Season 3 Episode 5

Nuclear Family

Aired Unknown Aug 16, 1997 on BBC
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Nuclear Family
A foreign president is critically ill and everyone thinks he is dying, and there is no cure for his disease. Then, an English doctor discovers a way of saving his life, but he has to wait to undergo the operation. It is then found out that there is a traitor within the embassy, and the finger is instantly pointed at his much younger wife. All of Bureau Two believe her to be the traitor, except Beckett, who won't believe it (does he ever?) and thinks that the security guard is responsible. He and Nataliar (the wife) are then kidnapped by the people the traitor is working for, and one woman sets up a bomb next to them, with green pressure pad to detonate it. Ros, of course sets this off.moreless

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    Danielle Tarento

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    Peter Gale

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      • Beckett: His PA seems very intimate with him.
        Jan: She's his wife.
        Beckett: His wife? She's the same age as his son!
        Jan: His second wife.
        Beckett: Could be more here than meets the eye.
        Jan: Undoubtedly. So wipe that look off your face and keep your mind on the job.

      • Beckett [ of Channing ]: I didn't think you were still seeing him.
        Ros: Beckett, am I not allowed a private life?
        Beckett: No!

      • Alex: Nice to see a woman in charge for a change.
        Ed: Thought they always were?

      • Alex: All things considered, I think I'd rather be eating canapés at the Embassy.
        Ed: Well, we've all had to search through rubbish bins in our time, Alex, or is it my company you're objecting to?

      • Alex: You think I see you as a bit of a lightweight, always ready with a chat-up line or a joke, good with the physical stuff but not as deeply committed as Beckett.
        Ed: Say what you mean, why don't you?
        Alex: There you are, joking again. There's more to you than that, I can see that now.
        Ed: You can?
        Alex: You care about what you do and you care about Ros and Beckett too, you don't like to admit it, not even to yourself. But I can see right through you.

      • Beckett: That's very romantic, love at the concert hall.
        Natalya: His wife was dying at the time. He said my music gave him hope for the future, and now he's the one who's dying.

      • Ed: So you're trying to tell me in your own funny way that you quite like me?
        Alex: I like a lot of people – you, Ros, Beckett, my neighbours, the man in the corner shop, even Jan's not so bad at times.
        Ed: So you're not trying to say anything special then?
        (Alex smiles and walks away.)
        Ed: I can wait for an answer.

      • Beckett: You seem to have made up your mind already.
        Jan: On the contrary, my policy is to trust no one until they've earned that trust.

      • Beckett [ of President Rostov ]: Without the operation, he's only got a few days left to live. I hope I'm that cheerful when my time comes.
        Ros: Knowing you, Beckett, I doubt it!

      • Beckett: Ros? She's just a friend.
        Natalya: But you'd like her to be more than that. Does she know how you feel?
        Beckett: No, 'course not.
        Natalya: Then you must tell her.
        Beckett: She wouldn't be interested in me. She's got someone else.
        Natalya: Then give her the choice, she might surprise you. Don't let the chance for happiness slip by.

      • Ros: If I throw you my lockpick, you can free yourselves.
        Beckett: Don't throw it, Ros, bowl it.
        Ros: Yeah, but I don't want to hit the stumps, do I?
        Beckett: Well, not many English bowlers do!

      • Grigori: I'm doing the right thing for my country.
        President Rostov: You're doing a God-awful thing for the world!

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