Bump in the Night

Season 1 Episode 9

A Sneeze In Time / Hocus Dopus / Karaoke Cafe

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 05, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

A Sneeze in Time: Mr. Bumpy accidentally calls Squishington a dofus and hurts his feelings. Bumpy thinks that if he can go back in time before the event happened then he could change it and make it never happen. He uses sneeze power to go back in time and tries several times and makes it worse each time and winds up with three of himself at one time. Just when he has lost hope, Squishington from the future appears and has his moral fairy (Molly Coddle) tell them the three steps in getting Squishington to be their friend again. One is to learn from their mistakes, two is to never do it again, and three is to say that they are sorry. Squishington opens the door and the three Bumpys say they are sorry and Squishington is happy but asks why there are still three Bumpys. The Bumpys start to fight and they explode and Squishington says that it must be the end of the story and he explodes too. Hocus Dopus: Squishington is feeling sick and is sorry about messing the show up. Mr. Bumpy thinks that if he can do anything, at least he can cheer Squishington up. He decides to pull a rabbit out of a hat to cheer him up. Squishington gets excited and Bumpy swears that he will pull a rabbit out of a hat for his buddy. Bumpy starts his magic show and tries to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He pulls out a squirrel with anger issues first. Then he pulls out a land squid. Bumpy feels that he's let Squishington down and goes to the closet to be taken by the Closet Monster. Squishington tries to tell him that it is all right and he sees a bunny slipper and quickly grabs it and dumps it into the hat. He begs Bumpy to try one more time and the Closet Monster growls and Bumpy quickly agrees to try once more. Bumpy pulls out the rabbit slipper and Squishington is happy. Unfortunately, Squishington gave Bumpy his cold. Karaoke Cafe: Mr. Bumpy sings "The Things You Make Me Want to Do."
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