Bug Juice - Season 2

Weekdays 7:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2018 In Season




Episode Guide

  • See Ya Highlander
    See Ya Highlander
    Episode 20
    Campers say goodbye to Highlander as Session C comes to a close.
  • And the Winner Is...

    Color War continues. The campers compete for Color War where the campers are all divided into two teams, the Red Devils and the White Knights. They compete against each other in fun activities for four days.

  • War Breaks at Highlander

    Both cabins make movies for the film festival. The film festival is held. Color War begins.

  • Countdown Begins
    Countdown Begins
    Episode 17

    The Countdown to Color War begins; Cabin 6 goes on an overnight camping trip; a counselor hunt is held; Cabin 28 goes whitewater rafting; Jessica leaves camp early because she has to go back to school.

  • Discovering Your Inner Camper

    Cabin 28 goes on an overnight camping trip. Elsewhere, Alanna deals with homesickness.

  • New Kids on the Bus
    New Kids on the Bus
    Episode 15

    New campers arrive for Session C. Cabin 28 attends archery class and pottery class. Meanwhile, Cabin 6 takes horseback riding lessons and does the ropes course. Both cabins get their cabin picture taken.

  • July Goodbye
    July Goodbye
    Episode 14

    As the end of Session B nears, Holidays in July is held. Cabin 28 goes bowling. Session B campers leave.



  • You Don't Have to Be a Star to Shine

    Cabin 28 goes whitewater rafting. A counselor hunt is held. Cabin 6 goes on a trip to The Balds, Black Balsam Mountain, along with two other cabins. The finals of the Session B Highlander Basketball Association is held.


  • Outside Looking In
    Outside Looking In
    Episode 12

    Both cabins go bowling. Cabin 28 goes horseback riding and Alvan works to overcome his fear of horseback riding. Cabin 6 does the trust fall activity. Additionally, Cabin 6 goes white water rafting.

  • Climbing Toward Acceptance

    Cabin 6 goes on an overnight. Meanwhile, Cabin 28 goes rock climbing.

  • The Dance of Love
    The Dance of Love
    Episode 10

    Monte Carlo is held; the first Square Dance of Session B is held; Battle of the Sexes is held.

  • Bring on the New Recruits

    New campers arrive for Session B and at first there is some division between the old campers and new campers, particularly in Cabin 28.

  • First Farewells
    First Farewells
    Episode 8

    As the end of Session A nears, campers prepare to say goodbye to each other. The finals of the Highlander Basketball Association are held between Team AAA and Team Popejoy. Cabin 6 makes a table in woodworking as a last group acitivty together. Session A campers leave. They all realize how many friends they have made at camp and many tears are shed.

  • I'm Gonna Walk Those Fears Right Outta My Head

    Cabin 28 goes on a three day overnight camping trip. Cabin 6 hasn't been doing well on their cabin inspections, so their counselors decide to take them whitewater rafting hoping to teach them to work together.

  • Old Friends and New Friends

    Campers tackle the mud pit. Libby's birthday is celebrated. Also, several square dances are held.



  • Brits, Frights and Videotape

    Both cabins receive a camcorder. Cabin 6 and Cabin 7 go on a hike to the Whitaker House, a “haunted house” nearby. Both cabins work on their submissions for the Film Festival. Also, the Film Festival is held.


  • You Get What You Give

    Both cabins go on a trip to nearby Lake Lure. Sarah and Jenny's parent's sign them out for the day. Cabin 28 takes an all day hike in the rain. Elsewhere, Sarah decides to go home due to homesickness, while her friend Jenny decides to stay at camp.


  • Odd Man Out
    Odd Man Out
    Episode 3

    Si and Chasen have trouble adjusting to camp life. A talent show is held. The Highlander Basketball Association Draft is held.

  • You Never Know Until You Try
    The start of camp proves fun for some, but brings mixed emotions for others as Jared fears pushing himself to his limit and Sarah gets homesick.
  • Your Adventure Starts Here
    Campers arrive at Camp Highlander in Horse Shoe, North Carolina.