Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 6

Wild At Heart

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • 'My whole life. I've never loved anything else.'

    ‘Wild AT Heart’ was an amazing episode which turned the completely season but not for the best. After Cordy’s and Angel’s absence the show didn’t have as much touch, Oz took it over but his leaving left even a bigger hole. But I have to admit that this episode was amazing, and easily one of the show’s best.

    It begins with Buffy chasing a vampire and killing it. But she doesn’t think the forces are really trying, Spike is watching her and saying how mean he is until some soldier shoot him and take him away.

    Then at the bronze, Veruca is playing. Giles joins the club and the men all have a lust for Veruca, Buffy isn’t impressed though she noticed how much everyone else is.

    Next day, Oz and Willow wake up and she’s having a nightmare but then fakes it. This is the night before the full moon so he has to luck himself up that night, at lunch Willow feels completely an outsider when Oz and Veruca talk because she knows that he has a crush on Veruca.

    That night Oz turns into a werewolf and escapes, he attacks Maggie Walsh but she’s saved by the attack of a second werewolf. When it’s day, Oz wakes up in the forest next to Veruca who tells him she’s a werewolf groupie. When they go to the laundry, she tells him that they are a wolf all the time and that his human face is just a disguise. She doesn’t have a cage and doesn’t care to hurt anyone else, she just wants him but he tells her that he already has someone where he belongs to.

    Willow goes to Oz and she has new look, she knows that Oz lusts over Veruca and not her anymore. But Oz isn’t in the mood to kiss because if she takes off his shirt she’ll see his body filled with scars.

    That night Oz locks himself in the cage and Veruca is there too, he tells her to come in the cage because in that way she won’t endanger anyone. She doesn’t want to come in so he just kisses her and locks each other in the cage. When Willow comes to look up Oz she finds him sleeping together with Veruca, Oz tells Veruca to leave and he tells Willow that he only took Veruca in or else she would endanger someone else. Willow says that he could have told someone and she runs away in tears.

    Poor Willow was so devastated and tries to harm herself but Riley saves her from a car and tells her to put the blame where it belongs. Willow then goes into the black art to curse Oz and Veruca but isn’t able of it, Veruca is there waiting for her and says that sometimes you have to kill for what you want.

    Meanwhile Oz and Buffy are looking for Veruca but realise she put them on the wrong path, Oz goes to search Willow but Buffy walks against one of those army guys and looses track. Meanwhile Veruca begins to change but Oz comes right on time and he changes too killing Veruca and Buffy saves him from harming Willow.

    ‘Wild At Heart’ was such a well acted and emotional episode. Oz decides to leave Willow because he has to be able to control the wolf, he will come back when he has. Before he goes he tells Willow that he has never loved someone like her.
    Willow’s tears gave such a pain, the episode has so many depths and layers which turned it to me one of the best episodes.

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