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Season 2 Episode 6

Gold Rush

Aired Unknown May 11, 1996 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Gold Rush
A room full of gold is infected with a new sort of virus that quite literally eats gold. It is up to Ros to make an antidote to return the gold to normal, and she doesn't have long- after some time, and once the gold has reached a certain temperature, it will be irreversible and the gold will be lost forever. Ed is trapped in the room with the gold and also two security things that continuously try to shoot him. Beckett decides to get Ed out of the room, as the antidote Ros creates is harmful to humans, but his only way to get to it is by going through a tunnel filled with toxic fumes.moreless

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    Sean Gilder

    Sean Gilder

    Maximillian Kristo

    Guest Star

    Miranda Pleasence

    Miranda Pleasence


    Guest Star

    Claire Oberman

    Claire Oberman


    Guest Star

    Gareth Marks

    Gareth Marks


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      • Manager: The computers are dying. What have you done?
        Pyke: Released technology beyond your comprehension.

      • Vanguard: But our security consultants assure me that even without power these locks are impregnable.
        Beckett: Ros?
        (The doors open.)
        Ed [ to Vanguard ]: Better get yourself some new security consultants.

      • Ros: Without the cooling system, that data bank will overheat and explode.
        Ed: Great. I love a challenge.

      • Governor [ pointing to Jean-Michael's graph ]: What happens when the column reaches here?
        Jean-Daniel: Anything. Everything.

      • Pyke [ about Ed ]: He claims to be from the Bio-Hazard Safety Council.
        Kristo: You don't believe he's genuine?
        Pyke: Call it a woman's instinct.

      • Beckett: Would you prefer to drive?
        Ros: Always, but you need the practice.

      • Ros: Surely there's a back-up?
        Beckett: Yeah, well you're gonna love this. There is an override key, it's kept safely off-site by the security consultants.
        Ros: Oh, brilliant. Amateurs!

      • Beckett: Is there anything you can do to stop the microbe spreading?
        Ed: Beckett, it's invisible, what do you want me to do?

      • Ros: Whatever happened to your scientific curiosity?
        Pyke: It got overtaken by an interest in getting rich.

      • Ed [ on what he would do with a bar of gold ]: Me, I'd buy art.
        Beckett: Are you serious?
        Ros: Since when have you been interested in paintings?
        Ed: Paintings? Who said anything about paintings? Classic motorcycles are an art form, aren't they?

      • Governor: I'm supporting a move to have your sentence cut in half. Remind me, how long do we have you for?
        Jean-Daniel: 140 years, sir. One thing I've learned in here, Governor, is always look to the future and hope.

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