.
  • Some big moments setting up the rest of the season and series.

    As the season tackles largely with Buffy’s dream to live a normal life, it’s fitting that they devote two episodes to where Buffy’s future will take her. With Sunnydale High in the midst of “Career Week”, Buffy has to deal with the fact that even if she makes it to adulthood (an idea her friends politely left out), her career was decided when she became the slayer. Anything she does will have to relate to slaying, like Giles can be a librarian and watcher. Unfortunately, law enforcement, the field most connected to slaying, doesn’t appeal to her at all.

    There is an emphasis on Buffy’s isolation, with her mother being out of town and moments like the shot of Buffy’s reflection where Angel can’t appear or the scene where Buffy and Giles talk between the huge stacks of books. Even Angel’s sweet gesture to take her skating goes awry when her slaying duties take priority.

    Unlike Buffy, Willow’s future has many options because of her academic record. As Marti Noxon points out in the DVD commentary, the burgeoning computer world (it’s easy to forget this was before Windows 98) was a timely place for her prosperity to take her, not to mention she is able to do things on ten-year-old computers that modern machines can’t. This piece isn’t so important for now, but sets up the stage for when they approach graduation.

    Xander on the other hand, doesn’t have much ambition, as the career paths he has are unfortunate. Like Willow’s story, this serves more to establish where Xander will head towards graduation and the future.

    This episode shows the first instances of Oz interacting directly with the group. Even though the computer subplot is quickly forgotten, it lets Willow and Oz have their first conversation. Plus Buffy pining him to the wall, suspecting he is one of the people sent to kill her, made a memorable first meeting.

    The book Spike’s minion stole in “Lie to Me” becomes more important than initially believed. It turns out this book contains the piece that will cure Drusilla’s sickness. Of course, if they could read it properly, then Buffy would be helpless to stop it. However, the need for them to decode the ancient text (I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as archaic Latin) and to keep Buffy from foiling them propels the main plot.

    With assassins (bounty hunters really isn’t the most applicable term here) out for her, it’s expected that Buffy would be a little paranoid, even when passing by innocuous people like obnoxious door slammer and inopportune hair comber. As the slayer, this is the type of fear she would likely experience all the time, but it’s fitting at this time when Buffy is feeling restless about her chosen one position.

    While many cults and groups on “Buffy” have some ideological motivation, The Order of Taraka are contract killers who will focus on nothing but destroying their target. It’s a clever move not to show us all three of the assassins in one episode. With one unknown, it revs up the suspense for the next episode, when one will reveal him or herself.

    It isn’t clear why Bug Man heads toward Buffy’s house when he had no confirmation of her being there. It is possible that they left out a scene where it confirms he had no idea what she looked like and confused Cordelia with her, but why would they cut out that piece? Having Xander and Cordelia seek shelter in the basement gives them a space for them to deal with the rising tension in their dynamic, similar to the classic trapped in a room sitcom device.

    From her introduction after Biker guy and Bug guy to her following Buffy and Angel and later attacking them, there’s great misdirection leading us to believe Kendra is one of the three assassins out to get Buffy. It would seem fitting to have a diverse group of hitmen include someone Buffy’s age, which in a way has the twist staring the viewer in the face but still unaware.

    The twist where Kendra reveals herself to be a slayer marks the payoff to what happened in “Prophesy Girl”. Buffy died, albeit briefly, but even a short death allowed Kendra to be called in her place. It is an interesting repercussion, one that has consequences throughout the series. Kendra is, as we’ll see, an effective reference point to Buffy’s current status.

    It’s a little odd that Drusilla’s tarot cards happen to match with what Spike and his crew are out to accomplish. However, we do know Drusilla has some degree of clairvoyance, and that is likely scrambled because of her insanity. Clearly the fallen angel tarot card symbolizes Angel. With the guilt we learned Angel had towards making Drusilla the monster she is, being a part of something to heal her would intensify said guilt. Of course, they better get moving with the sunshine ready to permeate through that cage.

    This first part effectively throws most of our heroes, besides Giles and Willow, in some form of high stakes peril. After spending most of the episode dealing with the lonesome life of slayerdom, Buffy suddenly learns there is another. This episode contains some moments that set up turning points in the season, as well as things that become more important down the road.
  • Spike and Drusilla have new plans for Buffy and there is a new slayer in town

    I loved how they ended this one. It was an amazing cliffhanger with Kendra showing up fighting Buffy and then saying that she was Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

    I loved career week. That was amazing to see. Buffy already knows that she is chosen to fight the vampires and demons and all but this really made it clear that she had that destiny. I loved that Buffy got chosen by her test for a career in law enforcement it was made even funnier when Xander was chosen to be a prison guard. I loved that Willow was chosen for something with Oz because it was cute.

    I loved the development of Buffy's relationship with Angel. They were completely adorable together. I loved Angel when he was waiting for Buffy in her room and spending quality time with Mr. Gordo. They were great together at the ice rink. I loved how Buffy sliced that guy with her skate.

    The bug guy was very freaky. When he came to the neighbor's house seeming completely harmless that was a dead giveaway that he was gonna do something. The woman screaming was totally expected at that point. I loved how he got Cordy too.

    I liked Xander and Cordelia arguing as they were looking for Buffy. You could tell that there was some serious sexual tension going on there. This was a fantastic episode of Buffy I loved it!
  • Spike coms up with a plan to resotre Drusila's health. This plan places Angel in grave danger.

    This is a great example of what Buffy was all about. This episode was action-packed, dramatic, and at times hilarious. This episode marks the beginning of Xander and Cordelia's torrid romance. Also, we see what Buffy is willing to do when Angel is placed in danger. This episode is also the first appearance of one of my favoirte reoccurring characters, Willie the Snitch. Quick note, Willie was played by Saverio Guerra who also played Bob on the sitcom Becker. These are the kind of useless bits of trivia you get from reading my reviews.
  • Spike assigns 3 assassins (The Order of Taraka) to kill Buffy, but little does she know, she makes friends with an utmost powerful ally...a second slayer...

    This episode and the 2nd part of it were really great! I liked how at the beginning after you find out about the Order of Taraka, and you see them arrive, you think the girl getting out of the cargo compartment is one of them. But then..total shocker!!...you find out that she is yet another slayer! And then unexpectedly, the police officer during the career fair appears to be the last assassin and tries to shoot Buffy. And Cordy and Xander totally took me by surprise. They were arguing and fighting, then all of a sudden they're in some sort of heated make-out session, which leads them to do it often in later episodes, even though they are ashamed of eachother. Overall, these 2 episodes were really good, and kept me on the edge of my seat.
  • Career Week is evil

    Spike decides to up the stakes in this one and sends some nasty goons to kill Buffy. Easier said than done. Angel and Buffy continue to grow closer and you can see how much they care for each other. They almost have a date, if you count ice skating and being attacked by a goon a date. But hey, its Sunnydale. Xander and Cordelia keep their sexual tension at an all time high and we are about to get a payoff on that one. Meh, I always thought Xan could do better. Best Quote: Xander: What, and suck all the spontaneity out of being young and stupid? I'd rather live in the dark.
    Willow: You're not gonna be young forever. Xander: Yes, but I'll always be stupid
  • The tables turn

    This is why I love Buffy teh Vampire Slayer so much, the show isn't afraid to break its own rules. It says that there is the chosen one and then it brings along slayer number two.

    Kendra doesn't look like a very promising character, she is too loyal to the council, rules and her duties. Although this is probably a good thing no one really likes a goody two shoes, especially when you can have the american teenager who is dating a vampire.

    Spike and Drusilla have upped their game and I hop we get to see a bit more of them after a few episodes with their absence.
  • buffy is in trouble

    a cool episode of buffy being in trouble again. spike and drusilla send some killers after her and she and angel almost get killed a lot of times. at the end bufy has to fight a girl who is very strong and buffy asks her who she is and she says that she is the slayer,.
  • So much for the chosen "one"...

    So Spike and Dru are at it again. They have some evil plan (works because they are evil) and they call in the Order of Taraka to try to kill the Slayer or at least keep her preoccupied while they get their plan working. Meanwhile Buffy is really upset of school as it is career week and she knows that whatever the test says she already knows her future and had no say in the matter. But she and Angel do try to have a real date until it is interrupted by one of the Order. Angel immediately recognizes them and tells Buffy that she is in danger (again). The whole time this is happening there is a girl watching Buffy, who we don’t know if she is anther assign or not. Angel is out trying to get information on who ordered the Order (trying saying that fast), when the girl who has been watching Buffy attacks him and locks him in a cage that will be exposed to sunlight in six hours. Xander and Cordelia go to Buffy’s where one of the assassins was waiting for them and they get locked in a closet. Buffy goes to Angels looking for him and falls asleep later she is awaken by the girl who has been following her. They fight and neither of them are winning Buffy asks her who she is and she says Kendra, The Vampire Slayer…
  • Very very good

    Buffy: Giles, it's one thing to be a Watcher and a librarian. They go together, like a chicken and... another chicken... or two chickens or something. Spike, Drusilla, bounty hunters, another slayer. Great title by the way. A very good, strong, involving episode.

    Buffy: Well, there you go. I don't have to be the Slayer. I could be dead .
    Giles: That wasn't terribly funny. You notice I didn't laugh.
    Buffy: That wouldn't be much of a change. Either way, I'm bored, constricted, I never get to shop, and my hair and fingernails still continue to grow.
  • How Many Slayers Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

    During Buffy's seven-year run, the two-part episodes usually consisted of two separate storylines centering on the same scenario, with part one featuring a series of actions which culminated in a major event that happened in part two. What's My Line? is the only two-parter that plays like a two-hour long movie, with a massive story just split down the middle. Because of that, this is one of the best episodes from season two and one of the most underrated Buffy classics.

    Most importantly, this episode introduces Kendra, the second vampire slayer seen on the series. As much as I love her character, Bianca Lawson's grating accent is literally painful to listen to, and it slightly ruins a decent character and many of her scenes in this episode. You're supposed to feel dread when Kendra locks Angel in a cage, but you end up just laughing whenever she speaks.

    I loved The Order of Taraka. Featuring (at this point) a salesman made entirely of bugs and a giant muscle-man with a defective eye, the Order are some of the best villains seen so far on the show. Though one-note assassins, their methods of killing are hilarious to watch, in particular Norman Pfister, who's easily one of the creepiest bad guys in any show. Ever. A sinister-looking, wormy psychopath who calmly dupes his way into people's homes and kills them, you're left genuinely concerned for Cordelia and Xander when he maneuvers his way into the Summers home at the end.

    Ending with three massive cliffhangers, What's My Line? Part One is a tense, exciting episode featuring an intriguing storyline, a pace that never lets up, some excellent dialogue ("Don't warn the tadpoles!") and some mythology-centered subplots which really shock the audience.

    Director: David Solomon
    Writers: Howard Gordon, Marti Noxon
    Rating: A-
  • A 2nd Slayer? What happened to one in every generation?

    When Buffy is targeted by assassins she hides out at Angel's apartment, only to be targeted by a strange girl with an indecipherable accent.

    Buffy: Who are you?

    Girl: I am Kendra, da Vampire Slayer!

    This is a great episode in a two eppy-arc that introduces us to another Slayer. She was activated when Buffy died at the hands (well, she drowned) of the Master at the end of 1st season's Prophecy Girl. Buffy's reaction is great: 'I was only gone for a minute!'

    We also get to see a heroic Oz who gets shot to protect Willow and some rivalry issues with Buffy not liking how Giles is bonding with the new Slayer.
  • 'Giles, it's one thing to be a Watcher and a librarian. They go together, like a chicken and... another chicken... or two chickens or something.'

    Excellent episode and storyline, Spike wants to cure Drusilla and to do that they need to do something, but Buffy is standing in the way so they try to get rid of her by ordering The Order of Teraka.

    It’s career week in school and Buffy isn’t that pleased with it, she knows that she can never become something different that what she already is. Both she and Xander turn out to do something with prison and law while Willow’s results aren’t even on the paper.

    Meanwhile Drusilla and Spike look in some cards to know how to make Dru better, but Buffy keeps standing in the way so they send some killers to kill her. They don’t care about life or anything, they only want to eliminate the one who they have to eliminate. The Spike/Dru scenes definitely made this episode for me.

    Buffy is having issues with having superpowers. She wants to lead a normal life and Angel knows that with him she will never be normal but she doesn’t care because he’s the only thing that makes sense. She used to ice skate so Angel makes up a date with her and wants her to ice skate.

    When Willow discovers what she got for the career week she gets put in a room with Oz, the guy who has the hots for her. They are the only one who made it and could become something very big because apparently they are very smart.

    The three order of Teraka’s are one guy who sells products, he goes into a woman’s house and soon she winds up screaming. The guy is made out of worms and watches Buffy’s house, when Xander and Cordy go to the house the guy goes over to give some free samples and Cordy lets him in. The other one goes after Buffy when she’s skating, he tries to kill her but Angel helps her and she slits the bad guy’s throat with her skates.

    The third one is an exotic woman who goes after Angel and puts him in a room where sunlight is about to come. Then she goes after Buffy and tries to kill her but Buffy fights back and asks who she is.
    ‘I’m Kendra, The vampire slayer’

    This was a nice episode with a few slow scenes. It was mostly great cause of the Dru/Spike scenes and there were other small fun moments like Willow’s frog fear.

    To be continued…
  • Career Week

    What has the crazy mob in Prague done to poor little Drusilla? She seems really crazy but with some small moments of clarity, or just a simple psychotic vampire. Angel is having quality time with Mr Gordo, the fluffy stuffed pink pig.
    I think that we visit the cemetery for the first time in plain daylight or at least the longest walk through the cemetery.
    If I have to criticise something, one could wonder why Spike has not brought the three assassins of “The Order of Taraka” to Sunnydale, if the are so great.
    This episode also introduces “Kendra the Vampire slayer”
  • Buffy is having a bad week, and with all that is going on in this episode you will soon understand why. This episode is non-stop action, and is full of brilliant plot twists and character development. It really is a great episode that deserves to be watch

    Buffy is having a tough time - it's career day at school and Buffy is desperatly trying to work out what type future is in store for her - she doesn't always being a Slayer.

    To make matters worse, Spike has decided to send four assisins to Kill Buffy, and to top things off, a strange woman is following Buffy around.... just what's going on in Sunnydale?

    This episode is jam packed with great plot twists and exciting character development. It is one of the best writen episodes in the second series, and it's fast pace and non stop action storyline means that you will be glued to the TV from start to finish.

    This is an amazing episode, you must see it, I promise you'll love it.
  • "Some people find pain very inspirational" - Spike

    Once again, Buffy must deal with school and Spike at the same time. Spike has an evil plan and so does Snyder – Careers Week. The Career Fair questionnaire doesn’t correctly predict anyone’s actual career path. Xander doesn’t go anywhere near a prison (as a staff member or an inmate) but ends up in a well-paid carpentry management job. Cordelia also manages to surprise everyone by actually “Helping [her] fellow man” in LA rather than becoming a personal shopper (she also dies, which is more than she ever managed to do in Sunnydale, despite being captured all those times). Willow doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft, in fact I bet the Initiative told the “Seattle based IT company” to stop tracking her, and Buffy becomes a guidance counsellor, not a law enforcer. Giles in the meantime hasn’t considered Buffy’s future options – perhaps because he expects her to die before high school finishes?

    Willow and Buffy finally meet Oz; the former over canapés with “Microsoft” and Buffy by slamming him against a wall. Buffy also meets The Order Of Taraka, some of them at least, the rest are left in the cliffhanger, complete with Angel in a sunrise-facing cage at the (first sighting of) Willie’s Bar, Cordy and Xander in peril and the two Slayers coming face to face. Which is quite neat, since Buffy spent the previous 42 minutes moaning that her choices in careers were pretty limited because she is the Chosen One. Oh wait, the Chosen Two.

    Angel also meets a new character – Mr Gordo the toy pig and it’s interesting to see him behaving very tenderly with Buffy (“you shouldn’t have to see me like this”) as she kills the first member of the Order (the Cyclops Demon) at the ice rink, and then threatening and sadistic with Willie (proto-Merle). Also interesting is the two wandering around each other’s bedrooms, culminating in Buffy falling asleep, Goldilocks style, into Angel’s bed. Fortunately, he left no porridge around. The second member of the Order (Bugman) is meanwhile terrorising the ladies of the ‘Dale by offering them free cosmetics and then eating them. Silly Cordelia letting him in. Still, she has been driven mad by having to drive Xander over to the Summers Residence. She should never have offered to help with Eyhgon last week. Give an inch and those Scoobies’ll take you for granted.

    Spike’s priorities seem to be changing. So anxious is he for his darling (darkling?) Dru to be well again that he’s stopped obsessing about killing Buffy himself and is willing to pay for it to be done by mercenaries. His needing Buffy to be out of the way so that she won’t interfere with the mystical cure for Drusilla’s illness (something about debasing a beef canoe? Intriguing) is the MacGuffin that sets up the Taraka storyline with a twist – the third member is not tigerish Kendra (who nevertheless makes Angel look like a caged beast when she locks him up) but the policewoman. It’s not surprising that Buffy is not keen on going into SPD when we see the role models! Heavy on the polyester and brutality, if not the doughnuts. Interesting to note that Bart Simpson is also told he should be a police officer after a careers questionnaire. Buffy tells Giles to “have a cow” - Bart’s catchphrase - as well as asking Kendra: “Who the hell are you?” Was Marti Noxon angling for Matt Groening to notice her??!