Season 2 Episode 2

Must Come Down

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1996 on BBC



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    • Colonel Stone: We think you can set the charges off manually.
      Ed: Oh hang on, you want me to just float here in space while a piece of the shuttle blows off in my face? Whose bright idea was that?
      Ros: Mine, actually, Ed.
      Ed: Cheers, Ros!

    • Ed [ finishing his space walk ]: I'm coming in. Or do you want me to clean the windows while I'm here?

    • Beckett: Be careful. These people are not going to leave a weapon like that unguarded.
      Ros: Who do you think I am? Ed?

    • Ed: Ros, you did it! Ros!
      Ros: You mean you had your doubts?

    • Ros: What's it feel like when you're up there during a radio blackout?
      Colonel Stone: Like eternity.

    • Beckett: I'm just taking Joy to GMC. We have to get in touch with President Haikudu.
      Ros: Haven't you rather overspent your credit with your ex?
      Beckett: Oh I think I did that a long time ago, Ros. But this isn't for me, this is for the future of Kutuma.

    • Ros: You know the really weird thing is the way that Zito was killed by his own people.
      Beckett: Well, whoever gave Zito his orders doesn't tolerate failure. You know, I can't help thinking that there was someone else behind all this, someone we never even encountered.
      Ros: Yet.

    • Amanda: I understand a very small number of anonymous international investors are set to make a killing out of the unexpected turnaround in the Kutuman economy.
      Jean-Daniel: No, not a killing. The killings come later.

    • Ros: Is Commander Vornholt happy to try this?
      Vornholt: Do we have any choice?
      Ed: Susan thinks it's a terrific idea.

    • Beckett: They can't have everyone thinking any Tom, Dick or Ed can go into space!

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