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Season 1 Episode 11


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Children will see their favorite Bible stories through the eyes of America's newest bug friends in this animated series narrated by Willie Aames. Each episode includes two separate yet connected stories, the bug story and the Bible story, presented in an interwoven 3-act format. Geared for ages 6-10. Samson is the Hebrew people's protector against their enemy, the Philistines, but no one knows the secret of his great strength. In a weak moment, Samson breaks his vow to God and tells his secret, then discovers he has lost his strength.Meanwhile in Bugglesville, Gina confides in Antoni about her secret fear. When Antoni accidentally lets her secret slip out, the others start laughing at Gina. Gina is hurt and runs to hide. When Antoni realizes he has lost Gina's trust, he decides to make it up to her.moreless
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