Season 1 Episode 4

Down among the Dead Men

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 1995 on BBC
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Down among the Dead Men
Ed and Beckett go ‘under cover' and end up on board a submarine. They are, however, found out to be fakes and, whilst Ed escapes, Beckett is left on the submarine with a money hungry man, eager to gain access to a bank and steal some diamonds a long the way. Beckett ends up getting trapped on the submarine, as it slowly fills with water. The man, meanwhile, has got his associate to steal these diamonds, but their plan is foiled when Ros enters the scene. Ed goes under the sea to search for the submarine and but will he find Beckett in time?moreless

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    Brian Deacon

    Brian Deacon

    Bryan Brody

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    Pauline Moran

    Pauline Moran

    Juliet Brody

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    Matthew Marsh

    Matthew Marsh

    Graeme Hurry

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      • Ros: Which one of you looks better in a suit?
        Ed & Beckett [ pointing at one another ]: Him.

      • Ed [ about Juliet ]: She spooks me big time, this woman.
        Beckett: Don't let her know it.
        Ed: Listen, you didn't see the look on her face when she shot this guy.
        Beckett: Why, what was it like?
        Ed: Absolutely no expression whatsoever.

      • Bryan: It needs people with a certain amount of greed, certain lack of principle, and a healthy sense of self-preservation.
        Ed: Self-preservation says that you can't pull 250,000,000 out of the bank without taking a few risks. I mean, what's the proposal, sail up the Thames, open the front door, and fire off a broadside?

      • Graeme: You know for someone whose been fired, you're very dedicated.
        Ros: I'm not doing this for your employer, I'm doing this for Beckett!

      • Graeme [ about the information rapidly scrolling down the computer screen ]: How'd you take it all in?
        Ros: Skill, and ten years of practice.

      • Beckett: Don't think of it as a submarine. Think of it as a motorbike in a very deep puddle.

      • Ed: I hope you don't get sea sick!
        Beckett: I'm watchign the horizon- they reckon it helps.
        Ed: You're supposed to be a proffesional sailor!
        Beckett: Lord Nelson got sea sick, ya know.
        Ed: He also got killed on a boat.
        Beckett: Ship.

      • Ed: No two of those [pump components] have come from the same kind of boat.
        Beckett: Ship.
        Ed: What?
        Beckett: The Navy doesn't have boats, Ed. It has ships.
        Ed: Then what's a gun boat?
        Beckett: It's a kind of ship.
        Ed: What's a gun ship?
        Beckett: It's a helicopter.
        Ed: Oh.

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