Season 2 Episode 6

Gold Rush

Aired Unknown May 11, 1996 on BBC



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    • Manager: The computers are dying. What have you done?
      Pyke: Released technology beyond your comprehension.

    • Vanguard: But our security consultants assure me that even without power these locks are impregnable.
      Beckett: Ros?
      (The doors open.)
      Ed [ to Vanguard ]: Better get yourself some new security consultants.

    • Ros: Without the cooling system, that data bank will overheat and explode.
      Ed: Great. I love a challenge.

    • Governor [ pointing to Jean-Michael's graph ]: What happens when the column reaches here?
      Jean-Daniel: Anything. Everything.

    • Pyke [ about Ed ]: He claims to be from the Bio-Hazard Safety Council.
      Kristo: You don't believe he's genuine?
      Pyke: Call it a woman's instinct.

    • Beckett: Would you prefer to drive?
      Ros: Always, but you need the practice.

    • Ros: Surely there's a back-up?
      Beckett: Yeah, well you're gonna love this. There is an override key, it's kept safely off-site by the security consultants.
      Ros: Oh, brilliant. Amateurs!

    • Beckett: Is there anything you can do to stop the microbe spreading?
      Ed: Beckett, it's invisible, what do you want me to do?

    • Ros: Whatever happened to your scientific curiosity?
      Pyke: It got overtaken by an interest in getting rich.

    • Ed [ on what he would do with a bar of gold ]: Me, I'd buy art.
      Beckett: Are you serious?
      Ros: Since when have you been interested in paintings?
      Ed: Paintings? Who said anything about paintings? Classic motorcycles are an art form, aren't they?

    • Governor: I'm supporting a move to have your sentence cut in half. Remind me, how long do we have you for?
      Jean-Daniel: 140 years, sir. One thing I've learned in here, Governor, is always look to the future and hope.

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