Season 3 Episode 1

Blaze of Glory

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 1997 on BBC
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Blaze of Glory
First of a two parter to start off Series 3. A man called McHaig's business is desperately trying to be sabotaged, and he calls in Ros, Ed and Beckett to investigate. It turns out that just recently, McHaig's son, Christopher, committed suicide and Ed goes to see McHaig's daughter, Kitty McHaig, to find out more about the business. Kitty decides to blow up half of London, using a chemical weapon that is under the ‘family' business. Beckett goes to The Bureau of Weapons Technology (the place where Roland used to work), where he meets Jan and Alex. Jan manages to con him into working at the Bureau, because of his financial problems and the fact that she catches him and Alex looking at Code: Red files. The team manage to stop the chemical weapon going off, just in time, but Ed realises that there is another bomb in the ‘Battle wagon' (an invention of Kitty's). Ed ends up getting blown up with the ‘wagon'moreless

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    Leslie Ash

    Leslie Ash

    Kitty McHaig

    Guest Star

    John Turner

    John Turner

    Andrew McHaig

    Guest Star

    Paul Lacoux

    Paul Lacoux

    Christopher McHaig

    Guest Star

    Michael Grandage

    Michael Grandage


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    • QUOTES (13)

      • Beckett: Do you have enemies, Mr McHaig?
        McHaig: Enemies? Take a number and stand in line, son!

      • Beckett: How many rooms have you got?
        Ros: I took a couple of floors. Don't be too impressed by it, Beckett, because I'm not. There are more important things in life than money.

      • Kitty: I did a show in Toronto last year. For the big finale, I blew up three rocket launchers and a passenger train.
        Ed: Wow, so what's the appeal?
        Kitty: You have to be there to understand. It makes your guts move. It's better than rock 'n' roll.

      • Ed: So Ros got herself a new bloke.
        Beckett: He's her new "business partner".
        Ed: You don't like him.
        Beckett: Never trust a man in a bow-tie, Ed.
        Ed: He wasn't wearing a bow-tie.
        Beckett: Well, I could just imagine him in one, okay?

      • Beckett [ playing with a remote-controlled machine ]: Hey Ed, now I know what I want for Christmas.
        Ed [ to Kitty ]: Give him a toy, he's happy.
        Beckett: I heard that!

      • Kitty: Good night, Ed, keep in touch.
        Ed: Yeah, I never thought I knew that much about art.
        Kitty: But you know what you like.

      • Beckett: I could perhaps manage the occasional consultancy.
        Jan: Do you know the definition of a consultant, Mr Beckett? It's a man who knows a hundred different ways of making love, but he doesn't know any women.

      • Beckett: This course you do, it's not flower-arranging is it?
        Alex: Martial arts.
        Beckett: Must be a very good student.
        Alex: I'm the teacher.

      • Kitty: I didn't just lose a brother, I lost a twin, and that's like having a piece of your heart cut out. I once swore the day I returned to your house would be the day I bring it down. Daddy, today's the day!

      • Ed: This is good. I've got a ticking warhead, a car that won't move. I've got big tanks full of Boris Karloff juice wherever I look. I'm just wondering, any advice?

      • Ed [ after a missile detonation ]: Oh, you call that a bang? I've eaten beans for lunch and done better!

      • Kitty: Happy people don't make art.

      • Channing: Have you known Ros long?
        Beckett: Longer than you.

    • NOTES (2)

      • First appearances of two new main characters; the new head of the Bureau, Jan, played by Jan Harvey, and her file clerk, Alex, played by Paula Hunt.

      • According to the episode's writer Stephen Gallagher, Craig McLachlan's character Ed was supposed to get killed off in this story, setting the tone for the rest of the series, with his replacement being introduced too. But at the last minute, McLachlan decided he wanted to stay so Ed survived.

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