Bully Beatdown

Thursday 9:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Mar 22, 2009 In Season


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  • Ambivilant about anothr show

    True, no one likes bullies and yes, we do like to see them get thier just deserts but I dont think using violence all the time to solve your problems is helpful. If you ask me, it just throws glass on the fire. It would solve all the problems right away.
  • Bully Beatdown is a show that speaks for itself. It doesn't ask for much, but it delivers on all its promises.

    Hosted by Jason "Mayhem" Miller, a professional MMA fighter, this show finds real life (so we are told) bullies, eggs them into fighting a professional fighter for a chance to win $10,000. This isn't exactly high-brow television, but if you like watching UFC, you'll enjoy this program. The main draw for this program is listening to Jason's wisecracks, and seeing real life tough guys get the snot beaten out of them. They don't have headliner fighters on the program either, but the moral of the story is a trained fighter beats up on untrained tough guys. Pros: Mayhem is funny, tough guys get their butts kicked, and some of them actually think they have a chance. Cons: It will probably get repetitive after a short while, and I'm not sure how much variety they can find in bullies.