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  • show with depth

    We love Bull it keeps you hanging to see how it's going to end
  • A show with zero dimensions. Characters with zero substance.

    All it does is try and prop women up as the savors of the world.

    Women are in empowered, yet they're always the victim.

    His clients are almost all female and are always innocent.

    All the show gravitates around is how smart he (Bull) and all women are.

    Bull himself is uninteresting or appealing. His character in this show is the same one he play on NCIS (FYI All the characters on NCIS are the same, but for a different post).

    He's just wearing glasses in this show, but his character is the same pompous and condescending.

    Characters have no dept. All they do is throw out complements to each other like they need constant reassurance and recognition to continue to function.

    Bully those who are not in the click or share their views, but than criticize other for doing the same.

    The fixtures and furniture in this show is the only thing with dimension and substance.
  • Trying Too Hard??

    I've been a Michael Weatherly fan since his first episode on NCIS and have followed him throughout that series. Needless to say, he was super-magnificent in the roll of Tony DiNozzo and gave stellar performances in just about every scenario one can imagine.

    OK. That said, here's my take on "Bull" so far: I still love MW but wonder if he's not trying a bit too hard to distance himself from the DiNozzo character by ALWAYS having that 'five-o'clock shadow' (which actually makes him just look unkempt) and being so very overly-serious ALL THE TIME. C'mon.. how about showing some of that MW charm, humor and impeccable wardrobe? I get that this show is nothing like NCIS and that Bull is nothing like Tony, but I wish he wouldn't try so hard to leave ALL of Tony behind.
  • Bull show gets some character development

    Yes it is flashy and a bit superficial but I really enjoy Bull and I think that the more character-driven plots in Season 2 are a good thing as Season 1 got a little repetitive (there is only so much jury tech that you need to see to get the idea). I agree that it can be unbelievable, but so what if it still manages to entertain you and makes you feel that all is well with the world. I am just waiting for Bull's no-good Dad to make an appearance and would love to see Benny hook up with someone and Bull take up with a lady friend more his own age.
  • Milk this bull for all it's worth

    A trite excuse for a drama, with little going for it except the producers, Steve Spielberg (yes, THAT Steve Spielberg) and the star, Michael Weatherly (Dark Angel, NCIS), which means that the series will run for as long as the money does, regardless of quality. The show's "good guys" are, basically, a bunch of marketing people with a psychiatry background, who can figure out, at a glance, whether a prospective juror will be good or bad, and, once impaneled, do additional background checks via a computer, so that the defense attorney (usually a caricatured bad guy for disbelieving the process) can slant the trial to his favor. "Bull" is always right. The attorneys are always wrong. The jury is always manipulated (as are we). The judge is blind to everything. The supporting cast is comprised of youthful stereotypes. All that's missing is the requisite cape and chest insignia, and it would be the perfect superhero show. It's a lot of bull, with no redeeming qualities and an "udderly" ridiculous premise. It isn't the worst I've seen, so it got a '3' out of me, rather than a zero.
  • He shaved!

    I like the show and characters, especially the new 'love' interest, but what I like the most is that Michael Weatherly SHAVED! Thank you so much! I hate hate HATE that scruffy, four-day-old beard growth on otherwise great-looking men. Please, keep it off! Start a new trend!
  • Awful and preachy.

    So we get Dinozzo with glasses. And, as is becoming the custom for new shows, he is the ONLY white male with a large diverse supporting cast. Of course we have the now obligatory gay - a twofer since he's black. And they have an episode about gender bias just a few weeks before the election - I don't believe that's a coincidence. Just terrible.
  • Surprisingly not the bull I'd thought it would be..

    There wasn't alot on tv and I went into this not expecting too much. Although I liked Michael Weatherly on NCIS, sometimes Dr Phil could be dry and overdone on his own program - creating this I wasn't sure what to think. Halfway into the 1st episode the storyline was going in a completely different direction than I thought. I found myself hanging on to the end, seeing the surprise twist in the episode. It has both an underlying seriousness, great writing, and sprinkled with just enough humor here and there to stay tuned. I wound up watching 3 more episodes in a row & am now a fan. Good job CBS!
  • Dejvu

    I'v read all your comments about Bull they reminded me of the first fan and critic reviews of NCIS. Give it time to find itself. Remember this is television, I know some real NCIS agents and they wish they had Abby's lab and that every case was as exciting as the ones portrayed every week. Stop trying to make it match up to real life, that's impossible. I happen to like the show, I think it has potential and I'm glad to see Michael Weatherly spread his wings and be the #1 guy and not #2 like in Dark Angel and NCIS. If you are a true Michael Weatherly fan you'd be excited for him, not wanting him to go backwards in his career.
  • Gibbs would've given Weatherly a whack on the back of the head for this!

    To be honest, I was excited for this show. It was sad to lose Dinozzo on NCIS was tough. So I gave Bull a try. I really wanted to like it but there was too much I was expected to believe. If it wasn't Michael Weatherly I would've given up on this after the pilot - or episode 2 tops.
  • Oh what Bull!

    To find a jury who looks and acts like the real thing???? The minds boggles. Who pays for that. Who would be willing to lose time at work to be on a non jury,? And is anyone ever guilty and gets off? And why have all the good guys stubble and the bad guys are shaved clean. Did it not be the other way around in the olden days ? So many questions, so little time..... LOL
  • Oh dear

    Oh dear Michael. What have you done? Leaving one of tv's best ever dramas to come down several pegs

    to this. My advice, go back to Mr Gibbs and the team with your tail between your legs before your career

    goes down the plughole which is where this should be.
  • leaving ncis

    I were so sad when Michael left ncis but when i saw bull i were so happy
  • I'm cringing

    The Callisto episode did me in. I actually liked the show up until this episode. And, starting to see how they are going to run out of content very soon. And, how can he afford to keep doing this for free? Anyways, that was about an hour of my life that I want back. Terrible writing, acting, story, plot. Ugh that was so bad. I'm out.
  • Grab This Bull By The Horns!

    I thought the premier episode was one of the most promising pilots in years, but the second episode was a huge let down and the 3rd , even worse. If they can't bring the gritty edge back to this show, it's gonna fizzle out faster than a Trump supporter.
  • After two episodes

    It's an interesting idea and I really liked Michael Weatherly's character on NCIS so i tuned in. Not very impressed after the two initial episodes and so far the Bull character hasn't grabbed me. I hope the writers have more imagination than I do, as the story lines need to branch out beyond a trial of the week formula. I will probably give it a couple more weeks and then it is off my list unless really desperate for a TV fix
  • Entertaining but it lacks punch

    It bit like lie to me happening in the court room. Nothing new

  • I'm intrigued

    After two episodes it's holding my interest enough to keep watching. Michael Weatherly is, of course, great and I think the story lines are decent. I'm just not sure about is team yet. At this point they just kind of seem like his minions to me and don't have much personality. I'm going to stick with it to see how it goes.
  • Entertaining If Not Exactly Mind-Blowing

    This pilot didn't grab me as much as the pilot to House, . did or, for that matter, the pilot to Homicide: Life on the Street. Definitely liked it more than any episode of Shark I bothered to watch.

    I liked the supporting characters, although the producers are either going to have to rotate them or lose a few. Bull's ex-brother-in-law lawyer and the former DHS agent virtually disappear after the first 20 minutes, and I can't picture the fashion consultant (who along with the administrative assistant/coordinator, was my favorite of the supporting characters) being relevant to every case. Favorite bits were the scene about midway through with the girl's parents who kept getting Bull's name wrong and the scene with the juror at the end that showed she was very observant.

    Might have liked it a little better if it had ended with "I just wanted you to be I realize the show's not a documentary on jury consulting, but knowing who the killer was should have been sufficient for the audience, as opposed to Bull showing up with the police to apprehend him. Catching bad guys isn't Bull's job. The question is, are Paul Attanssio and whatever staff of writers he manages to corral up to the challenge of finding the drama in what Dr. Bull does without the show's becoming overly repetitive (looking at you, mirror jury). The pilot was good enough for me to try at least a few more episodes to find out.
  • Bull-crap, rewatch "lie to me"

    I don't know why but I was looking forward to this. I liked the casting. It had a semi unusual premise and (while I'm no fan) Dr Phil is attached as a writer. Ultimately the pilot is a huge let down, clichd, over acted, poor dialog from unlikeable characters led me to not care for the outcome in the trial. They could have found the defendant guilty and I just wouldn't have cared.

    It does have a vibe similar to lie to me. Which was a great show, and never got the network backing it deserved... So now I think I'll just go back and rewatch it from the start.

    In conclusion, this could be the first casualty in the dead pool game.