Season 3 Episode 9

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1997 on BBC
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Identity Crisis
JAN mysteriously disappears and is replaced by a new Jan at the bureau which causes friction between the team. But where has the other Jan gone and why did she leave without saying a word or telling them where she was going?

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    Diana Hardcastle

    Diana Hardcastle

    Elaine Harman

    Guest Star

    Christopher Guard

    Christopher Guard

    David Lance

    Guest Star

    David Hargreaves

    David Hargreaves

    Sir Anthony Fairchild

    Guest Star

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      • Alex: I suppose you need plenty of sleep to keep acting the fool like you do!
        Ed: Alex!
        Ros: Do I take it your date last night was less than perfect?
        Ed: Don't ask.

      • Ros: What did Ed do to upset you so much?
        Alex: What didn't he do? Chatted up the waitress, jammed with the band, told jokes to half the restaurant. It was like being out with the Marx Brothers, all of them!
        Ros: But what did he do to upset you so much?
        Alex: Oh I don't know. If only he'd just be himself, you know?

      • Ros: Try and work as a team.
        Ed: Come on, we're a great team.
        Alex: You wish!

      • Ed: Got a feeling Alex wants me to make a fool of myself.
        Ros: Ed, you don't need Alex's help for that!

      • Beckett: I don't suppose you have a key?
        Fairchild: I did once. I thought you lot didn't need keys?
        Beckett: Funny you should say that.
        (He produces a lockpick.)

      • Jan: I've always envied people who lived on boats.
        Beckett: Yeah, well, don't. It's like living in a matchbox.

      • Jan: Still got financial worries then?
        Beckett: Yeah, well, who hasn't? Well, everybody except Ros of course.
        Jan: There are much more important things than money: happiness, friendship, family.

      • Beckett: I don't want you collapsing now we've gone to all this trouble.
        Jan: You're only worried because I sign your pay cheques.
        Beckett: No, what I meant was…
        Jan: It's all right, Beckett, I know you like to pretend you've got a heart of stone.

      • Ed: He hung up on me!
        Alex: Is it normally women who do that to you?

      • Beckett: Lets hope the others are having as much luck with Lance and Harman at the bank.
        Jan: Otherwise the Bureau will be as broke as you.

      • Beckett: That's when you recruited us.
        Jan: I wanted the best possible team around me.
        Beckett: You know, flattery usually means people want something.
        Jan: No, all I want now is a brandy and a bath, and I can manage both of those myself, thank you.

      • Ed: It's a shame about the new Jan, I think I preferred her to the old one.
        Alex: Ed, she was a maniac, a killer, a traitor!
        Ed: Yeah, but at least you knew where she was coming from. Our Jan, you know, you never know whether she's going to bark or bite!

      • Ed: There you go, you got me sussed – what you see, is what you get. I like it.
        Alex: Question is, do I?

      • Ros [ about Jan ]: She's lonely. She missed the boat with Fairchild and she's been regretting it ever since.
        Beckett: Yeah, I suppose you only get so many chances in life. If you don't take them, it's a long time to be unhappy.
        Ros [ pointedly ]: Yes, Beckett, it is. A long long time.

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