Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown May 06, 1995 on BBC
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An attempt to steal a revolutionary new car with an advanced guidance system is foiled by the Bugs team. The thieves then turn their attention to a military vehicle powered by a radioactive RTG, Ros and Beckett have to climb onto the moving driverless vehicle to stop the explosion from breaking the radioactive container and killing off most of the people in the country.moreless

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      • Cray: Security reckon it was someone at the test track sold the photos.
        O'Neill: Whoever it was, I hope he likes hospital food!

      • Cray: We've got a schedule for you to follow, just normal motoring, nothing adventurous. The job is to drive the course and attract no attention.
        Ros: And, Ed, to bring it back in one piece!

      • Ed: What's down here?
        Beckett: This is the military division.
        Ed: To make what?
        Beckett: Toy soldiers. I don't know, they're a design company. They take on work for all sorts of people.
        Ed: Dodgy ones, I bet!

      • Ed: I should have gone for the shadow car, at least that sounds sexy.
        Beckett: You volunteered. You always want to be the one up front anyway.
        Ros: Is this what we call minimal radio contact?
        Ed: I am bored out of my nut! Let me tell you, the seventh circle of hell is a place where you drive round and round forever and never arrive!

      • Ros [ about O'Neill ]: Made a lot of enemies?
        Cray: His enemies aren't half as scary as some of his friends.

      • Davina: I'm sorry we had to drag you along.
        Ed: Don't apologise. I agree to most things when there's a gun pressed up against my neck!
        Davina: It was only a grease gun.
        Ed: Now you tell me!

      • Ed [ about O'Neill ]: The guy's an absolute psychopath. If I had my way, we'd walk.
        Ros: I've never walked away from a job yet. His problems are personal, ours are professional.
        Ed: You can say that, you didn't get a twelve-bore parting in your hair! The guy is bent, so bent he could run through a hedge and never touch the thing!

      • Ed: You're fairly incredible.
        Davina: Only fairly?

      • Ed: For God's sake, man, do one decent thing in your life – get us the hell out of here!
        O'Neill: I don't care. This is nothing. I'll rebuild it all. This time, nobody is gonna get the opportunity to let me down!

      • (Ros and Ed are playing Scalextric.)
        Ros: Don't distract me, I'm hammering him.
        Ed: Oh, get out of it, it's luck.
        Ros: How come when I'm winning its luck, but when you're winning its skill?

      • Ed: Clear the decks and call me Captain Speedy!

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