Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 10

What's My Line? (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

Buffy the vampire slayer

Episode recap

What's My Line pt. 2 – Season 2, episode 10

We open straight onto where we left: Buffy and Kendra facing off in Angel's apartment. Buffy believes Kendra's trying to intimidate her, by claiming that she is the Slayer, and tells her to try it on someone who isn't actually the Slayer. Kendra lapses into a speech worthy of Giles about how she cannot be stopped, even if she's killed because another Slayer will take her place. This is starting to psyche Buffy somewhat and she tells Kendra to knock off the Slayer cover-story. Kendra is unrattled, explaining that there is but one Slayer, and that she's it which means Buffy must be speaking nonsense. Buffy can see that Kendra is pretty serious, so she suggests that if they both back down and Kendra promises not to go "wiggy" on her they can return to her watcher and sort this mess out. Kendra looks confused and asks "Wiggy?" Buffy elaborates in a patronizing voice: "No kicko, no fighto" alluding to the fact that Kendra speaks with an accent. Kendra accepts and they both back down. Buffy asks why she was sent to Sunnydale and Kendra simply answers: She's here to kill vampires.

Speaking of…we cut to Angel's cage. The sun is blazing through the window, and there's very little shade left in his enclosure. Angel is in the corner, panting. He looks weakened and scared and he's given up trying to break down the door.


Kendra and Buffy have returned to the library. Buffy is dressed in flannel and casually leans on a chair as she watches the exchange between Kendra and Giles. Kendra on the other hand is immaculately dressed and stands to attention as Giles speaks to her. We are apparently in the middle of a conversation when Giles says that Kendra's watcher, Sam Zubuto, is very well respected, acknowledging that Kendra seems to be legitimate. He looks baffled by this revelation and Buffy is surprised to find that Kendra's watcher isn't fictional. Giles asks Kendra for her name again, and she replies she is the Vampire Slayer. Buffy explains in a mocking tone that he meant her actual name and Kendra gives it adding that she has no surname. Without bothering to lower her voice, Buffy says: " Can you say: 'Stuck in the 80's?'" rolling her eyes at Kendra. Giles reprimands her for being immature and states that there must be some misunderstanding. Just then Willow enters the library in a cheery mood and Kendra immediately moves forward and demands that she identify herself. Buffy cuts in, telling the "Pink Ranger" to back off and that Willow is her friend. Kendra turns and says "friend?" in a deprecating tone and Buffy again stoops to making fun of Kendra by explaining that a "friend" is a person you hang with, or an amigo (again alluding to the fact that anyone with an accent must understand "foreign"…) Buffy turns to Giles, throwing in the towel and suggesting he take over explaining things to Kendra. Giles, entirely aware that Kendra wasn't asking what the word "friend" meant, politely explains that a few "civilians" know about Buffy's secret identity. Kendra, still standing to attention, asks why Giles would allow that, whilst behind her, we see Willow looking bemused. Kendra emphasizes that the Slayer must work in secret, for security and as she gives Buffy a sidelong glance we see Buffy slouched in a chair, rolling her eyes again. Clearly neither Slayer is impressed by the other. Giles, stuttering and mumbling explains that with Buffy, some flexibility is required and therefore regulations are not always stringently followed. We see Buffy's exasperated look turn to incredulity as Giles says this. Willow interrupts and asks what's going on as she takes a seat. Giles pushes Buffy's feet off the table as he explains that it seems another Slayer has been sent to Sunnydale. Willow, astonished, asks if that is even possible and Giles says that he's never heard of it being done before. He goes on to explain that a new Slayer is only called once the old Slayer has died and his voice trails off as he realizes what he's just said. From Buffy's look we can see that she realized it too. He points out that Buffy did in fact die, and she replies: "I was only gone for a minute" in a hurt voice. Giles reproachfully says that it clearly doesn't matter how long she was dead, the next Slayer got activated anyway. Kendra says "she died?" with no indication of sympathy, and Buffy defensively replies: "just a little". Giles explains that Buffy drowned, but was revived. Willow exclaims that there really are two of them, and Giles takes a seat adding that he is "quite flummoxed" by this unprecedented event. Buffy asks "what's the flum?" she proposes that they send Kendra home again as there's been a mistake and she isn't supposed to be there. She turns to Kendra and explains that she isn't dead and that it isn't personal, but that having her around is creepy. Kendra is unperturbed and announces that she can't leave because her watcher sent her there for a reason: "All the signs indicate that a very dark power is about to rise in Sunnydale". Buffy gets up and resumes her mocking tone as she asks if Kendra's big plan to find it consists of attacking random people until she finds a bad one. Kendra doesn't move an inch, only looks Buffy up and down saying "of course not. […] I thought you were a vampire." Buffy circles Kendra with a little mocking smile of pity on her face saying: "A swing and a miss, for the rookie." Kendra retorts by adding that she had good reason to think so – she saw Buffy kissing a vampire. Willow immediately rises from her chair to refute the accusation, saying that Buffy would never do that… she falters and adds, "except that sometimes you do that. But only with Angel!" she turns to Buffy and surreptitiously asks "right?" Buffy tries to explain that despite the fact that Angel is a vampire he is in fact good. Kendra looks unconvinced as she asks if they mean Angelus, saying that she's read about him, and that he is a monster. Giles backs up Buffy by saying "No, no, no, he's good now…" although not in a compelling fashion. Buffy adds that he had a gypsy curse, which Kendra doesn't understand the relevance of, but rather than have to explain it in detail she asks Kendra to just trust that he's "on the home team now." Kendra defiantly refuses to believe Buffy, saying that he looked just like another animal when she... she stops talking, but Buffy prompts her, demanding to know what Kendra has done to her boyfriend. Both Giles and Willow give Kendra a concerned look, awaiting an answer.

We cut back to Angel's cage. He looks positively ill now, shaking and sweating and huddled in the corner in the few inches of shade still left to him. We hear the cage be unlocked and Willy comes into view. He grabs Angel by the ankles and drags him out of the cage. Angel hasn't even the got strength to speak, let alone struggle out of Willy's grasp. Willy opens a trapdoor in the floor and dumps Angel through it into a sewer. Angel lies in a puddle on the floor as Willy drops down beside him as, out of the shadows, steps Spike. Willy presents his "gift" announcing that he'll be as good as new in a day or so. A second vampire steps forward, ready to haul Angel off, but Willy hinders him, pointing out that they had a deal. Spike hands him a wad of cash, slapping him casually on the cheek adding a threat that he'll have his guts for garters if he talks about this to anyone. He counts out a few more bills and hands them to him. As two other vampires pick up Angel and drag him away, Willy asks what Spike intends to do with him. Spike answers: "I'm thinking maybe dinner and a movie, I don't want to rush into anything. I've been hurt, you know." and follows the others, leaving Willy to count his money.

We cut to Buffy's house where we see Cordelia scrutinizing the contents of Norman Pfister's briefcase. She asks if he has anything in a "raisin" adding that, despite common conception, she is both a "winter" and a "summer". Norman mechanically answers $9.99 tax included. Cordelia, oblivious of his suspicious behavior mentions that he already said that, and goes on to ask if he has anything in the berry family. Norman asks if there are any more ladies in the house, and Cordelia nonchalantly replies that they're not home, still looking through his wares. She turns to give him some advice, explaining that it's nothing personal, but that he should consider selling dictionaries instead, but stops mid-sentence. She's finally catching on, as she notices a maggot crawling out of his sleeve. Xander comes down the stairs and spots the salesman, asking what's going on. As she backs away from Norman with a shocked look at the emerging maggots, Cordelia answers Xander's question saying that he's a salesman that was just leaving. Xander, about to help the man out the door, notices a maggot crawl across his face and into his ear. Eyes wide with fright he backs away hurriedly, grabs Cordy and says "time to run." As he does so, Bug-man explodes into a pile of writhing maggots that somehow beat Cordy and Xander to the kitchen door and rematerialize as Norman. Xander and Cordy swiftly turn and run back to the basement entrance, closing the door behind them but unfortunately the crack at the bottom allows the maggots to wriggle through. They stomp on them and attempt to sweep them back out with a handy broom. Cordy finds a roll of duct tape, handing it to Xander, adding that she "doesn't do worms" he gives her an exasperated look and quickly tapes up the crack.

We cut back to Willy's bar, where Buffy frantically storms into the room where Angel was caged, followed by a much calmer Kendra. Kendra checks out the spot where Angel was huddled and concludes that there are no ashes. Buffy says "what?" and Kendra explains that when a vampire dies, it leaves ashes. Buffy, annoyed, says that she obviously knows this and Kendra points out that it means she did not kill him. Buffy then remarks that that means that she won't have to kill Kendra. The two girls give each other dirty looks, and we hear Willy from the doorway say "wow" remarking on the tension between them. Kendra tackles him to the floor and sits poised over him with a clenched fist as Buffy asks her whether anyone ever just says "hello" where she comes from. A fired up Kendra replies "this one is dirty, I can feel it!" as she is about to punch Willy in the face. Buffy intervenes, pulling Willy to his feet as she explains that they won't get anything out of him if he's unconscious. She slams him up against the bar and asks where Angel is. Willy, the eternal coward, looks from one Slayer to the other, stammering something about Angel being his buddy, and that he wouldn't let him fry. He tries to portray himself as the hero, explaining that he saved Angel in the nick of time and that Angel went underground to "recuperate". He swears on his mother's grave, adding "should something fatal should happen to her, God forbid." Kendra interrupts saying that Angel must be all right and that they should return to the watcher for their orders. Buffy poignantly states that she doesn't take orders, and the tension between her and Kendra rises again, to the point that they forget about Willy. Buffy adds that she does things her way, and Kendra remarks that it's no wonder that she died. Willy looks on in awe as the two, clearly powerful and very pretty girls leave. On the way out he's compelled to ask them if either of them has considered modeling. They turn, giving him identical looks that say: "seriously?" He goes on to say "I have a friend with a camera. Strictly high class nude work, you know art photographs... but naked." they turn and leave, not even dignifying him with a response.

Meanwhile, in Spike's lair… Dru is lying on a bed and Spike approaches her, waking her from a dream. She says she was dreaming that they were in Paris, and that Spike had a branding iron. Spike announces that he has something for her, and Dru absently continues to tell him about the dream saying that there were worms in her baguette. Spike goes over to the door to fetch a gagged and bound Angel, throwing him to floor and announcing the arrival of Drusilla's sire. Dru wakes up, as Spike describes how tonight's full moon is the only ingredient missing to complete the ritual which will restore her to full strength. He sits next to her on the bed, and they kiss passionately, talking about how long it's been. Dru coyly asks Spike to "let her have him" (implying Angel), until the full moon, and Spike agrees to let her play, on the condition that she doesn't kill him, as he's needed for the ritual. Spike drags Angel over to the bed, and Dru forces him to look at her, saying that he's been a "very bad daddy" and slaps him across the face with an eager look in her eyes.

Back at school, Giles is speaking to Kendra, as they and Buffy and Willow walk down the outdoor stairs to the quad. He explains that he's conferred with her watcher, Mr. Zubuto, and they have agreed that she should stay in Sunnydale until the matter with Spike and Drusilla has been resolved, and that she and Buffy should work together. Buffy makes a sarcastic comment about the prospect of working with Kendra, and Giles sends her a meaningful look. Kendra tries to clarify the situation, reviewing what they suspect about Spike's plans, and Giles concurs with her assessment that Spike is planning to revive Drusilla, adding that he believes this is the great evil that Kendra's watcher was warned about. He describes the danger that Drusilla poses, explaining that she is quite mad and given that, there is no knowing what she might do when restored to full health. Kendra concludes that they must stop Spike, and Buffy butts in, saying "Good plan! Let's go, Charge!" earning herself another reprimand from Giles. Buffy turns to Kendra telling her that it's more complicated than she thinks (sarcastically calling her John Wayne) to which Giles adds, more politely, that Spike has hired the Order of Taraka to keep Buffy out of the way. Kendra looks stunned as she recognizes the name of the assassins order, telling Giles that she read about them in the writings of Dramius. Giles brightens up, interested to know which volume, and she humbly replies vol. 6. Buffy, feeling out of the loop, asks how Kendra knows all this. She replies that she has studied, as required by the Slayer Handbook. Willow is surprised to hear about a Handbook, as Giles has never previously mentioned it, Buffy asks why she doesn't have one, and Willow asks whether there is a T-shirt as well. Giles rolls his eyes at them, and goes on to explain that upon meeting Buffy he immediately realized that the Handbook would be of no use in her case. Buffy, hurt, demands to know what he's implying, and what is wrong with "her case." Giles ignores the pointless question, the likes of which he is so used to from Buffy, and continues to converse with Kendra about Volume 6 of the writings of Dramius. He jokingly adds that he never managed to get through that volume as it is so stodgy. Kendra agrees with him saying something about footnotes, whilst Buffy passes them with a pouty look on her face saying to herself "Hello, and welcome to planet pocket-protector". Giles turns to Buffy to tell her that Principal Snyder has been snooping around for her and that she best make an appearance at the Career Fair. Kendra interestedly asks if Buffy is a student here. Giles confirms this and Kendra continues, with a disdainful look at Buffy, to ask if she is also a cheerleader. Giles, carried away by the apparently amusing vol. 6 begins to elaborate on how Buffy had to give up cheerleading, then realizes that no one is interested and returns to the subject of books asking Kendra to show him the passage she talked about. They leave for the library and Buffy and Willow are left to contemplate the striking similarities between Giles and Kendra. Buffy, looking downcast, says she bets that Giles wishes she were more of a book-geek, but Willow refutes this, saying that Giles is enough of a book-geek for the both of them (strong words coming from Willow). Buffy continues to make a point of the apparent connection between Giles and Kendra, and Willow, catching on to the jealous undertones, states that no one could ever replace Buffy and that she'll always be Giles' favorite. Buffy says "I wonder" then falls quiet. Willow continues to encourage Buffy, by loyally saying that she's the real Slayer. Buffy continues and we find that she was in fact wondering whether having a replacement Slayer would really be such a bad thing. She contemplates the possibility of, once this Spike/Drusilla thing is all over, handing over the reigns to Kendra and going to Disneyland. Willow, slightly unsure of this prospect asks "but, not forever right?" to which Buffy replies: "No, Disneyland would get boring after a few months." Continuing on a more serious note, she adds that she could perhaps get to do "career day stuff" and have a normal life.

We cut back to Cordy and Xander who are still in Buffy's basement. Cordy is restlessly pacing the floor as Xander sits calmly on a box asking her to sit down and stop making him queasy. She retorts by telling Xander that he ought to be thinking up a plan and he replies that he has one: to sit and wait for Buffy to come and save them. Cordelia asks how Buffy is expected to find them, and Xander points out that they are in fact in Buffy's house. Cordelia is not mollified by this plan, stating that she has no intention of wasting away in a basement with Xander, whilst they wait for Buffy to turn up. Cordelia makes towards the stairs, and Xander gets up asking her where she's going. Their bickering grows more and more heated as they fling insults at each other, each blaming the other for their unfortunate situation. Cordelia gets up to leave, and Xander says she's free to go, as he has no intention of stopping her. She turns back and admonishes him for letting a girl go off to her doom all by herself. Xander replies: "Not just any girl, you're special." They're face to face, shouting insults at each other:

"3 more seconds with you and I'm gonna…"

"I'm gonna what?! Coward!"


"I hate you!"

"I hate you!"

They grab each other and kiss passionately, whilst the music swells to a cheesy high point, with violins and clashing cymbals.

They break apart and Xander, with a look of disgust, points out that they really need to get out of there. Cordelia whole-heartedly agrees. They rush up the stairs and carefully remove the duct tape from the door and seeing no worms crawling through, Xander carefully turns the doorknob and peeks out. Cordelia confirms that the Bug-man's gone, and they look cautiously around the corner, before running for the front door. Xander makes it, but Cordelia is covered in a barrage of worms falling from the ceiling and starts squealing for Xander to help her as she runs out of the house. Xander grabs a garden hose and starts hosing her down, whilst she does her best to remove the worms from her hair and clothes. She finally yells at him to stop and get going, but he seems preoccupied with watering her down and it takes a moment for him to get with the program. They jump into the "Queen C" and swerve off down the road.

Willow and Buffy are attending the career fair, Buffy elaborating on her test results: They suggested she look into law-enforcement or environmental design. Buffy explains that the latter suggestion was made because she checked the "shrub" box. They stop by the vending machine and Buffy spots Oz sitting in the sofa area, looking over at Willow. Excited, she tells Willow not to look, but that there's a guy checking her out. Willow looks, and then composedly explains that it's Oz, and that he's expressing computer-nerd solidarity. Buffy isn't convinced, points out that he's on his way over and makes herself scarce. Oz approaches Willow who notices that his hair, red the previous day, is now brown. He casually shrugs this off and asks if she has decided whether she's going to be a corporate-computer-suit guy. Willow replies that she's decided to finish high school first. She asks Oz if he has made a decision and he explains that he's not really a computer kind of guy… or a work-of-any-kind of guy. She asks why they chose him if that is the case and he tells her that he tests well, which is a good thing, except when it leads to jobs. Willow, amused by his attitude, asks whether he has any ambitions and he cryptically replies "E flat, diminished 9." She looks at him quizzically, and he explains that that is a "man's cord", that can in fact cost an inexperienced guitarist a finger.

We cut back to Buffy who is in line for the law-enforcement booth, as the policewoman in charge calls out her name from a list. Buffy replies that she is present, and the policewoman draws a gun, and attempts to shoot Buffy. Quick as a flash Buffy grabs her arm, forcing her to shoot into the ceiling, and they grapple until Buffy kicks the gun out of her hand. Buffy jumps behind a second stall whilst the policewoman reaches for her second gun. Buffy manages to shout a warning to the other students to look out, as she jumps sideways, narrowly avoiding a bullet. A second bullet is fired and hits Oz in the shoulder as he jumps in front of Willow to protect her. The policewoman fires a third shot, but Buffy is already sprinting down the hall and disappears from sight. The policewoman sneaks around a pillar, carefully looking around, but doesn't spot Buffy jumping out at her. She drops the weapon as she falls to the ground, but gets a third gun from her ankle-holster as she rises to her feet again. As she is about to aim at Buffy, we see Kendra come from the side, kick the gun out of her hand and kick her to the floor again. Kendra and Buffy stand side by side ready to attack, but the policewoman lunges for a nearby student (Jonathan) and pulls out a dagger placing it at his throat as she backs towards the exit. She tosses Jonathan aside and makes a dash for the door. Kendra follows the policewoman and Buffy turns back to check on the wounded Oz. Willow is sitting by him, and he seems curiously thrilled as he points out that he's been shot, until he realises how much it hurts. Kendra returns to tell Buffy that the policewoman got away. Buffy is still wide-eyed from the shock of the sudden attack as Jonathan approaches, asking against all evidence, if that was a demonstration. Buffy looks at the chaos around her.

In the library Buffy is telling Giles about the incident, adamant that the policewoman was part of the Order of Taraka. Willow is bandaging Buffy's knee and Giles inquires after Oz, who is alright and was luckily only grazed by the bullet. Xander and a soaked Cordelia enter the library and Kendra immediately advances, most likely to demand identification from them. Buffy orders her to back off and Xander asks: "Who sponsored the career day today? The British Soccer Fan Association?" referring to the chaos in the corridors. Giles informs them that they had a visit from a member of the Order, and Xander replies that he and Cordy just met the "King Freak of the… hello" he says, cutting his sentence short as he spots Kendra who is suddenly shy and looking at her feet. Giles, preoccupied with his books offers a brief introduction announcing that it's complicated, but that Kendra is also the Slayer. Cordelia, who couldn't care less, just says hi, and moves on whilst Xander addresses Buffy saying "A Slayer? I knew this: 'I'm the only one, I'm the only one was just an attention getter." Buffy rolls her eyes at him, jumps off the counter and heads over to Giles at the table. Xander turns to Kendra, who is avoiding all eye-contact with him, and welcomes her, saying: "So, you're a Slayer. I like that in a woman." Kendra stutters something about, I hope… I thank you sir, I will be of service, still not making eye contact. Xander commends her for being a giver and moves on, as Giles asks him to describe the Taraka member that he and Cordy encountered. Just then Cordelia finds a wayward worm in her hair, drops it on the table, horror-struck, and rushes off to shower. Xander points at the worm and simply says: "like that." Buffy comments on his apparent affinity for bugs, but Xander contests that this man was different than Praying-Mantis Lady, in that he wasn't actually a bug, but was made of bugs. Giles points out that although the most important thing is that everyone is alright they have to admit that they are under serious attack from the Order. Buffy agrees, adding that fortunately for her, Kendra was as serious as the attacker, actually giving her praise. Giles says he has discovered the key to Drusilla's cure: it requires the presence of her sire, and must take place on the night of the new moon, which is that evening. We see Buffy walk away from the table, starting to pace as she hears Giles' discovery. She turns back to Giles, to confirm that the ritual actually requires the presence of her sire. Giles says yes, and Buffy reluctantly reveals that Angel is Drusilla's sire. Xander's immediate reaction is: "Man! That guy got major neck in his day" which earns him a thump in the chest from Willow, and a look saying "be more sensitive". Buffy asks Giles whether Angel will survive this ritual, and Giles admits that it will kill him. We see Buffy's resolve, as she announces that they need to find the church where the ritual will be performed, before sundown. Giles agrees and gets straight to work as Willow tries to comfort her by assuring her that they'll save Angel. Kendra, standing apart from the others states that their priority shouldn't be saving Angel, but rather, stopping Drusilla. Surprisingly Xander is the one to tell her off, (possibly because the thump still hurts) saying: "Angel's our friend… except I don't like him." Buffy marches over to Kendra and puts it to her bluntly: she can either help or get out of the way. At the moment their interests mesh, seeing as saving Angel will also stop Drusilla so Kendra agrees to work with Buffy and the others. In the background we see Giles watching the exchange between the two Slayers, warily. Buffy turns back to the others, exclaiming that she's had it. "Spike is going down! You can attack me, you can send assassins after me – that's fine. But NOBODY messes with my boyfriend"

We cut to Drusilla's bedroom. Angel is tied to the bedposts and Drusilla is opening a small chest with the words "Holy Water" written on the lid whilst she sings a soft tune. She turns to Angel with a vial of Holy Water in her hands and tells him that her mummy ate raw lemons (don't forget, she not all there). She slowly pours a trickle of water onto Angel's chest and his skin begins to smoke as though it were acid and he writhes in pain. She tells him about "little Anne", who's favorite food was custard, brandied pears and pomegranates. Angel struggles to free himself, but without luck, and Dru continues to burn his skin with trickles of holy water as she smiles. Dru asks him if he remembers their little fingers and hands, and he starts to apologize for what he did. Before he can say anything, Dru grows angry and tells him to bite his tongue. She furiously continues the food story, telling him that they used to eat cakes and eggs and honey… "until you came and ripped their throats out". As she says this last part, she tips the rest of the water down his chest and he lets out a gut wrenching roar of pain.

Giles comes out of the stacks with a book and sits down next to Willow on the stairs as she looks up churches on her laptop. He notices that there are 43 churches in Sunnydale, remarking that the number seems a little excessive. He hands Willow a stick of gum as she explains that the extra-evil vibe from the Hell-mouth tends to make people pray harder. He asks her to check for closed or abandoned churches and moves on to the table where Cordelia and Xander are looking through books of demon mug shots. Apparently they are searching for the Bug-man and policewoman, but without luck. Giles hands them the book he's holding adding that this one has a whole section devoted to the Order of Taraka. In Giles' office Buffy is whittling a stake, as Kendra stands by the window observing the others. She indicates Xander and Cordelia asking Buffy if they also know that she's the Slayer. Buffy's says yes, and Kendra reproachfully asks if anyone actually explained to her what the meaning of "secret identity" is. Buffy answers "No, must be in the Handbook, right after the chapter on personality removal" and looks up to see Kendra handling a crossbow and quickly cautions her. In a haughty voice, Kendra asks her to back down stating that she is an expert in all weapons, and Buffy turns back to her whittling, with a suit-yourself look. The bow fires and the bolt hits a lamp, smashing the bulb. Kendra looks stunned and Giles, hearing the noise, asks if everything's all right. Buffy calmly answers that Kendra was "just killing the 'bad' lamp" Kendra apologizes, but quickly regains her composure and excuses herself by explaining that the trigger mechanism is different than what she's used to. Luckily she also sets the crossbow aside, to avoid further confusion. Buffy casts a slightly amused glance in her direction, and Kendra, swallowing a very small bit of her pride, suggests that Buffy show her how to work it when all this is over. Buffy replies that when this is over "I'm thinking pineapple pizza and teen video movie fest. Possibly something from the Ringwald oeuvre" Xander and Cordelia flipping through the pages of Giles' book finally stumble on a picture of Norman Pfister and Xander calls out "Oh, here we go. I am the Bug-Man coo-coo ca-choo" reading out that he can only be killed in his disassembled state. He turns to Cordelia and practically spells out the definition of "disassembled" for her (for no apparent reason, other than to annoy her), she tells him that she knows what it means, and calls him a dork-head. He feigns offense and sarcastically says "you slash me with your words". Behind them we see Giles and Willow looking exasperated at their eternal squabbling.

Back in the office, Kendra remarks that Buffy's life is very different from hers. Although Buffy doesn't have nearly as much of a "life" as she would like, she's forced to agree with her. Kendra explains, that she was taught that friends, school and even family, distract from the calling. As she says this Buffy looks up at her, astonished to hear of the deprivation that has been forced on Kendra. She asks about her parents, and Kendra explains that she was sent to her watcher as a very young girl, because her people take the calling very seriously, and therefore doesn't remember them. Seeing Buffy's look she stresses that she doesn't feel sorry for herself, so there's no reason Buffy should. Buffy doesn't entirely agree, expressing how lonely Kendra's life sounds to her but Kendra retorts by lecturing that emotions are a weakness that shouldn't be entertained by the Slayer. Buffy is in complete disagreement about this, declaring that her emotions give her power, but Kendra sticks to her guns, saying she prefers to keep an even mind. Buffy shrugs and says "I guess that explains it" and this gets Kendra's attention, she looks up as she asks Buffy what she means. Buffy compliments Kendra's fighting, in an offhand sort of way, saying that she's amazing and that her technique is actually better than Buffy's own. Kendra smiles a condescending smile and says she knows, Buffy looks at Kendra and says "still… I would have kicked your butt in the end." Kendra stops what she's doing, to look back at Buffy who continues, in her blasé tone of voice, to explain that it's because Kendra has no imagination. Kendra begins polishing the knife she's holding, in a very vigorous manner, saying "really, you tink so?" a menacing look surfacing on her face. Buffy seems oblivious to the sudden chill in the room and continues to lecture her about what a good fighter needs, something about going with the flow and improvising. She gets up as she's talking, patronizingly adding that Kendra certainly has potential when Kendra interrupts her and steps forward, knife in hand, to say "Potential?! I could wipe the floor wit you right now!" Buffy steps forward, head slightly lowered in a predatory posture, suddenly quite alert and her features set in a grim look. Her face softens as she says "that would be anger you're feeling right now." Kendra taken aback by the sudden turn of events says "what?" and Buffy explains that what she's feeling is anger and that a Slayer needs the fire she gets from this emotion. Xander enters the room to fetch something from the table behind them. The tension between the Slayers drops and they step aside for him to pass, Kendra immediately lowering her head to look at her feet, although she still has the knife in her hand. Xander grabs the book, looks over at Kendra and says: "nice Knife" as he leaves. Buffy, who noticed Kendra's non-verbal response to Xander earlier notes, that Kendra's Watcher must be opposed to dating as well. Kendra explains that she isn't permitted to speak with boys, and Buffy adds "unless you're pummeling them…" she stops mid-sentence, a look of realization dawning on her face. She turns to Kendra, excited, reminding her of the "Sleazoid" she nearly decked in the bar. Kendra, catching on, asks if she thinks he might help them and Buffy mimics her accent as she answers "I tink we might make him."

Drusilla is still torturing Angel with tales of her dead family. As she's pouring more Holy Water onto his chest, Spike enters the room announcing that it's time to leave. Drusilla says in a dreamy voice "It makes pretty colors" referring to the many welts on Angel's skin. Spike scoffs, saying that Angel will be dead soon enough, and that he's never been much for the pre-show. Angel replies provokingly that that's what Drusilla likes best as he recalls. In the background we see Drusilla suddenly paying attention to what's being said as Spike furiously unties Angel's bonds, asking him what that's supposed to mean. Angel says he can ask her himself, and Spike half turns to ask Dru "well?" as she looks at Angel over his shoulder. She shushes Angel and makes a growling noise, calling him a bad dog. Angel continues to provoke Spike by saying "It sounds as if your boy could use some pointers. She likes to be teased." Spike grows angry and orders Angel to shut up, but he continues, saying that he can tell by the way Dru just touched him that she's not being satisfied. This strikes a nerve with Spike and he grabs Angel by the throat and lifts him to his feet pushing him up against the bed post. Angel adds, in a mocking tone, that maybe she and Spike don't have the same fire that he and Dru had, insinuating that she used to be his girl. Spike explodes, breaks off a piece of the bed to stake Angel with, but is stopped just in time by Drusilla. Spike realizes what Angel was trying to do, and gives a slightly restricted laugh, adding that Angel is a "throw himself to the lions" sort of sap these days. Spike elaborates that if Angel dies too soon, Drusilla doesn't get well and Angel's little "Rebecca of Sunnyhell farm" and her friends are spared her coming out party. Drusilla notes that the moon is rising and that it's time to go and Spike says "too bad Angelus, looks like you go the hard way" whilst he continues to restrain himself from staking him.

Willy is thrown against his own bar, and we see that Buffy is the thrower. Willy stills claims he has no idea where Angel is. Buffy asks him about the ritual, and he again denies all knowledge, saying it's all hush-hush. From the other side of the counter an impatient Kendra says "just hit him Buffy!" Buffy looks back at Willy with a phony apologetic look saying "she likes to hit" Suddenly Willy's memory makes a miraculous recovery and we see Kendra shaking her head disparagingly in the background. Willy explains that he'll have to take them there personally but as they leave Kendra announces that they have to return to the watcher first. Buffy looks back in disbelief, stating that it would be brainless to waste time on "procedure". Buffy and Kendra make a scene of disagreeing on this point Kendra bringing up the fact that Angel is clouding Buffy's judgment and that they need help to stop the ritual. Eventually Buffy leaves in a huff pushing Willy along as Kendra watches them leave, apparently intent on following procedure.

We see Willy and Buffy arriving at a church as Willy says to her "Here you go. Don't ever say your friend Willy don't come through in a pinch." They turn a corner and run straight into a vampire guard and the policewoman from earlier. Willy looks at them and repeats what he said to Buffy, implying that he's lured Buffy into a trap on purpose. Behind her, a second vampire and the Bug-Man appear.

Inside the church proper Spike is reciting the words for the ritual. We see Angel and Drusilla tied to a post in front of the alter and Spike forces their arms together as he thrusts a knife through their hands, saying that Drusilla shall rise from the blood of her sire. Angel cries out in pain and a flash of light and a pulsing sound indicates that the ritual is working. Willy bursts through the door, followed by the baddies who are dragging Buffy with them and announces that it's pay day: He's delivered the Slayer, as ordered. Spike is less than pleased to see the Slayer here at this crucial moment and tells Willy off for bringing her. Buffy sees Angel hanging limp from the post and says his name. Spike turns to her mockingly, stating that it hurts him to see Angel like that as well, but that he'll be dead in five minutes so he forbears. He adds that Angel has something that Buffy doesn't, and she asks with clenched teeth "what's that?" he answers, "5 minutes." He turns to the policewoman (Patrice) indicating that she should finish her job, but before she gets a chance, Kendra smashes through the door in a series of back flips and kicks the guards away from Buffy. Apparently their disagreement in the bar was a ruse to make Willy believe that Buffy was alone. They run up to Spike and he asks "Who the hell is this?" indicating Kendra. Buffy replies that it's his lucky day: Kendra inserts "Two Slayers!" punching him from the right, and Buffy finishes with "No waiting" punching him from the left. Kendra takes on Spike as Buffy engages Patrice. Giles and the gang arrive and shoot one of the vampires from the doorway. A blasing battle ensues, and as Willow and Giles take on the second vampire, Xander lures "Larva boy" outside where Cordy is waiting with a tin of liquid glue. They shut the door and pour the glue out to catch the worms as they wriggle underneath. Xander starts squishing the bugs with his shoes and Cordy joins him, becoming increasingly hysterical until finally he drags her away saying that the Bug Man's dead.

Meanwhile inside, Buffy yells to Kendra to "switch" and Buffy is now fighting Spike, much to their mutual preference. She tosses him to the other end of the church where he happens upon the cowering Willy and grabs him, threatening to make him pay for this disaster. Willy tries to excuse himself by arguing that he was tricked, and that they were "duplicitous" Buffy runs up to Angel, pulls out the knife and starts to untie him. Dru calls out to Spike and he comes running, grabs Buffy and they start fighting again. Willy makes a hasty escape past willow as she stakes the second vampire. Kendra's arm gets slashed by one of Patrice's knives and she pauses, realizing that Patrice has ruined her favorite shirt – her only shirt in fact. This seems to induce the fiery rage that Buffy spoke about, and Kendra makes short work of Patrice, smashing her headlong into a pulpit. Spike has knocked Buffy down and grabs a flaming torch, chucks it and sets fires to the church, preventing the others from reaching them. He grabs Drusilla and carries her off, hoping that the ritual was enough to restore her. Buffy slings a thurible at Spike, hits him in the back of the head and he falls face forward into an organ, which collapses on top of him and Dru. Buffy drops to her knees and she and Angel share a tender reunion, as the others look on in wonder. Kendra rushes up to help Buffy support Angel as they leave the steadily burning church.

Back in school Willow meets Oz in front of the vending machine, as he's buying a box of animal crackers. She inquires about his arm and he replies that it's suddenly painless, as he glances at her. She opens the box for him as he is having trouble with one arm in a sling and they set off down the hall. Willow attempts to thank him for saving her life, but he shrugs it off, explaining that thanks make him blush and he has to bail. To change the subject, Oz pulls out a monkey-shaped cracker and comments on the fact that the monkey is the only animal with any clothes. Willow, amused by Oz's jokes smiles prettily, earning herself a well-delivered compliment from Oz. She becomes self-conscious, but he continues to talk about the animal crackers as though nothing happened, putting her at ease again. They continue their banter, Oz pointing out that all monkeys are in fact French, and have a tendency to mock other animals…

Cordelia is walking down the hall, spots something unwelcome ahead of her and does a 180, but Xander catches up with her, and says they need to talk. They skulk into an empty classroom, and Xander points out that they needn't avoid each other as there is a perfectly good explanation for what happened (referring to their kiss). Cordelia offers hers: "You're a pervert?" initiating yet another quarrel which intensifies to the point where they again find themselves kissing passionately (the same cheesy music playing in the background).

Outside, Buffy is walking Kendra to her taxi. Kendra thanks Buffy for the shirt she is wearing, to replace the torn one. Buffy walks her through her itinerary: she is to get on the plane using a ticket, and sit in a seat, not the cargo hold. Kendra points out that that is not traveling under-cover, but doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it. Buffy tells her that she's earned the right to peanuts and an in-flight movie, and thanks her for her help saving Angel. Kendra smiles, adding that she won't be telling her watcher about Angel, as that is too strange. Buffy replies that perhaps they won't fire her for dating him, but Kendra turns serious and asks Buffy why she always refers to Slaying as though it were a job – "It's who you are." Buffy asks if she learned that in her Handbook, but Kendra replies that she learned it from Buffy herself. The two Slayers share a moment of mutual understanding, realizing that they are no longer alone in the world. Buffy moves to hug Kendra, but she backs away, declaring that she doesn't hug, and gets into the taxi that drives away.

We cut to the soot-blackened church where we see Spike, barely alive, his hand twitching amongst the debris. Suddenly we see a fully revived Drusilla, picking Spike up in one hand as she gets to her feet, telling him that she will see to it that he regains his strength – like her.