Bump in the Night

Season 1 Episode 7

Baby Jail / Night of the Living Bread / Karaoke Cafe

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 22, 1994 on ABC



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    • Mr. Bumpy: (scene parodying Frankenstein) I, Doctor Bumpenstein, shall create the dream of the ages! What no man hath createth beforeth-th-th!
      Squishington: I know! I know! You're going to create life!
      Mr. Bumpy: Why would I wanna do that?

    • Mr. Bumpy: Listen to them wail! Babies are good-for-nothing food tubes who just break stuff, make noise, and get messy!
      Squishington: Why, that sounds like you, Mr. Bumpy.

    • Squishinton: (opens the door after hearing all the babies crying) Is somebody testing jet engines in here?
      Mr. Bumpy: No, it's just Molly trying to wrangle these wretched rugrats.

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