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Episode Guide

  • Vienna, Austria
    Vienna, Austria
    Episode 33
    Cosmopolitan Vienna is the geateway from Western to Eastern Europe. Host Shannon McDonough learns about Vienna's fascinating gay history, while taking in the modern spots and meeting history-in-the-making Austrians.
  • Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
    Episode 32
    Charlie David roller blades through Stanley Park and explores the gay area of The West End.
  • Valencia, Spain
    Valencia, Spain
    Episode 31
    Spain's third-largest city basks contentedly on the coast. Surrounded by dramatic mountains, the city boasts impressive architecture, a stunning river valley and lively lesbian and gay bars.
  • Torremolinos, Spain
    Torremolinos, Spain
    Episode 30
    After Madrid and Barcelona, Torremolinos has the biggest gay nightlife of Spain. Enjoy the beaches and the weather!!!
  • Telluride, Colorado
    Telluride, Colorado
    Episode 29
    Now on its fifth year, Telluride Gay Ski Week has plenty to offer; Charlie takes rides a makeout gondola with Denver drag queen Nuclia Waste.
  • Tasmania, Australia
    Tasmania, Australia
    Episode 28
    This little piece of Eden is home to some of the fines food and wine on the planet and the local arts scene is truly happening. It's all about getting back to nature in the Tassie episode of Bump!
  • Sydney Mardis Gras
    Sydney Mardis Gras
    Episode 27
    Shannon interviews the Chief of Parade, Margaret Cho, then shakes it up with the tens of thousands of enthusiastic revelers who take to the streets and the clubs for days and nights of elaborate costumes, parties and concerts.
  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Episode 26
    Host Charlie David checks out this styling capital of Sweden from a shiprail at sunrise, a rooftop at sunset, the fashion district in broad daylight, and the after-dark scene too.
  • Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington
    Episode 25
    Host Charlie David visits the home of coffee and grunge rock, Seattle.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Episode 24
    Sao Paulo has gained a reputation as the "New York" of South America. Join host Charlie David as he explored this massive, sprawling gay mecca to discover if it's truly worthy of its Big Apple title.
  • San Diego, California
    San Diego, California loves to celebrate Pride, and we chat with a local activist that's been behind the gay community's emergence.
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Charlie takes in all the flexing and adjusting going on at Farme Beach before some gelato and more boy-watching at a nearby cafe.
  • Queensland, Australia
    Shannon rocks like gay royalty down-under, taking to the seas with Capt. Andy for the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague has exploded as one of Europe's premier tourist destinations, with gorgeous architecture and vibrant gay nightlife in one of the world's most beautiful cities.
  • Portland, Oregon
    Portland, Oregon
    Episode 19
    It may be pouring, but a trip to Oregon's gay mecca is anything but boring.
  • Paraty, Brazil
    Paraty, Brazil
    Episode 18
    After the wildness of Rio, Charlies relaxes in serene Paraty -- and later meets up with the town's openly-gay former mayor.
  • New York (Part 2)
    Episode 17
    New York is synonymous with fashion and home to the headquarters of 2(x)-ist Underwear, where we drop by and "examine" why their skivvies are so popular with gay men.
  • New York (Part 1)
    Episode 16
    Often called The Capital of the World, New York City has been the Emerald City for gays & lesbians from all around the world for years. Seth Rudetsky takes on a tour of the theater district while Kate Clinton shows us the Upper West Side.
  • Denver, Colorado
    Denver, Colorado
    Episode 15
    If you think Denver's gay scene might be lacking, wait until Shannon hits up "Petticoat Bruncheon.
  • Helsinki, Finland
    Helsinki, Finland
    Episode 14
    Get the non-watered-down scoop from host Charle David as he makes new Finnish friends who show him everything Helsinki has to offer
  • Calgary, Canada
    Calgary, Canada
    Episode 13
    Host Charlie David gets fitted in his tightest Wranglers for the big Calgary gay rodeo. His belt matches his boots, even!
  • Madrid, Spain
    Madrid, Spain
    Episode 12
    The largest city in Spain is also home to the grandest gay scene in the country. Shannon works out at a gay-owned gym, explores the city's largest LGBT bookstore and goes clubbing until the wee hours.
  • Barcelona, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain
    Episode 11
    Join Shannon McDonough as she tour the gayest most popular coastal town.
  • Mexico City, Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Episode 10
    Our visit to the largest city in the world begins at the foot of a monument devoted to the end of discrimination. Tour Zona Rosa, the city's gay-friendly area, and then head to an Aztec pyramid in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Manchester, England
    Manchester England is a city whose great industrial past belies its newfound status as a major gay hotspot. Join BUmp! as they stroll down festive Canal Street, which is party-central, the heart of the gay village.
  • Key West, Florida
    Key West, Florida
    Episode 8
    The southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West has been attracting gay and lesbian travelers for decades. Bump! visits an all-woman cruise and wanders the queer beaches of Key West to find out where the locals sun!
  • Bump Houston, Texas
    Bump! meets some amazing locals who have helped shape Houston, Texas' gay and lesbian community. Love dude ranches? Then buff up your chaps and check out this episode of Bump!
  • Cancun, Mexico
    Cancun, Mexico
    Episode 6
    Cancun Mexico is a luxurious, tropical, gay-friendly destination which boasts the perfect mix of tourist attractions and local Mexican culture.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    From exploring the Evita Museum and browsing at street markets to taking tango lessons and relaxing at an exclusive men's spa, find out what makes this throbbing city in Argentina of 11 million tick.
  • Galveston, Texas
    Galveston, Texas
    Episode 4
    Join Bump! on this festive trip as we climb aboard a colourful, sparkling float and revel in Galveston's Mardi Gras celebrations, the biggest event of the year!
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Host Charlie David goes on a hunt for Vikings in Copenhagen, the beautiful historical capital of Denmark. Instead of ancient mariners, he discovers a very contemporary and happening city, where modern Vikings prefer bikes to boats.
  • Budapest, Hungary
    Budapest, Hungary
    Episode 2
    West meets East, European meets Asian in every area, from complex cuisine and architecture to the people who make up the gay and lesbian scene in today's Budapest.
  • Chicago, Illinois
    Chicago, Illinois
    Episode 1
    Charlie hangs out in Boystown, Hollywood Beach and Andersonville, finds out that Chicago's gay scene isn't limited to one neighbourhood.