Season 1 Episode 9

A Sporting Chance

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 1995 on BBC
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A Sporting Chance
A special formula has been developed which enhances the performance of athletes. However, no-one has considered the after effects, which are that when the person's heart reaches a certain rate, the body can't cope and the person drops down dead. Ed comes to realise this when he is having a karate match with a person who has been injected with the stuff, and the man goes hyper, then falls down dead (whoops!). Ros eventually goes to find out more about the stuff, and ends up with another hyper person chasing her, then he suddenly collapses. however, Ros is still caught and taken away by the developer of the formula, to be his new guinea-pig.moreless

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    Ian McNeice

    Ian McNeice

    Peter Hunter

    Guest Star

    Michael J. Jackson

    Michael J. Jackson

    Conrad Easterhaus

    Guest Star

    Susannah Morley

    Susannah Morley

    Frances De Freitas

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      • (Ed teaches a karate masterclass.)
        Beckett: He does love being the centre of attention, doesn't he?
        Ros: You could have done it.
        Beckett: Hey, you don't catch me wearing pyjamas in public.

      • Ed: There's always a way up a lift shaft.
        Ros: Ed, this is a thirty-storey building!
        Ed: Well that shouldn't be a problem for a former school sports champion!

      • Beckett: I'm sure Easterhaus didn't go up and down this way.
        Ed: Perhaps he was never actually in the building at all.
        Beckett: What, he just sat still in the car park? I don't think so, Ed!

      • Ros: How's your fear of heights, Beckett?
        Beckett: I do not have a fear of heights! Just of falling.

      • Beckett: Why didn't we find these stairs when we came in?
        Ros: That would've been far too easy!

      • Easterhaus: What is sporting combat except a pale imitation of the glories of war?
        Hunter: But that's why we have sport. It's a harmless conflict, a safe form of rivalry between nations.
        Easterhaus: Which you wanted to cheat at. At least war is honest combat.

      • Ros: Guys, I hate to tell you this but this bomb really is tamper-proof, I can't defuse it.
        Beckett: Then get those people out of there, Ros.
        Ros [ sarcastically ]: Gosh, why didn't I think of that?

      • Ros: I've not run that fast since high school.
        Ed: Kiss chace?
        Ros: Fifteen hundred metres champion.

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