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  • Bugs was amazing. Pure and simply. I adored the show and part of it's heart was its diamond humour and action scenes. The series always had a good vibe, very gripping. Not something you want to miss out on! It's not past its prime in any way!

    Bugs was amazing. Pure and simply.

    As a child I was about 8 years old when Bugs came out. It fascinated me and I was infatuated by the mix of science, technology and the heroic intentions of the BUGS team versus the villains.

    Ok, it may not match many programmes that are out in this day and age with the 90s effects but at the same time; many can't match the vibe of this programme.

    I loved the upbeat aims of the team against dire circumstances; polluted water supplies, money laundering, mind controlling machines... many of these themes stilla enthrall today. So what was special about Bugs?

    Well to me it captured the human spirit for good. The hapless Beckett yet manly and heroic saving the day. The independant and determined Ros that just wouldn't give up. Ed with his action packed stunts and smile (ladies :P).... Jan - the boss with the harsh exterior but just as vulnerable and dedicated inside and Alex also, the quiet girl who really could come into her own and made herself and equally essential part of the team... It's hard to sum up the feel of the series but I think it was one of Britain's best. Scientific theory with that iconastic British humour. The jokes were at times just too tacky, but it was great fun!

    For example, in one episode Ros's car gets crushed and the boys are making a joke of it being a "compact". Obviously unimpressed at the loss of a car but not a bad sport she turns around and says; "at least it'lll be a doddle to park". Classic acting, classic humour and an upbeat vibe.

    The science may not have been perfect but the theory was all good - sticking black boxes on computers to trace them... flawed maybe, but if you get into the feel of the programme you know there's some clever electronic device like the modern day ones we see today.

    To summarise the series, it was just great upbeat fun with a diverse and strong cast. Unfortunately, I do feel towards the end of season 4 it lost it's way a bit. One reason, was the loss of Craig McLachlan whom was known from Neighbours I think (but I was too young to like him for this reason). The new Ed just didn't catch his character to such a level... but we still got some good action scenes. Also, the BBC changed the timeslot which may not have helped. However it was still well worth watching as all cast and plots were really satisfying to watch.

    I think the failing of the series was that it became much harsher in reality; from the lighter humoured saving the world action to darker themes of blackmail and the reality of live. For me, the most painful part of season 4 was that Ros and Beckett split up from finally getting together in season 3 and it was just downhill friction all the way.

    However, the series is still worth investing in. As long as you remember to end the cliffhanger happily ^^ (yes that's right... Ros and Beckett together forever :p). Ultimately, getting back on topic, if you want an action-packed fun series that is very easy to watch and entertaining - give BUGS a try. Don't be a stick insect until you've tried it. :)
  • An action packed series!

    I watched this when it first came out on the television, then I watched it again when it was on Bravo-but unfortunately they were not able to show all the episodes due to current affairs on the news :( I then got the boxed set of the complete series on DVD! It is such an amazing show!!

    There are two things which did make me unhappy though-the first is the fact that they replaced Craig McLachlan as Ed (I think they should have written the character out and written a new one in) and second is that the show got cancelled, meaning there wasn't a real ending to the series :( :(

    Overall though, I thought the series was brilliant, the characters were really well written, and the actors worked really well together. There was also alot of action and humour through out the episodes which worked really well. To me, this show was the small screen version of James Bond, set generally in the UK, making it seem more accessible and believable :)
  • Bring Back Bugs!!

    I am a total fan of Bugs and I wish they'd bring it back. Right from the first episode I was hooked. Every episode was inventive and exciting although was it just me or was Beckett bashing made a new national pastime! Still it was a good way to switch off for an hour even if some of the plots were a bit far fetched it didn't make me any less thrilled. Really good show, but I wish they'd tied up the loose ends rather than leave us with that horrid cliffhanger!
  • This series was amazing. It's british, it's high quality, it deserves the cliffhanger to be resolved.

    This show was really origional! I always enjoyed watching it on Saturday nights, but then the years go by and all memory of plot goes...

    But then Bravo started showing repeats and so I got a refresh!

    And now the DVD's are out (since last summer) and I can watch any episode any time I like. And it's one of those shows you can watch over and over again and not get bourd of it.

    When I sit down to watch an episode I don't think about the ending, I don't think about what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes, I don't mouth the lines along the actors...I just watch and enjoy.

    I would love if I knew how the cliffhanger resolves, but the show ended and no-one knows.

    Adam is dead (well, that's not a bad thing - he was a trator) Ros and Beckett are being driven away in a car by someone Beckett once knew and thought was dead.

    Maybe I'll write my own ending!