Bump in the Night

Season 1 Episode 7

Baby Jail / Night of the Living Bread / Karaoke Cafe

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 22, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Baby Jail: Mr. Bumpy is making fun of Molly having to take care of some very vocal babies. Molly asks Mr. Bumpy to get the babies some baby formula and feed them while she and Squishington take care of diapers. Bumpy can't believe he got talked into taking care of the little babies but he goes and finds the formula. Bumpy gives the formula to the babies but the big baby makes Bumpy drink the formula and now Bumpy is a baby Bumpy. He can understand the babies now and he learns what it's like to be a baby. The big baby is called Big Mike and he and Bumpy plan to get out of the baby cage. They make it to the latch and let everyone out. Molly and Squishinton return and Molly catches all the babies, including Bumpy and Big Mike. She picks up Bumpy and burps him and it returns him to normal. Bumpy now feels sorry for the babies and what they have to go through. Night of the Living Bread: Bumpy uses a lighting storm in a scene form Frankenstein to create a toasted sandwich. The top piece of bread falls behind the microwave and Bumpy doesn't worry about it since he has the rest of his sandwich. He eats leaves with Squishington. The sign on the microwave says that it has strange affects and sure enough, it makes the bread slice into a monster. The bread eats and spits out Squishington and Bumpy and they know that they have to stop it. After several funny failures to stop the bread, Bumpy finally hits it with peanut butter and it falls to the floor and lands peanut butter side down and is stuck. Karaoke Cafe: the song, "Go Away and Don't Come Back," is sung by Squishington.