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  • Bug Juice was a documentary series made for Disney Channel. Camera crews followed two cabins full of middle school aged boys and girls during their time at an overnight summer camp.

    Bug Juice was, as the opening credits said, the true life adventures of kids at summer camp. It was a Disney Channel documentary series that followed two cabins of middle school aged kids, one boys and one girls, throughout a summer at camp.

    Bug Juice was made before reality TV was on every station at every hour of the day. The kids who were focused on were mostly unaffected by the camera crews following them. (That is, until the third season. The show had a slightly different vibe and the kids acted a bit more calculated in their moves.)

    I never went to a summer camp so this show was fascinating to me. It showed the kids experiencing camp fires, arts and crafts cabins, overnight camping adventures, bushwhacking, horseback riding, plays, dances, color wars, bad camp food, homesickness, first kisses, fights, sneaking junk food, and basically just the highs and lows of overnight camps.

    The casting was great. They picked really likable kids to follow around. The counselors were great too. My personal favorites were from season one's Camp Waziyahta: Malik, session one's Andy, Jason, Cammie, Caitlin, Keisha, and the boys' head counselor Rhett. I also loved season two's B session boys: Josh and Stefan, and the boys' counselor Cohen. Disney Channel reran season one a few summers ago. It was a big hit and gained new fans as well as making old fans like me happy to see the show again. I hope Disney will choose to re-air the other seasons again too.
  • Back when reality shows actually consisted of filming "reality" Bug Juice showed the day-to-day lives of kids at camp.

    After watching bug juice I begged my parents to send me to the nearest summer camp! Too bad it wasn't as cool as being on the show, but it was still a good experience. Bug juice lasted three seasons, the norm for Disney shows, which I still don't understand. It featured a different camp each season and filmed the young kids as they went to campfires, took swimming lessons, and created friendships. Once the last season wrapped, they began showing Bug Juice at 11pm the following summer, and of course I had to stay up "late" and watch! Since then, (2002?) they have not shown Bug Juice on the air. I think Disney should create the next season, maybe have Hannah Montana make a guest appearance?
  • Kids at Camp.

    This show is amazing! I loved the whole summer camp thing. I also love how they dressed in the 90's. The show is so original, no one can beat it. I loved Stephanie and Connor is season one. They are the cutest couple ever! The show is so cute and I've always wanted to go to a summer camp like the ones in the show. It should be brought back or syndicated at least. I have to watch it on You Tube! I understand why they had to cancel it, though. But, this was the original Laguna Beach! Amazing. I love it!
  • Bug Juice is the best camping show keeps me young

    this show woah so many words,

    1 my aLL time favorite.
    2 after watching id alaways have juice.
    3 it was right after the aby sitters club haha just wanted to thow that in when it was cancelled didn't know what to do with my self put it out on dvd or something
    ive always wanted to go camping never got around to
    I thoght all the calcoloulors were hott now i can Exctemley use that word seing as im not a child anymore
    they had the bestest theme song ever those kids looked so happy and stuff
    bring it back its missed deeply by fans
  • what?

    i dont understand this show? what is a bug juice? dont any of you call me stupid for not knowing this! i shouldn't know this! should i? ugh back to the drawing board. looky here i just dont like the show deal with it. sorry i am being mean. i just am grumpy. this show is weird i dont need to care about campers when i am a camper. that is just strange. it does not bring back memories. not at all. at least not any i can come to think of at all. see you guys later i hope.
  • This show was about a bucn of kids going to summer camp.It showed all the days and daily life of campers. From the activities at the camp to making new friends ..

    I miss this show it was great. After watching this show i wanted to go to summer camp. I never did though hehe. I loved the first season because Conner and Stephanie was in it.. She was great..though she was too too dramatic. AWW i miss this show..it was great it makes me go back to when i was 13 and i met all these new people in summer school. I person i hated the most in the show would be Eve, i don't why, i think it was because she was also very dramtic but in annnoying way. But anyways it was still a great show..
  • I remember this show!

    My gawd, i would always watch it at night around my middle school years during the summer!

    Wow, I havent seen this show in sooooo long..

    Gawd, i loved this show.

    Thier arent much reality show for kids these days,

    always about celebrities or teenagers or adults, gawd i would like to have the show back.

    I wouldnt mind watching it every now and then.

    man i miss this show...
  • Clean, wholesome show about kids and for kids!

    It's so hard to find ANY really cool, entertaining shows that are geared towards kids these days. I watched this show with the kids I babysat for in HS, and I got as hooked on it as they did. It was riveting. I don't remember the kids names off-hand, but I can remember there were a lot of hilarious 'hook-ups' and fights and other little child-like things that are all a part of growing up. Bug Juice taught the timeless truths show about friendship, loyalty , and how a kid should simply enjoy being a kid. Although reality has totally gone to pot today, back in 1998, it seems, there still was an once of naivety left in the genre.
  • A fun reality show for the kids!

    This is a show about a bunch of kids, just having fun at summer camp. It\'s a fun show for the kids to get into. Being on the Disney Channel, it\'s sure to turn a few eyes! This is also a show that is benificial for the parents, as it makes the kids want to pack up and head out to camp for a summer. This is a show that can also relate to the kids just entering those crazy preteen years, as it has first loves and kids just wanting to get away and have some fun! A very fun show!
  • This show was awesome. I liked that there was finally a show dealing with kids my age! They need to bring back this show it'd be fun!

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  • In bug juice kids try to adapt to camps. It was three seasons from 1999-2002. The first season was Camp Waziyatah. Camp Waziayatah is located in Waterford maine. Kids try to make friends anything can happen in Bug Juice. I love this show. Disney Chsnnel p

    I really like this show. The show can teach children how to survive in camp. my rating for this show would be a 9.5 because in this show the teenagers develop serious relationships and i don't think parents will like it if their children go to camp to find the love of their life. After watching this show i seriously want to go to this camp. the Camp is Camp Waziayatah. In the season finales of Bug Juice secrets of camp are always revealed and everyone gets together and have these races. The races include the whole camp. Everyone also cries because these camp friends are people they can see once in a life time. Then everyone lea parents pick them up to go home or they are taken by bus to the airport.
  • Bug Juice is where i can look back on my younger years and reflect on them. Bug juice is where friendships start, grow and never die out. Where you can make up your own version of "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane" and Bug Juice.

    I was still in high school when this show came out. It got me through the long day of winter and the hot days of summer. I love this show and WISH It would be brought back. I have the first bug jucie Camp Waziytah. My personal favorite is the huddle sessions with the guys. Yes, I\'m older now but watching bug juice makes me feel young again. I am a kid at heart and will always be.
  • A reality show about teenagers who go away to summer camp and face the good and bad of a camp. They overcome physical and personal obsticals while meeting new people. This show goes through just about everything you would find at a summer camp.

    I agree with the first person who posted! This show was a true and not x-rated reality show. This was my favorite show. I was so excited to see it on again last summer as re-runs. I was so attached to it that it took a piece of my heart with it when it wasn\'t aired anymore. Why whould you ever cancel such a good show? Bring it back!
  • sign my petion just go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/bringbackbugjuice and sign please. i cannot live without this show!!!

    Bug Juice was the best show on Disney. I don't know why they took it off the air. It was my favorite reality show ever! Me and my friends were really bummed when we found out it was off the air. I created a petition go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/bringbackbugjuice and sign!
  • A truly fabulous show that teens can really relate to. Great!

    When I first saw that this show was back on last summer (2004), I was immediatly uninterested. I figured, I never watched it before, so why tune in now? Wow, was I ever wrong! Just watching it one time and I was hooked until it when back off the air again in late August.

    Now, kids at camp may not seem all the interesting, and if it had been any other show, it probably wouldn't have been. But it was the conflicts and real-life situations (like relationships, overcoming a fear) that made this show so special. These kids were real people, just like everyone else, who really had a blast one summer and learned a lot about themselves in the process. It is the only "real" reality show I have ever seen, and it was an absolute joy to watch. It even made me want to go to camp! I just wish that Disney would think about renewing it, for we need more shows like this among the other junk TV. :)

  • Bug Juice... an amazing show about the real life that teens go through every day and how they overcome the challenges that face them.

    Bug juice is one of the most influential shows ive ever seen...it helped me to realize that life goes on for everyone not just me... I love this show because it made me want ot find out who i really am and wat life has in store... bug juice should be brought back i mean if you have a show like "suvivor" or some stupid reality show like "fear factor" these do not help the minds of teens like myself... Bug Juice is and ALWAYS will be the best reality show to ever hit television and hte people who took this show off are wrong for doing so... if anyone would like ot talk about a way to get this show back on the air lets do it e mail me at ziggysax0607@hotmail.com this is for al the teens in this would that feel like they have nothing or no one i know that this show changed me and help me to find who i really am thank you for teh read
  • The best show ever

    i love watching Bug Juice. I love being reminded of when I would go to camp. the people i met, and just the great times i had. I was so excited when it was on again last summer. i think that it should come back on the air. It truely is the best reality type show ever.
  • Bug Juice is the most awesome show ever!

    I really really really really liked Bug Juice alot and I don't understand why it was cancelled. This show really meant alot to me because I have always wanted to go to camp but never got the chance to attend it. Is there anyway that I can buy the dvd or vhs anywhere? If so please leave me a message and please please please please please please bring back this show!!!! It was one of my favorites!! Please bring it back!! Thank You...

    Bug Juice Lover
  • A great reality show about young teens just having a blast at a summer camp. They get involved in various activities while having fun. They also get to meet new people and make friends with other teens.

    This show is AWESOME. This is a great reality show for young teens. Its one of a kind. It doesnt have all the drama and violence of other reality shows. Its just a great show about young teens having fun. I think that the show should definitely be brought back so we young teenagers can watch a reality show thats appropriate. Its very fun to watch. It actually deserves the title of a reality show. It's actually real.
  • i'm putting bug juice season one DVDs on ebay! contribute to project for a free copy!

    i want to start by saying i'm so so disappointed about the lack of bug juice this summer. so i decided that this summer, 2005, i'm going to put up season one of bug juice - waziyatah session one and two on dvd with full menu and scene selection without commercials and sell copies on ebay! if you've got an ebay account, add 'bug juice dvd' to your favorite searches and have ebay email you when they come in! i have every episode but a few seconds are cut out here and there (right before or after commercials, etc.) so look out for them! want a free copy? contribute footage! video tape, files, whatever you've got as long as it's episode(s) in their entirety, i'd love to check them out and make these dvds the best they could possibly be. i'll even send the tape or whatever back to you when i'm done, so there's nothing to lose. thanks for hearing me out, and spread the word to friends and other bug juice forums/ boards! the last few episodes of session 2 get a little fuzzy, i could use help with those in particular.
  • Bug Juice is the true life adventures of real kids at summer camp working together, forming bonds and just having a ball of fun!

    Now personally, I have never seen this awesome Disney Channel Original \\\"Bug Juice\\\", until last summer (2004). Disney announced a week early Bug Juice would make its debut on Disney Channel in a week of July. Why not watch? I\\\'ve always wanted to know what real summer camp could really be like, without having to experience it first-hand. After watching a few episodes i emediately fell in love with this show. It taught me not only about teamwork & friendship, but also appreciation. I admit, when the started up with their Camp Waziyatah songs i joined in sitting alone there on the couch just all immunized with great spirit. This gave me the courage to reach out in friendships, what\\\'s the worst that could happen anyways??

    Although it served for two months tops last summer, DC fans have been yearning for it this summer. Will Disney Channel decide to break the bond?
  • Please put Bug Juice back on TV. My summer vacation just started and all my friends have been busy so im bored at night when im usually playing flashlight tag with my friends. When bug juice was on i watched it every night with pleasure. Now im bored with

    I miss bug juice soooooo bad please put it back on TV. Im lost without bug juice. my mom and I were just sitting in the playroom and i asked her to look up when bug juice would be back on. this is how i got here, typing this hopelessly dreaming for bug juice to appear back on Disney Channel before summer ends. All i want is for my pleasure to be restored with Bug juice, my all time favorite show that I miss with all my heart. this probobly sounds pretty cheesy but its all true and i really want to see bug juice again. I would watch it every night happily and now this summer I cant even watch a great show let alone being bored. I guarentee if bug juice would come back on i would no longer be as bored as i am now. so all i ask is that Bug Juice be put back on maby around 10:00 pm. why did Bug Juice even stop anyway?Please put it back on Disney Channel!!!!!!!!!
  • weneed toooooooo bring back the show Bug Juice!it is a really great show i loved it soooo much!i would stay up every night during the summer just too watch it!but now it is gone and im realllly sad! even if its reruns plllleeeaaasssee bring the show back

    hi, we need toooooooo bring back the show Bug Juice! it is a really great show i loved it soooo much! i would stay up every night during the summer just too watch it! but now it is gone. and i am reallllllly sad! even if its reruns plllleeeaaasssee bring the show back on the air! it was really good and i loved watching it because i could relate to what was happening on the show with all the drama stuff going on with friends and more! buuttt plllease just bring it back! i beg you people! pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!so-much-for-your-time-just-please-bring-it-back-even-if-its-reruns-the-show-is-really-great-for-kids-every-where-and-it-shows-kids-certain-responsabilitys-and-more----xoxo--KB
  • This show was and still is the only TRUE reality show ever to appear on television.

    It says that I\'m supposed to have at least 100 words minimum. Heck, I would have to say that I could find 100 adjectives describinh how awesome this show was!! This was, and still is, the best reallity show on T.V. It\'s riddiculous that they stopped making it. Such a great show deserves to be shared to future generations. This show was a drama, reality, and comedy show all in one. I couldn\'t see how anyone could dislike this show once they watched. I\'ll admit,that at first, I was pretty disapointed with the show, but, soon enough I began to love it!!! It hooked me, and got me back to camp last year. As soon as I got back from camp i watched this show and kind of replaced some of the characters in the show with people from my camp. If there is one reality show that truly can be called a reality show it\'s Bug Juice. Because bug juice actually allows puts you into the middle of a camping experience. This show truly deserves the OSCAR!!
  • 10
    This show was seriously one of the best shows that has ever been on Disney channel. It was real and dramatic,and you could relate. There was the same dilemmas between people about who tthey liked and just making friends, conquering fears and having fun.I loved Brush Ranch, it was just so good and funny. I got so attached to it, and it really does need to come back. I watched Bug Juice when the reruns were on last summer and I spent all my time on that channel. It's sad that its gone now. Its a really good show of real life experience of kids your age that go to camp one person and come back different in a good way.
  • this is the best show ever.

    i luv bug juice even though i first saw it last year. my whole room is bug juice. I wanted to watch it this summer but i looked on the guide on everyday at 10:00 and I don't c it. I want it to be on again. I've been waiting all winter, spring,and fall to c it but no luck. It is my personal fav. I even have a shirt that says bug juice and every one who was in Camp Waziyatah. It has all of there stats 2, like how old they were, wat year, what season and everything. I dont understand y they cancled it. I'd like to be on it. BUG JUICE ROCKS!
  • This is a awesome show i don't understand why anyone would want to cancel it. Please bring it back. Everytime i watch it it reminds me how much i liked it. Please bring it back. It teaches what the kids whould do at camp. I hope you bring it back.

    This is a awesome show i don't understand why anyone would want to cancel it. Please bring it back. Everytime i watch it it reminds me how much i liked it. Please bring it back. It teaches what the kids whould do at camp. I hope you bring it back.
  • WOW!!!

    This show is one of the best programs on Disney Channel. All that Disney is playing now are childish crap shows that don't even come close to my lowest shows. To name a few of the horrible shows on Disney: Phil of the Future, Lizzie McGuire and Lilo and Stitch.\
    just my opinion,
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