Bullet in the Face

Season 1 Episode 2

Angel of Death

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2012 on IFC
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Gunter and Karl investigate a priest's suicide and a mobster involved in a major conspiracy.

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      • Gunter: You are not taking out my teeth, you raspberry-flavored asshole. I killed the last dentist I went to then stole his car. His office still sent me a bill.
        Karl: Calm down, Gunter, you're only making it worse.
        Gunter: Worse? How could it get any worse? What's next? They amputate my penis and replace it with an eggbeater. I could school them while scrambling the eggs.

      • Braden: I'm using you to fight evil with evil.
        Karl: But if you fight evil with evil, evil wins either way. (everyone glares) Just saying.

      • Karl: The man you killed had impeccable taste.
        Gunter: Only in killers.

      • Gunter: Ohh... Barry Manilow. Celine Deon. The soundtrack to Xanadu? What did he use music for? To torture the birds outside.
        Karl: I like that music. It's... pleasant.

      • Gunter: Religious people have many reasons to kill themselves. They are under too much pressure to be good all the time. It is much easier to be rotten. I can do no wrong, as long as I do wrong.

      • Karl: Gunter, don't you ever get tired of being so relentlessly evil all the time?
        Gunter: Of course. That's why I take naps.

      • Gunter: To be sincere, you still need sin.

      • Tannhauser: I've been giving thought to the idea of naming my child. It's a great responsibility, choosing the right name. If I call him "Zeus"... but that would cause problems of high expectations. Maybe I call him "Awful." Would cause him problems of low expectations. Maybe I call him "Fire"! That would cause panic whenever someone calls his name. I would like this. But you know, I'm really looking forward to disciplining our child. Because without discipline, how can he ever learn... discipline.

      • Martine: You don't even trust the mother of your child?
        Tannhauser: It's 'cause I don't. Do you know how many species there are where the female kills the male after copulating? Scorpions! Black widow spiders! Preying mantises! That's it. Three. Not that... many.

      • Tannhauser: I'm going to put a marker chip in your vagina. See when you're coming and going. (Martine winces) That's a joke.

      • Landlady: I'm so happy we made a deal for orgasms in exchange for rent. You've paid six months in advance now.

      • Karl: Gunter, you are in the house of God.
        Gunter: I know, but He's not home.

      • Karl: If you know more than you're telling us, tell us so we'll know more than we now know.

      • Isaiah: What are a few lives lost when it allows you validated parking?

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      • Gunter: The soundtrack to Xanadu?

        Referencing the 1980 musical romantic fantasy movie, which stars Olivia Newton-John as the incarnation of the Greek Muse Terpsichore, sent to Earth to inspire an artist. However, she falls in love with the artist and helps him build an auditorium/roller-skate rink/disco. The movie served as the basis of a Broadway musical in 2007.

      • Gunter: A hobbit could kick your ass.

        Referencing the fictional mythical creatures created by J R R Tolkien. Also known as halfings, they first appeared in The Hobbit (1937), and are on average 3-1/2' tall creatures who live on average to the age of 100 and are known for their furry feet. The hobbits play a significant role in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.