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    Well there are apparently recent released volumes listed on Amazon. I just submited the news to TvShowsOnDVD hopefully we get some more info on the second volume thats being released next month. Here are the two that are listed

    Night in theLiving Bread

    Bump In The Night: Night of The Living Bread (Re-Release) Vol. 1

    Going Bump in the Night was never so much fun with the animated adventures of Mr. Bumpy, Squishy, Molly Coddle and the various "household" monsters. They must ensure that the human inhabitants are protected from evil forces such as dirty socks and the Closet Monster. Gasp! Features the episodes "Bump & Roll", "Night of the Living Bread", "Party Pooper", "School's Out", "Not a Peep", and "Adventures in Microbia". The DVD also comes with the bonus episodes "All you Need is Glove" and "Squishy Prince."

    ReleaseBump In The Night: 'Twas The Night Before Bumpy Christmas Special Vol. 2

    No specs atm

    Release Date: October 23, 2007

    I will update more once i learn of new information. Pass the word!!

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    I have both volumes of Bump in the Night. Now I'm hoping for the complete series to be released.
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