Built to Shred - Season 3

Fuel TV Premiered Sep 28, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 12/19/10
    Jeff King and the crew try to make lightning strike twice and this Surf Rail proves to be a lot harder than the last. Featuring Cheyne Magnusson, Josh Sleigh, Ricky Whitlock, Gary Young, and Alec Beck.
  • Shredamaran
    Episode 12
    Jeff King and the crew are given a Volvo and with a little help from an old catamaran the Volvo becomes a Shredamaran. Featuring wake skaters Scott Byerly, Brandon Thomas and Metal Mulisha's Derek Garland.
  • Treehouse
    Episode 11
    Jeff King and the crew take to the treetops to build a treehouse of epic proportions. The Volcom’s team house in Southern California gets a new edition unlike anything you have ever seen. Featuring Mark Appleyard, Louie Lopez, Rune Glifberg, Darrell Stanton and more.
  • Shredabago
    Episode 10
    In this episode Jeff King and the crew hit the road for a family vacation Built To Shred style. Transforming an old RV into a portable skatepark, the team along with friends Nilton Nieves, Chris Troy, Aldren Garcia, Adrian Mallory, Chad Knight and many more go on a camping trip unlike any other. After a long, hard trip, the crew stops by none other than Matt Hensley's Flying Elephant bar and grill for an unusual pub experience. Buckle up this episode is unsafe at any speed.moreless
  • Junkyard Dogs
    Episode 9
    In this episode Jeff King and the crew descend upon a truck recycling facility where they rip apart old trucks and turn them into shredable obstacles. Featuring Jeff King, Jordan Hoffart, Aldren Garcia, Chris Troy, Fabrizio Santos, and more.
  • 11/14/10
    In this episode host Jeff King and the crew help Skullcandy throw a grand opening potluck party at their new office in San Clemente by bringing in truckloads of junk and building all sorts of shredable contraptions. Everyone brings a useless weird object, which the boys convert into obstacles.
  • Bark Beetle Juice
    Episode 7
    In this frosty episode of Built To Shred host Jeff king takes his crew to Utah for a triple treat of skate and snow. The crew visits DC's Mountain Lab with Haldor Helgason and Torstein Horgmo, shred's the inside of the Skull Candy offices with Adam Dyet and friends, and chops down the bark beedle at powder mountain with a little help from the Signal Snowboard team.moreless
  • Recycle
    Episode 6
    Built To Shred believes in recycling and in this episode host Jeff King and the crew put their recyclables to the test. Paper, plastic, metal, pallets, and even bullets become recyclable building blocks when Built To Shred gets hold of them.
  • Backyard Babylon
    Episode 5
    There's nothing better than a good backyard session with the boys, unless of course it's a backyard session with Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley, Louie Lopez and Rune Glifberg.
  • Offshore Banking
    Episode 4
    In this episode Jeff King and the crew are setting sail for the Cayman Islands to pillage and plunder for shreddable terrain.
  • Shred Penitentiary
    Episode 3
    This is the first time that skateboarders ever broke into jail. Jeff King and the crew get busy at the Lincoln Heights jail.
  • Shred Playground
    Episode 2
    Recess is back and it’s all about the playground. Jeff King and crew take it old school with repurposing playground equipment. The result is adult fun for the kid inside all of us.
  • Airplane Graveyard
    Episode 1
    Jeff King and the crew are crash land in an aviation warehouse. The world’s largest airplane graveyard has thousands of burned out airplanes and debris waiting to be rearranged and shredded. The Built To Shred Crew along with the Plan B team and The S&M bike crew build and shred.