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Season 1 Episode 9


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Children will see their favorite Bible stories through the eyes of America's newest bug friends in this animated series narrated by Willie Aames. Each episode includes two separate yet connected stories, the bug story and the Bible story, presented in an interwoven 3-act format. Geared for ages 6-10. Naaman, a general in the army, arrives home after a victorious battle. But while he was gone, his leprosy has spread. He goes to see the prophet Elisha who sends his servant out with instructions for Naaman to follow. Naaman is angered at Elisha's behavior but follows the instructions and is healed.Meanwhile, Antoni supervises a building project which collapses when he tries to cut corners. As the bugs search for more wood, Antoni convinces half the group to take a short cut while the other half follows the directions. Which half of the group will be successful in their task?moreless
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