Season 3 Episode 2

The Revenge Effect

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 1997 on BBC
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The Revenge Effect
The second part, where Ed is still in hospital and feeling a bit depressed at the fact that his injuries mean that he will be in and out of hospital for a while. He has, however, agreed to join the Bureau, where as Ros ‘doesn't want to give up her independence.' Outside, in the hospital corridors, Ros admits that she is worried about Ed and gets all emotional. Beckett tells her that everything will be OK, but sounds more unsure than she is. Kitty tries to change her identity, to drop out of sight, and chooses the Duchess of Forteza. But her unloyal associate changes the password to her new bank account, and gives it to Ed. So, Kitty kidnaps Ed to get it. There is soon a race against time for the team to find the code name for the account, as they know the password, not the name, and for Kitty, to get the password, as she knows the access name. Alex manages to get the code name, by pretending to be Ros, and going to the bank.moreless

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    Ben Goddard

    Ben Goddard

    Bank Clerk

    Guest Star

    Heidi Monsen

    Heidi Monsen

    Duchess of Fortezza

    Guest Star

    Ian Liston

    Ian Liston


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    Michael Grandage

    Michael Grandage


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      • Beckett: Ros doesn't want us to give up our independence.
        Jan: Tell her she's wrong. I want your independence with the back-up of my organisation. It's not penal servitude for God's sake! It's a real opportunity for all of us.
        Beckett: Right, so we get our hands on all the stuff in the magic toyshop, I mean, what do you get out of this?
        Jan: A way to deal with the unorthodox enemies, including the ones on the inside.

      • Ros: Your doctor said she thought you might be a little bit depressed.
        Ed: I've got more pins and plates in me than Robbie the Robot, I feel like I've been cut up and put back together like Frankenstein's Monster, I'll be in physio 'til kingdom come. Why on Earth would I have any reason to be depressed?

      • Ros [ kissing a bedridden Ed's forehead ]: See you tomorrow.
        Ed: Ah, get off, you're making my head wet! You're just taking advantage of me.
        Beckett: Yeah, well, don't think you're gonna get one of those off of me!

      • Beckett: The joke is I thought you'd be the one who was gonna give me problems.
        Ed: I'll be honest with you, I've lost my taste for doing this sort of thing without a safety net.

      • Channing [ of the Ferrari ]: Call it a company car then.
        Ros: Channing, that's not a car, it's a piece of road jewellery. I wouldn't dare leave it in the street!

      • Zack: I'm getting out, I draw the line at murder.
        Ed: Oh, yeah? This from a man who was happy to blow up a chemical dump right under the middle of town!

      • Jan: I know you think I've used unfair pressure on Beckett to get him in here. That's perfectly true, I suppose I have.
        Ros: A department like yours is bound to have something on everybody.
        Jan: Helped by the fact that one of his old girlfriends took him for a ride and now there are people chasing him for every penny he's got.

      • Ed: I thought we were friends.
        Kitty: I know you did.
        Ed: No point in appeal to the heart then?
        Kitty: No.
        Ed: Heart of stone and twice as cold.

      • Beckett [ of the Ferrari ]: Did Channing give you this then?
        Ros: It's on a week's approval.
        Beckett: How long does Channing get?

      • Kitty: I know you're in there, Ed. You know this? You actually show up on a metal detector, you must have more steel pins in you than the Empire State Building!

      • Alex: Excuse me.
        Ed: My pleasure.
        Alex: Don't kid yourself.

      • Channing: Ros, you're fantastic! I want to bear your children!

      • Kitty: I want my money and I want it today!

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