Season 1 Episode 5

Shotgun Wedding

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1995 on BBC
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Shotgun Wedding
Ros, Ed and Beckett are called in to protect Anna Fabrizi, a visiting Italian politician who has vowed to fight political corruption in her country. Ed takes on the role of the man hired to kill Anna and he finds himself in a situation where he has to decide between Anna's life and his own...moreless

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    Katia Caballero

    Katia Caballero

    Anna Fabrizi

    Guest Star

    James Coombes

    James Coombes

    William Swift

    Guest Star

    George Jackos

    George Jackos

    Alberto Corelli

    Guest Star

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      • Swift: I know it sounds like complete paranoia, but I'm sure someone's bugging me.
        Ed: Don't apologise, my friend. It's paranoia that keeps us in business!

      • Wence: I hope you're going to be co-operative, because if not there are certain sanctions we can impose.
        Beckett: Spare me the lecture, Wence. I know this department's so secret nobody's supposed to know it exists. I also know you could bury me in twenty tonnes of wet concrete, tell all my friends I died in a car crash, and no one would ever be any the wiser!

      • Ros: William Swift, I didn't believe a single word he said to us, did you?
        Ed: He ought to be in politics, not lasers.

      • Ed: Bugging the client, isn't that against our code of practice?
        Ros: I don't like clients not telling us the truth.
        Ed: Me neither. Try 14.9 megahertz.
        Ros: Why?
        Ed: Get a better reception. I stuck one behind his desk.

      • Ed: So tell me, Ros, this the kind of place you'd like to get a proposal?
        Ros: That rather depends who from, Ed.

      • Anna: Commander Wence's squad was supposed to protect us.
        Beckett: Wence couldn't look after a pet goldfish!

      • Ed: Something I never expected to see.
        Ros: What, me sewing?
        Ed: No, you doing something badly!

      • Ros: You and Beckett are certain this won't be another bomb?
        Ed: Oh yeah, we've made sure the only option they have is to use a gun.
        Ros: Well you better be right, 'cause if this all blows up in your faces, I'm not sewing you back together!

      • Swift: Likes creating an impression, doesn't he?
        Beckett: Wence doesn't get out the office too often. When he does, he likes to make the most of it!

      • Ed: A little disunity in the party or is she just marrying the wrong man?
        Corelli: You're not paid to ask questions. Just kill her!
        Ed: Unlucky in love, eh?
        Corelli: Love has nothing to do with it, this is politics.

      • (Ed sews a button onto his jacket.)
        Beckett: Hey, I've got some socks that need darning.
        Ros: Oh, leave him alone. He'll make somebody a wonderful wife one of these days!

      • Beckett: You haven't had the training, all right?
        Ed: What do you mean, training?
        Beckett: Unarmed combat, surveillance, night pursuit, small arms.
        Ed: You sound like Rambo!

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