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Bullrun is the fastest, meanest balls-to-the-wall road rally in the world. Bullrun, which is hosted by Bill Goldberg, will put real people behind their favorite wheels in an all out rally across the United States, with a big money prize and even bigger bragging rights waiting at the finish line. The twelve teams will race over 4,000 miles, 9 states, 18 days, and use a total of 12,658 gallons of fuel. Each week one team will be eliminated, until there is finally only one team left to win the $200,000. The rules for Bullrun are: No GPS or Satellite Navigation systems used. No cell phones. No laptop computers. No radio or CD players. Speeding leads to severe penalties, such as a time penalty. An arrest will lead to immediate disqualification. Each start of day, cars can only leave when instructed to do so. Cars must start and finish each day under their own power, or the power of their drivers. Cars outside the maximum time allowed for each leg will get picked up by the 'Reaper' and towed – leading to disqualification.moreless
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  • Probably the best show I have ever seen.

    I really loved this show from start all the way to the end. The first time I saw it in the paper, I was like "well, I'll give it a shot". I got stuck. Very stuck. One of the best shows I have ever seen, I just keep wanting more and more! As addictive as 'The Amazing Race', but with CARS! Can it get any better? I keep hoping they will bring it back, or atleast release it on DVD. Wouldn't hesitate a second in buying it! Also, team Trans Am was very worthy winners of the first season. Please someone, bring this back!moreless
  • I loved the show for the most part. I liked the F150 right up until they acted like a hypocrite on episode 9. I loved watching the Lambo and Lotus get eliminated. NO ONE deserved to win more than OLDSMOBILE. OLDSMOBILE were the true winners.moreless

    OLDS was the hardest working team. I almost think it was fixed the Transam team actually sucked. I mean heck, I can get in my Ford Taurus and drive as good as that annoying bucktoothed bimbo and her stupid gay simon lookalike 2 faced daddy. I dubbed all 10 episodes only to trash the dvds after the final outcome. OLDSMOBILE are a TRUE INSPIRATION. The stupid Charger boys screwed Olds when they put them against Lotus. So it was fairplay to leave them hanging on show 9. OLDS brothers ought to get some sponsors, because the Transam didn't do 'nothing' but cheat, get time bonuses, backstab, and rumors has it...were using a GPS.moreless
  • Read this now or you will die (Not really)

    Bullrun is a great show because it is real. Everything about it is not staged or scripted. I also enjoy the action involved. There are these challenges that teams can face that are really action packed. But the best part is how the teams act and solve problems together. They may face each other to as they make mistakes and argue. The teams all have different cars and personalities and that is cool too. But the show lacks in the fact that it is dragged on way to long. but over all it is a really good show and i think it will be a big hit.moreless
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