Bump! - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Provincetown, Massachusetts
    On the Northern tip of Cape Cod is America's preeminent queer oceanfront playground, P-Town. Bump takes in the natural beauty of the seashore and in town it's off to Boat Slips--Cape Cod's largest party venue; P-Town has a lot to offer.
  • Paris, France
    Paris, France
    Episode 22
    Bump visits Gay-Paris! Take a walking tour of the Le Marais, visit The Orsay museum dedicated exclusively to gay-themed art and party the night away at Queen, Paris' oldest gay dance club. Oo La La!
  • Northampton, Massachusetts
    A city of only 30,000 located two hours from Boston in the Berkshires, Northampton is small-town America at its queer best.
  • Los Angeles, California
    Los Angeles, a.k.a. The City of Angels is unlike any other city in the world. Bump! tours the gay city and playground called West Hollywood with some locals. Check out the latest fashions for lesbians and then shake it in L.A. nightclubs!
  • Palm Springs, California
    Known as the playground to Hollywood's Elite, Palm Springs is synonymous with glamour and sophistication. Today, with 43% of its population being gay and lesbian, Palm Springs has been called the "gay-friendliest city in North America".
  • Atlanta, Georgia
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Episode 12
    Bump! visits Atlanta, Georgia, the Gay Mecca of the South. With a population of just over 4 million, this capital city is home to a vibrant gay community brimming with Southern hospitality!
  • Brighton, England
    Brighton, England
    Episode 11
    Bump! visits the cheerful seaside UK resort, Brighton. We start our tour on the boardwalk at the colourful Brighton Pier and as dusk turns to dark, we end off our tour carousing at several gay hotspots.
  • Montreal, Canada
    Montreal, Canada
    Episode 10
    The second largest French-speaking city in the world with a population of 3.4 million, Montreal, Canada has all the ingredients for a perfect gay getaway. Bump! shows you around and gives us all something to Oo La La about!
  • Boston, Massachusetts
    It's all aboard BUMP! for a queer tour of Boston: both on foot and afloat. Take a private charter of Boston Harbor, go on a walking tour of the predominantly gay south-end's Tremont Street, and and catch a drag show at Jacque's.
  • Berlin, Germany
    Berlin, Germany
    Episode 9
    Berlin, Germany gets off to a busy start as Bump! takes us to the Mann-O-Meter, a must-stop for all that is gay in Berlin followed by a "Diva's and Gay Icon's" walking tour of the city.
  • Washington D.C.
    Washington D.C.
    Episode 8
    C.' for free online. Bump! checks the gay community which has had a huge presence in Washington, DC, as the city was the site of four historic marches for gay rights where upwards of a million protesters congregated on the Mall in front of the Capital Building.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    BUMP! goes on a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam the Netherlands which proves that there is something for just about every kind of queer taste in this world class city.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
    Tourists refer to New Orleans, Louisiana as "The Big Easy" but locals call it "The Crescent City". Check out another kind of "wildlife" in the French Quarter, where every day is Mardi Gras!
  • Phoenix, Arizona
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Episode 5
    Thriving desert and growing city, this metropolitan city has not forgotten its past, evidenced by its Southwestern architecture and Native American Cultural influences. Bump! shows us why Phoenix, Arizona knows its way around the gays!
  • Miami, Florida
    Miami, Florida
    Episode 4
    South Beach, with its warm weather, incredible beaches and beautiful people, has been home to trend-setting movers and shakers for the past two decades. Miami Beach Florida is definitely a place to see and be seen.
  • Toronto, Canada
    Toronto, Canada
    Episode 3
    Toronto is Canada's largest city, home to over 4.5 million people. Bump! visits Toronto and proves that the gays in Canada know where it's at!
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection welcomes the LGBT community with open arms.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Over the years, Fort Lauderdale has evolved from a Spring Break capital to a city where upwardly mobile gays & lesbians look for a relaxing way of life within close reach of the hyper-charged gay scene in South Beach.