Bullet in the Face

Season 1 Episode 6

Cradle to Grave

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2012 on IFC
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Gunter tries to reunite with Martine while a mob war rips apart the city.

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    Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell

    Bomb Squad Leader

    Guest Star

    Alexander Bisping

    Alexander Bisping


    Guest Star

    Miranda Handford

    Miranda Handford

    Nurse at the Front Desk

    Guest Star

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      • Tannhauser: You green-eyed witch. You are trying to steal the spotlight from my epic downfall.
        Martine: I... cannot control this. My water will break soon.
        Tannhauser: My water is breaking right now! Where are you going? Take an interest in my career!

      • Karl: Our city's being torn apart, we don't have enough manpower.
        Gunter: Then use children.

      • Tannhauser: But I have decided. I have decided that you should have the baby here. We have everything here we need for delivery. We have balloons. We have... many balloons.

      • Tannhauser: You could've never fooled me because I am master of the universe.
        Martine: You think you're God!
        Tannhauser: No, He thinks He's me.

      • Gunter: This city won't be here in the morning. It will be like the earth from thousands of years ago when dinosaurs filled lakes with diarrhea.

      • Gunter: Find Tannhauser in time and the war will end. Just like when Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq.
        Braden: Ha ha! The war didn't end after that.
        Gunter: It did in the U.S. versions of events.

      • Gunter: Remember when you shot me in the face?
        Martine: Of course. I never forget a face I've shot.

      • Bomb Squad Officer: Why're we targeting hospitals, sir?
        Tannhauser: It's what King Herod would have done.

      • Bomb Squad Officer: Ma'am.
        Nurse: Oh. Did someone report a bomb?
        Bomb Squad Officer: No, we're just here as a precaution. But I'd like to check out your basement. Where is it?
        Nurse: In the basement.

      • Martine: Racken is on his way. You mustn't be here for this.
        Gunter: My dear, we are well past the point where anyone can threaten me with anything. I feel like I've been on a roller-coaster ride designed by Kafka.

      • Gunter: The woman in this bed is dishonest, deceitful, and manipulative... and I cannot live without her.

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