Season 2 Episode 1

What Goes Up…

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1996 on BBC



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    • Ros: It's no ordinary telecommunications satellite, is it? I'd say it was designed for sub-terrestrial geological surveying.
      (The others stare at her.)
      Ros: Just an educated guess.

    • (Beckett's coat is completely wrecked.)
      Ros: Good job you didn't try and cover that vent with your body, eh?
      Beckett: I've gotta go and ring my tailor.

    • Vornholt: You're very relaxed.
      Ed: Yeah, well, going into space isn't the big deal it used to be.
      Vornholt: Look, being a hero down here is one thing, up there it's another matter.

    • Vornholt: Scared now?
      Ed: Maybe.
      Vornholt: I was, first time. Actually, I get pretty scared every time.
      Ed: We're all only human. In fact, I haven't felt like this since I had my tonsils out!

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