Bump in the Night

ABC (ended 1996)


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  • General Whimsical humor with a twist, rare good-quality Clayamation\stop-motion with special FX that looked like they were ripped from a SNES.

    This was and odd show that you'd wonder how it was an actual Disney toon. We have Mr. Bumpy that looks like an odd cross between a slug and a toad, has a cool cat attitude and its dead obvious his voice actor is Cats from CatDog. Next we have the bright blue living pile of clay I forget the name of (Mushy?) who I originally thought was a female but nope he's like Tails but even more worried about things. Next we have a doll I forget the name of, can't think of mush to say about her. All in all this show's not bad and if you find a DVD of it at Goodwill like I did go ahead and pick it up, you might get a chuckle but the real candy is the clayamation thus this is a show more for Toon geeks like me.
  • Made of clay? I'm all over that.

    I watched this every saturday over, and over, and over. Most likely because there's only about half a season worth of episodes, but I loved it. There wasn't enough claymation out there and frankly, the world needs more claymation. ALOT more... Anyway, this wild green guy lived under the bed (to paraphrase the theme song) and he gobbled up socks. Weird I know. But his friend was a blue blob (toothpaste?) who lived in the bathroom (toilet?). Right. There was a ragdoll named molly, and an evil robot named destructo who lived in the closet and tried to kill eveyone most frequently. It was really well made too. Very "slimy" kind of feel the entire show. It was just what my pre-pubesant mind needed when the ninja turtles weren't on. My personal favorite episode was in fact a thanksgiving special that involved a giant dead turkey (normal size to us but not to Mr. Bumpy) that came to life in the refridgerator and started attacking everyone! Awesome! The best part about claymation is that i think it was actually a real turkey that was animated. Thats way better than any new fangled digital bullcrap that flys all over kids tv today. Blah! Gimme the good stuff. Piles of talking clay monsters that may or may not make too much sense! YES! Also, there was also a feature near the end of some episodes called Mr.Bumpy's Karaoke Cafe. Oh yes... disturbing original songs... that still get stuck in my head today. I love you Mr. Bumpy! Clay on!