Season 3 Episode 7

Happy Ever After?

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 1997 on BBC
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Happy Ever After?
The team are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a woman called Julia, kidnapped at her own wedding. Ros and Beckett go to the location she is being kept at, and Ros is shot whilst trying to escape. She is taken to hospital and is OK, but Channing tells her that her job is just too dangerous, and that she should definitely go to America with him and Beckett tells her that she should go also. Ed is caught when he tries to rescue Julia, and they discover that the person behind it all is Julia's husband, Mark. They are trapped underneath a bomb, but manage to find a narrow tunnel through which to escape. Beckett has to disarm the bomb, and Ros lets herself out of the hospital and goes to the Bureau to help them.moreless

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    Eleanor Tremain

    Eleanor Tremain

    Julia Fairchild

    Guest Star

    Jason Durr

    Jason Durr

    Mark Curtis/Schuman

    Guest Star

    David Hargreaves

    David Hargreaves

    Sir Anthony Fairchild

    Guest Star

    Michael Grandage

    Michael Grandage


    Recurring Role

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      • Ed [ at a wedding ]: Did we really have to wear the fancy dress for this gig?
        Jan: Mark Schuman's a city hotshot, Julia Fairchild's the daughter of a government minister. You can't dress as if you were on Bondai Beach!

      • Alex: It's a cyber-café, sort of a modern-day opium den.
        Cyber-café boss: Do you mind? This is an access road to the information superhighway.
        Beckett: Yeah? Well, then, think of us as a roadblock!

      • Channing [ to a nurse ]: We'll have dinner at seven.
        Ros: Channing, this isn't a hotel!
        Channing: Isn't it? I'm paying enough.

      • Channing: You've got so much to contribute, so many good ideas, a resource that's hardly been tapped.
        Ros: Please don't talk about me like I was some sort of new oil well!

      • Channing: There are so many projects you want to work on, what if something happened and you never got the chance?
        Ros: You can get killed crossing the road.
        Channing: Statistically the odds are against it, whereas working for the Bureau… It's time to put all this behind you and move into something safer.
        Beckett: What, to California? Home of fire, flood, riots and on average eighty-five earthquakes a year?
        Ros: Hello, cheerful!

      • Alex [ sewing ]: Don't say it.
        Ed: Don't say what?
        Alex: Something corny about me making a wonderful wife.
        Ed: Nothing would be further from my mind. You're making a right pig's ear of that, give it to me.
        Alex: Do you cook as well?
        Ed: Ah, you'll just have to come over to my place and find out.

      • (Ed climbs up the side of a building.)
        Alex: The sewing was great, you didn't have to do anything else to impress me.
        Ed: Oh, I needed the exercise. Besides, I don't think they were going to let me through the front door.

      • Ed [ to Mark, about Julia ]: You know, it's interesting, I thought you promised to love and cherish, not kidnap and terrify!

      • Julia: Was getting me to fall in love with you all part of the plan?
        Mark: Sorry.
        Julia: Is that all you can say?
        Mark: If it hadn't been me, someone else would have taken advantage. Face it, you're stunning to look at, but totally naive!

      • (Julia bashes at a handcuffed Ed's restraints.)
        Ed: Careful!
        Julia: I'm imagining it's Mark's head, or some more painful part!

      • Ros [ to Channing ]: I want more than logic and technology and science. I want… I need passion and excitement and uncertainty. You don't. It's my intellect you want, not my passion.

      • Jan: Ros is irreplacable! I can't agree to her leaving the Bureau.
        Beckett: Neither can I.

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