Bullet in the Face

IFC (ended 2012)





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  • this is great.

    finally a dark comedic show that doesn't take itself too seriously. a good break from all the rest of those shows that don't use much imagination. this is all imagined. not stolen form somebody else's memories.

    how many seasons does it take to tell a story of how you met the mother. and still not getting to the point. this is a show thats just for laughs. and its pretty good.

    but like a good comedy, please don't take it too seriously.
  • Absolutely Hilarious

    WOWwwwww what a fresh wind on the screen, laughed my *ss of from episode 1 thru 6, best comedy from the US/Canada side of the Atlantic since (the unforgivably cancelled) Better of Ted. I want moooooorrrrreeeee
  • Anyone who doesn't like this show should be shot in the face!

    This show is not meant to be realistic. IT'S A JOKE!
  • A masterpiece - in a disturbing funny way

    okay, this is not the kind of streamlined show with beautiful actors and decent lines - this show is comedy like a bullet right into your face!

    Like Mad Dictators or Mad Scientists there must be Mad (or brave) Producers who give such a sick comedy a 'Go!'. I didn't even know that it's allowed to write such crazy stuff... Its like 'Batman - the Comedy' - on dope.

    I loved the pilot and cant wait to see the next episodes. If you like Adult Swim's live action series then you will LOVE this too!
  • So bad (deliberately so) that its actually quite good!

    First of all, people who say this is the worst show they ever seen and start to clank down on how bad the actors are with their fake accents etc, really? Do you think this is ment to be a serious show?

    No in fact the characters in this show are so badly played that they are actually quite entertaining! The humor in this show is quite dark and quite over played.. which kind of makes this show worth watching if you enjoy that kind of entertainment (and I do).

    All in all, 25minutes of entertainment well worth watching if you dont take it too serious.
  • The worst show ever

    What the hell did I just watch? Everything was terrible: the acting was histrionic; both Vogler and his partner are ugly; I'm not sure about Vogler but the girl's (French) accent is definitely fake (I hate fake accents); the idea that a mad criminal would be given a police shield is preposterous, the dialogues came right out of the comics world, etc., etc. Not even the (rare) witty lines were redeeming.
  • garbage

    one of the worst shows ever sorry i saw the first episode. a waist of time
  • Extremely funny dark comedy.

    This was the funniest dark comedy I have ever seen, probably the funniest comedy in general. Gunter is so outlandishly vulgar, that you can't help but laugh. The directing style is so different than most things out there that you can't help but notice. The cast is exceptional, right down to the people who only have a few lines. I can't wait to see more of this show.