Season 3 Episode 3

The Price of Peace

Aired Unknown Aug 02, 1997 on BBC
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The Price of Peace
A new engine killer wepaon is stolen whilst Ed and Alex are testing it. Beckett escorts a statsman, Van Straaten to a peace conference, their vehicle is stopped using the engine killer, and they are held hostage by Virghiz nationals, who do not want the peace treaty to go ahead. They want Beckett's secret codes for Prject Darkling, so they can attack their enemies in Virghiz. Beckett escapes, but Van Straaten is left behind.moreless

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    Louise Bush

    Louise Bush


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    John Labanowski

    John Labanowski

    Marius Trozek

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    Denzil Kilvington

    Denzil Kilvington


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    Michael Grandage

    Michael Grandage


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      • Alex: Microwave interference transmission weapon. You'd think they could come up with a better name. The Zapper, Engine Killer, or something…
        Ed: Alex, we're not here to road test its name, we're just here to see if it works.

      • Ed: How'd you know all of that? I mean, this stuff's supposed to be Code Red clearance.
        Alex: It gets a bit boring just filing.
        Ed: Alex, don't tell me you read the files.
        Alex: Only the most secret ones.

      • Beckett: Come on, Ed, a vehicle that size can't just disappear and what about the registration number, eh?
        Ed: Listen, I'd have taken Polaroids, I was a bit busy saving Alex's life!

      • Jan: What kind of operation are we running? We've lost a major new weapon, the Bureau Chief, and the man who holds the future peace of Europe in his hands!

      • Van Straaten: Everything I did was in the cause of peace.
        Trozek: Your peace plan will deny us what we rightfully own.
        Beckett: Oh come on, nobody rightfully owns anything with a gun in their hands!

      • Van Straaten: General Chenlov, what are you doing so far from the battlefield?
        Chenlov: This is the battlefield. I'm here to end the war my way.

      • Ed: Don't worry, Alex, we'll get Beckett back. Just don't call him Nick to his face, only Ros can get away with that kind of thing.

      • Van Straaten: Let him kill me. This is what he really wants, revenge on me for humiliating them.
        Trozek: Oh, I want revenge, but killing you won't be nearly enough!

      • Van Straaten: Shouldn't have done it, Beckett. One life compared to thousands, millions. It's a bad trade.
        Beckett: The way I see it, sir, while you're still alive, the hope for peace is still alive. In my book, that's a good trade.

      • Ros: You were worried about Beckett, weren't you?
        Alex: Well, I…
        Ros: It's okay. Just don't let your feelings get in the way of the work, that's all.

      • Alex: Shelly Lammers, burglary, armed robbery, computer fraud. Looks very unsavoury.
        Beckett: Sounds just like you, Ros.
        Ros: Thank you!

      • Ros: I could net us a quarter of a billion a piece. Diamonds, hard currency in anyone's language.
        Trozek: I'm not a thief, I'm a politician seeking self-determination for my people.
        Ros: That's very noble, but I'm sure you and your people could use the loot.

      • Beckett: Go on then, shoot. You still won't have the code.
        Trozek: What a brave little beurocrat!

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