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Bulls and Bears is a financial television program that airs on FOX. With a focus on investments, stocks, bonds, commodities, and international economic issues, Bulls and Bears provides up-to-the-minute market coverage and interviews with some of the most knowledgeable economic experts in the world. The program focuses on after-market commentary on the past business day, as well as current market trends and any major national or international economic news items that have shown a strong effect on the stock market. Hosts Liz Claman and David Asman also provide viewers with a list of stocks to watch, and offer background on each company and the reasons why they believe that the stock will perform profitably. This information is also available on the program's website, which is part of the website maintained by the FOX Business Network. Viewers who visit the site may view detailed charts and graphs of stock performance, and read in-depth articles about investments that they own or are considering.moreless
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  • Minimum Wage

    I watch you guys, and like; but, sometimes I have trouble with your debate on minimum wage. In my opinion, if I work 40 hours a week, I should be paid at least an equivalent of a cost of living otherwise I would be better off living on welfare benefits. Cost of living should be linked to food and shelter plus transport and adjusted for inflation of those items. Necessities of life keep going up but the paychecks don't. What gives?

  • Medicare

    I watch your Bulls and Bears every Sunday however your panelists need to be education on Medicare.

    Medicare is a volunteer program, you get part A free and pay a premium for part B if you want it or you can decline.

    My monthly premium is $112 which is deducted from my social security BTW which I'm still paying into since I work

    My wife premium is also $112 per month for a total of $2424.00 per year. Which is a lot when your SS is only 1200 for me and 700 for my wife. And on top of that there is a 20% shortfall you need a supplement and Part B, in order to qualify for high end surgery's

    I just had a double lung transplant in December of last year thank goodness for Medicare and supplement, which in most cases is very expensive, else I would not have been accepted in to the program I'm also very lucky being retired military and over 65 have a supplement for Medicare

    the operation cost Total cost was $650000

    Bottom line Medicare is not free you contributed in to it and now you paying premiums I don't consider this a true benefit like social security, I agree it has many problems with fraud and just plan greed if you could correct this it would work just fine

    Wonder where all that premiums go, If we are paying 24K for a two person family .

    BTW I'm a Republican

    Aldo Vince Cattera

  • "oil is a tax" ?

    I hear tha "Oil is a tax." Oil is an expense that nearly all people in the world pay, just as food is an expense on the same people.

    The dollars for paid for oil are not taxes. The only the tax in the price of oil is that taxthat our governments impose.



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