Bugs - Season 2

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • A Cage for Satan
    A Cage for Satan
    Episode 10
    Another second parter to end the Series. Cyberax's destructive nature has entered Ros' brain and Beckett and Ed find themselves racing against time (and the fact that if Ros finds out about the true nature of Cyberax, her mind will explode) to save her. Beckett ‘foils' Jean-Daniel's plans, but in the process accidentally tells Ros the truth about Cyberax, and Ed has to kill her, electrocuting her. The reason being that ‘because Cyberax is a virus in the memory, you have to shut down the system and reboot with a completely new set of instructions'- (as said by Ed).moreless
  • The Bureau of Weapons
    A deadly powerful creature called Cyberax has escaped from a computer and then suddenly Cyberax the company is born, by no other than Jean-Daniel. He creates a machine that takes over some of the user's mind. Once they have finnished using the Cyberax headset, it leaves a little bit of itself behind. when the person finds out about Cyberax again, as they forget all memories to do with Cyberax, their brains go into overload and they kill themselves. Roland Blatty (the old bureau chief) gets hold of one of these headsets and blows his brain up when Ed jokingly says that he hopes that Roland has had the system checked for viruses. The whole Bureau team are also wiped out when they too discover the deadly truth about Cyberax. Beckett decides that the only way to stop this is to pretend that he has used the headset and had his brain blown up (so to speak) and he is taken away by Cassandra, who is now working with Jean-Daniel. Jean-Daniel realises that Beckett wouldn't do something so stupid, so he takes a gun and goes after him, and finds him searching the building they are in. So he hits him on the head with the gun and puts him in the boot of the car! Ros and Ed go to find Beckett, and Cassandra and Jean-Daniel try to escape. Ros realises the only thing she can do to stop the whole building from blowing up is to use the Cyberax headset. So that is what she does, to Beckett and Eds' horror. Ros is left with a tiny bit of Cyberax inside her and Ed and Beckett are getting very concerned....moreless
  • Newton's Run
    Newton's Run
    Episode 8
    Newton the dog is the new creation of a scientific lab. Newton is ‘a robot dog' who is just like any other dog, except that when a special controller is turned on, she is controlled by it. A group of ‘bad guys' want to use this technology, as they can use Newton to get to places they can't. Beckett decides to look after Newton and take her on a little ride on a train. Little does he know that the baddies are hot on his trail and he ends up losing Newton. The baddies find Newton and give her a little bomb, sending her into a building that contains many different types of weapons that are for use in WW3. The team find this out and Beckett goes to find Newton.moreless
  • Schrodinger's Bomb
    Schrodinger's Bomb
    Episode 7
    Cassandra and ‘Daddy' strike a deal with Jean-Daniel and Ros ends up getting kidnapped by him. Roland Blatty has a ‘brush with death' when he is left in a room filled with lots of ticking bombs. Ed and Beckett go to save Ros, and end up having to use a chain saw to free her as she was handcuffed to a steering wheel, and inside the car there was a hand grenade. Beckett spends the final scene, sawing the steering wheel, to free Ros' wrists, and Jean- Daniel returns to the Bactrian Kings tombs to retrieve the Niobium 5 that was left there.moreless
  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush
    Episode 6
    A room full of gold is infected with a new sort of virus that quite literally eats gold. It is up to Ros to make an antidote to return the gold to normal, and she doesn't have long- after some time, and once the gold has reached a certain temperature, it will be irreversible and the gold will be lost forever. Ed is trapped in the room with the gold and also two security things that continuously try to shoot him. Beckett decides to get Ed out of the room, as the antidote Ros creates is harmful to humans, but his only way to get to it is by going through a tunnel filled with toxic fumes.moreless
  • Blackout
    Episode 5
    A woman called Pascal holds a building full of people hostage, claiming to be comcerned about the enivornment. However, her intensions are found out to be not that caring, as she plans to steal a lot of money and also the isotope triggers, which would cause a big explosion. the Bugs team fight to get back the triggers and stop Pascal's lover driving off with a fortune stolen from a bankmoreless
  • Whirling Dervish
    Whirling Dervish
    Episode 4
    The Bugs team are called in to prevent a cartel of the world airlines from sabotaging Strate Air, a successful new airline. Hector Jerome, the airline cartel's main agent, becomes a target for the Bugs team and they discover he is in possession of a deadly new fighter plane- the Dervish. The Bugs team fight to stop them from shooting down Strate Air planes out of the sky, with Ed in the position to either shoot the plane down or die.moreless
  • Bugged Wheat
    Bugged Wheat
    Episode 3
    A special sort of wheat, being developed so that it is resistant to all known crop diseases is destroyed by intruders breaking into the European Agronomy Council and spray a viroid over the crop. Beckett goes undercover as a sceintist to invesitigate the viroid and dicovers that the plan is to spray the viroid over crops in the world and then deliver a special anti-viroid, which will save the world from starvation and make the makers of the anti-viroid very rich. Ros, however, has problems of her own, when her car is infested with killer wasps and the brakes won't work, and she can't open the doors...moreless
  • Must Come Down
    Must Come Down
    Episode 2
    Concluding Part from last week! Ed is put into training to go up in a space shuttle, mainly to find out who is trying to stop the launch of it, and not to actually go up in it. But, of course, he ends up having to go up with another woman pilot. However, the ‘baddie' trying to stop the launch makes the shuttle 'breakdown' (so to speak) and they end up getting ‘stuck in space.....'moreless
  • What Goes Up…
    What Goes Up…
    Episode 1
    Ed is put into training to go up in a space shuttle, mainly to find out who is trying to stop the launch of it, and not to actually go up in it. But, of course, he ends up having to go up with another woman pilot. However, the ‘baddie' trying to stop the launch makes the shuttle 'breakdown' (so to speak) and they end up getting ‘stuck in space.....'moreless