Bullet in the Face

Season 1 Episode 3

Drug of Choice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2012 on IFC



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    • Gunter: If children are our future, this kid is the Apocalypse.

    • Mrs. Mollert: I have no idea where he got that gun.
      Gunter: When I was his age, the only weapon I could get my hands on was a meat cleaver. I would have killed for a gun.

    • Gunter: Think how many entertaining movies there are thanks to Hitler. Without him, would Sophie have a choice? Would Schindler have a list? Would Jurassic have a park?

    • Tannhauser: I will crush him. I will best him with my knowledge, honed by this board, honed from your mind, sucked into my mind, and then blown out in a very usable way. Racken may be the master of Parcheesi, but I will be a master of chess.

    • Braden: We got a urine sample from the boy.
      Gunter: How did you get that?
      Karl: When he peed on my leg.
      Gunter: Hmm, somebody get me adoption papers.

    • Gunter: I have a way with kids, Hagerman. I've used several as hostages.

    • Karl: Drop the gun, Fassbinder, or I will shoot you and not only will you drop the gun, you will drop with it because you will both be dead. I mean the gun won't be dead but you will both drop. I mean...
      Gunter: Shut up, Hagerman!

    • Karl: He's having a heart attack. I'll give him the Breath of Life.
      Gunter: That's for drowning victims, Hagerman. Are you using your tongue?

    • Braden: Figures you're an expert on drugs. Long-time junkie, are you?
      Gunter: No. Casual user. I'd shoot heroin then lay in a hammock screaming about how sunshine tickled.
      Braden: Shut up, Hagerman.
      Karl: I didn't say anything.
      Braden: Preemptive.

    • Gunter: I'm running late for a tryst. When a man is late, he's cool. When a woman is late, she's pregnant. Remember: always wear watches and condoms.

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