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  • Season 3
    • Round 10: Finale
      Round 10: Finale
      Episode 10
      The remaining three teams battle it out to be crowned the overall winners; one team fills its reserve fuel tank the night before, hoping for an edge at the finish. Only on SPEED.
    • Round 9: Sonoma Dunes to Shasta
      The final four teams are slowed by road work; a navigator falls asleep on duty, leading to friction with a teammate. Only on SPEED.
    • Round 8: Oregon to California
      A forest fire forces the teams to take a detour; one team plays mind games on another during down time. Only on SPEED.
    • Round 7: Lakeview to Oakridge, Oregon
      One team fakes running out of fuel to see who will slow down; a team stopped by police gets good directions from the officer. Only on SPEED.
    • Round 6: Nevada to Oregon
      Thinking they have time to spare, one team stops at a drive-thru for some hamburgers; another team is eliminated.
    • Round 5: Carson City to Femley Raceway
      It's the longest leg of the rally, through the hot Nevada desert.
    • Round 4: Sacramento to Carson City
      One team convinces the local police to escort them out of town; three teams compete on a flaming dirt track in the Challenge.
    • Round 2: Night Leg
      The teams are surprised to find the second leg will be a night run to the Eagle Army Base in Firebaugh California. Only on SPEED.
    • Round 1: Corona to Mojave Airplane Graveyard
      The twelve teams meet at West Coast Customs in Corona California, quickly size up their machines, then hit the road. Only on SPEED.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1