Bump! - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Join Charlie for a debaucherous weekend of poker, partying and pampering in
  • Saugatuck, Michigan
    Saugatuck, Michigan
    Episode 21
    It may be small, but it's mighty! Join host Deb Pearce as she invades the not so sleepy towns of .
  • West Hollywood, California
    It's home to the rich, the famous and gay. Join host Charlie David as he takes on
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Bump heads to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a city that fuses different people and cultures into one delicious Thai melting pot.
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Episode 18
    It's a place where anything goes anytime. Join host Charlie David for a sneak peek into one of the most intense capital cities in the world:
  • Sonoma County, California
    This is one laid back locale - join host Charlie David as he explores and discovers why it's about more than just wine.
  • Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan
    Episode 16
    Charlie David has his sights set on one of the biggest capital cities in the world, with 30 million people packed into one beautiful place. It's a stylish and mind blowing place, perfectly mixing modern luxury with centuries of tradition.
  • Santiago, Chile
    Santiago, Chile
    Episode 15
    What's super long and very versatile? Chile, of course! Join host Charlie David as he shares his time between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean in Santiago.
  • Mendoza, Argentina
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Episode 14
    Host Charlie David learns the language of Malbec-fueled love in Mendoza, Argentina. Charlie quickly discovers that the capital city of Argentina is full of small town charm, laid back afternoon siestas and tons of hot bodies.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
    Machu Picchu, Peru
    Episode 13
    Join host Charlie David on the journey of a lifetime to one of the new wonders of the world,
  • Lima, Peru
    Lima, Peru
    Episode 12
    It's a Pacific coast capital city with a sexy history. Join host Charlie David in
  • Dublin, Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland
    Episode 11
    Host Charlie David shakes his shamrock to to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
  • Kyoto, Japan
    Kyoto, Japan
    Episode 10
    With 17 world heritage sites and 2000 shrines and temples, this city will keep you busy. Join host Charlie David as he heats things up in Kyoto.
  • Belfast, Ireland
    Belfast, Ireland
    Episode 10
    Join host Charlie David in beautiful as he uncovers a side of this famous city you've never seen!
  • London, England Part 2
    Bump continues its tour of London by visiting some of the majestic gardens dotting the city, including Hampstead Heath, popular with both gays and lesbians for their men-only and women-only pools. Check it!
  • Newcastle, United Kingdom
    Cheerio, lads and lasses! Charlie David heads across the pond to , the most historic city in North East England.
  • London, England Part 1
    London is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the world with a vibrant queer scene. Check out why!
  • Baltimore, Maryland
    Join host Deb Pearce for a side of Baltimore you never knew existed, as she discovers why the capital of is 'Charm City'.
  • Savannah, Georgia
    Savannah, Georgia
    Episode 7
    Savannah, Georgia has always shown its guests a "good ole southern" time. Check out why!
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Bump visits Puerto Vallarta, the gay paradise on the Mexican Riviera. Charlie explores all things gay in this land of HOT!
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Surrounded by scenic beauty and imbued with 400 years of history and culture, Santa Fe's serene and nurturing character is an authentic product of preserved architecture, art, cuisine and tradition.
  • San Francisco, California
    San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has a colorful history with the LGBT community.
  • Sydney, Australia
    Sydney, Australia
    Episode 3
    Host Shannon McDonough takes a tour of the bars, clubs and cafes, and makes time to get a surfing lesson and relax on the sunny beaches, a perfect combination of fun and sun that make Sydney famous for a great gay getaway.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Episode 2
    Host to thousands of conventions and events - Bump! is right there at Viva Las Vegas 5 checking out hot circuit boys strutting their stuff in skimpy swimsuits at the waterpark during the day and partying like crazy till the wee hours.
  • Ottawa, Canada
    Ottawa, Canada
    Episode 1
    Nature buffs will be hooked as you go rollerblading on Ottawa's vast network of scenic pathways, and then visit the Gatineau parks, with its trails for hiking and mountain biking and five pristine lakes where you can canoe and camp.