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  • Season 4
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 10
      Ros has yet another brush with death, this time because she was shot in the head by Zephyr. As she fights for her life in hospital throughout the episode, Beckett is desperately trying to find the people (Wymark and Zephyr) who put her there. Zephyr and Wymark end up in the same hospital as there is the new G-5 chip there which they need to gain enough processing power to con a bank into giving them a few million pounds. Many things interrupt the surgery being performed on Ros (by a rather eccentric surgeon) including a power cut brought on by Wymark shooting the main power cables, leaving it up to Beckett and Ed to put it back to normal (which they manage to do, of course). At the end, Ros wakes up and is OK, and Beckett actually kisses her, putting the hope in everybody's hearts that they are actually going to get back together. However, this vision is quickly destroyed, as after Alex and Adam's wedding, Beckett and Christa are talking together and Christa practically proposes to him. The 'grand finalé' sees Stefano, Adam's rather mysterious college friend, starting to argue with Adam. Adam is killed, although it is unknown whether Stefano carried out this deed or someone else, and Ros and Beckett are kidnapped in a black Limousine, by Stefano and another 'mysterious driver.'moreless
    • Money Spiders
      Money Spiders
      Episode 9
      Two baddies (Zephyr and Wymark) create some ‘spiders' that route around networks looking for juicy bits of information that they can use to black mail people in a ‘get rich quick' scheme using something called Catflap. The Bugs team are called in when a man has this happen to him, and they set up a trap to lure the people responsible to them. However, this goes horribly wrong and Zephyr and Wymark end up with what they think is Catflap (actually it is just a fake.) So, they turn to Adam Mosby for help and blackmail him by saying that they will kill Alex if he doesn't get Catflap from The Hive for them. He agrees and gives it to them in the second part. Ros and Ed go to investigate about Zephyr and Wymark, but are caught and forced to make a run for it, to the top of the building. Luckily Ed has some equipment with him and they absailing down the side of the building. But, Ros gets stuck half way down, as she is panicky about getting caught (her glove got caught in the figure of eight) and Zephyr moves closer to the edge of the building and shoots. Ros falls the rest of the way down and Ed catches her, to realise that she has been shot in the head. He rushes her into Jan's car and they drive quickly off. Jan turns in her seat and Ed tells her that he doesn't think that Ros will make it.....moreless
    • Twin Geeks
      Twin Geeks
      Episode 8
      Some Twin bright sparks decide that the world does not take them seriously enough, and plan to pay back the company that sacked them, years before. Beckett gets caught up in the process and is Beckett-napped (haha), whilst Ros is having a hard time facing up to the fact that ex-boyfriend Channing sold her designs to a new firm. So, she decides to buy them back, with the help of an old friend, who works at a bank. Alex and Adam go to investigate more about the ‘twin geeks'. However, they are trapped in a room, and the temperature is gradually decreasing, so Ed comes to the rescue. Ros goes to find Beckett, who has a little device attached to his wrist that will make a bomb explode just above him, if he walks to far away from it. This bomb is attached to the ceiling by an electromagnet, and Ros releases this and Beckett catches the bomb and has to run around with this. Ed saves Alex and Adam just in time, but gets jealous when she is more concerned about Adam, than thanking him. Beckett puts the bomb in Ros' car...moreless
    • Jewel Control
      Jewel Control
      Episode 7
      Ros' friend, Sorrel marries Richard Blenko, a two faced man with a silver tongue, who'd give anything to save his own life. He promises a gangster as many emeralds as he'd like in exchange foir his life, using Sorrel's own father, Mr Mandrake, to do so. Mandrake is kidnapped whilst staying at becket's place, who went off with Christa when he was supposed to be assuring Mandrake's safety. Sorrel and Ros are also kidnapped. The gangsters steal the emeralds and then leave a bomb in the bunker where Ros, Sorrel, Mr Madrake and Richard are. Beckett, Jan and a trainee, Melissa have to stop the bomb and the gansters, before it is too late.moreless
    • Pandora's Box
      Pandora's Box
      Episode 6
      The legendary tomb of King Arthur is supposedly at a site, where suddenly a lot of people are becoming ill and new owners have stopped all normal work. Beckett goes undercover to find out what is going on, and with the help of the others, they discover that the digging for the tomb has unearthed a plague. Alex falls ill with the plague, and Ros works at finding her a cure. She is also worried about Beckett, who insists on staying at the site and stopping the men from letting more people die, and shows for the first time since they split up that she still cares for him.moreless
    • Hell and High Water
      The Bugs team are called in to investiagte why the crew on board the Searanger, an oil rig, have suddenly gone silent. After investigation, they discover that the team they are with on the oil rig are not the really crew, and they work with the last surviving member, Paul Grey, to stop a satellite falling onto the Earth. Ros finds beckett unconscious in a room, and they are forced to work closely when they are left to do, betrayed by Paul Grey.moreless
    • The Two Becketts
      The Two Becketts
      Episode 4
      A man breaks into a building, and although he tries to escape, he is caught. He then asks for Beckett, saying that he will only talk to him, and no-one else, and although becket doesn't know who he is, he goes to meet him. Once he reaches the place and sees the man, he simply says "You," and punches him. The man then reveals that he is Beckett's father. Beckett takes his Dad to his house, where he tries to exlpain why he ran out on Beckett 10 years ago, after his Mum's funeral. He then explains that he was trying to find out about the whereabouts of a man who is after the two witnesses that will send him to prison. Ed goes to check it out, only to see that the man has escaped. Both of the witnesses are kidnapped and Beckett's Dad finally reveals that he wants to see the man go down because he killed Beckett's Mum. So, Beckett and his Dad go to find the man, as well as the two witnesses and Alex, who got mixed up in the whole thing.moreless
    • Girl Power
      Girl Power
      Episode 3
      Carly, a 14 year old girl breaks into The Hive and for some reason Ros is put in charge of her, which she is not too happy about. Beckett is moving into a rather run-down flat which Alex found for him, and his friendship with Ros is rather ‘rocky'. Carly is taken off Ros' hands by a man who turns out to be a baddie after an ancient funeral mask that the Bureau are looking after. He manages to con Carly into stealing the mask and once she realises why they want it, she runs off and hides it. Soon, both Ros and Carly are held prisoner until Carly gives the whereabouts of the mask. They are trapped under a lift. Carly manages to get out and tell Alex and Ed where it is hidden, and they quickly find it.moreless
    • Sacrifice to Science
      Ros is still missing, although now the others know that she is not actually dead. Ros decides to ring Beckett and ask him to meet her, and Beckett quickly rushes to where she is. They meet on a bridge and Beckett is demanding an explanation, but Ros is too upset to give an answer. they go to see the others (Terry, Chris and Morag) who voice their opinions on Bureau 2 becoming involved; they don't like it one bit, especially Terry, who ideally wants to pick up where he and Ros left off, but he realises that that is never going to happen, because Ros is together with Beckett. However, because Beckett's Jeep had a bug on it the people trying to stop Ros and Terry find out where they are, and Chris and Morag are killed. Then they decide to blow up the base where Ros, Terry and Beckett are. They presume they are dead, but they managed to escape just in time. Beckett and Ros are walking in the hospital garden together and Beckett asks for an explanation. Ros tells him exactly what happened the night she ‘died' and Beckett starts to get jealous about the fact that Ros went off with Terry and let him think she was dead. Meanwhile Alex and Ed are investigating the weird stealing of a man's suitcase and find out that a General is trying to pay back a man for killing his family. There was a medical experiment the man was working on which went horribly wrong, with devastating effects. The General plans to kill the man using a special thing that can be matched to a person's genes and kill only them. Alex manages to retrieve the capsule in time, before it is released into the room where the man is and Ros, Beckett and Terry rush into the room to stop the Generalmoreless
    • Absent Friends
      Absent Friends
      Episode 1
      Ros is missing and Beckett, Alex and Ed are desperately searching for her. However, they find her car a river with some of her blood in it, and presume that she is dead. Beckett won't accept this, and sobs his little heart out at Ros' house. He ends up quitting from the bureau, to devote his time to searching for Ros. Beckett goes to see Ros' Mum, her ex-fianceé, Terry and does everything he can to determine Ros' whereabouts. Ros is actually alive and well (naturally) and is working with Terry. Ed and Alex are given a job to transport what they think is something that saves lives- but they were given false information. Beckett is also where Alex and Ed are, still trying to find leads on what happened to Ros, and then Ros suddenly appears, steals the stuff that Alex and Ed are looking after, with Terry and two other people and runs to Terry's van As she starts the van, and starts to drive off, she sees Beckett, but is told by Terry to keep driving. She does as he says, leaving behind Beckett, who was continuously shouting her name. He sinks to the floor, crying loudly and wondering why she left him there.......moreless
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