Season 1 Episode 4

Better Luck Next Year

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2012 on ABC Family
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    Bunheads: Home Improvements

    Just four episodes in, this series is already shaping up to be an ABC Family standout.

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    The Joffrey Summer Program threatens to pull their auditions from Fanny's studio unless she makes a costly repair. Boo's mom tries to prepare Boo for her annual audition failure, but Boo doesn't want to hear about it. Elsewhere, Michelle questions her commitment to the guest house after a closer look in daylight. Her worries seem justified when her belongings arrive from Las Vegas with an unwelcome furniture bonus.


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      It's going ok so far. I know I've mentioned time and time again about the dialogue/monologue. I also thought about the dream sequence with Michelle dancing. That was cute, but the dude was harsh. Lol.
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      • (Fanny tells Michelle she must take care of all the furniture cluttering the studio grounds.)
        Michelle: But it's not even mine. I mean, I took this place in Vegas partially furnished because at the time I was coming off of a partially unhappy relationship with this guy that I lived with — more unhappy than partial — and I thought, "Great, less stuff to buy." But, oh my God, the stuff in this apartment. I mean, the grandfather clock actually has a cutout in the back. Like Clemenza used it to stash a gun for Michael to shoot the police chief with.
        Fanny: Wait, who killed a police chief?
        Michelle: Michael in the Godfather.
        Fanny: Oh, my God. How long did I tune you out that you went all the way there?

      • (Fanny awakens Michelle when she comes visiting in the middle of the night.)
        Fanny: Why are your doors open?
        Michelle: Why are you here?
        Fanny: And why's your window open?
        Michelle: Is everything okay?
        Fanny: Aren't you freezing?
        Michelle: It's freezing in here.
        Fanny: That's what I just said.
        Michelle: Are the windows open?
        Fanny: And the door.
        Michelle: I left the door open?
        Fanny: We have got to get out of the Mobius strip of a conversation or I'll scream.
        Michelle: Oh, get used to it. I'm slow to awaken
        Fanny: We don't sleep together, why should I get used to it?

      • (Fanny tells Rico her catering needs for audition day.)
        Truly: So on the sandwiches, keep the crust, lose the crust?
        Fanny: Lose them. It's classier.
        Rico: Wait, wait, wait. I'm not cuttin' the crusts off of anything, not again. I cut my finger last time.
        Fanny: So have someone else cut off the crusts.
        Rico: Crusts are the best part. Why would you cut off the crusts?
        Truly: I like crusts, too.
        Fanny: Rico, if you're not willing to do what I need you to do, I will take my business elsewhere.
        Rico: I'm cool with that.
        Fanny: Fine! Keep the crusts.

      • Rico: (on why he's accepted the catering job) We're just trying to bank some extra scratch so we don't have to stay open seven days a week.
        Nina: We're open seven days a week? Who made that decision?
        Rico: I don't know. One of us, at some point.
        Nina: It's stupid.
        Rico: I know!

      • Michelle: (after reading the Joffrey fax) I'm confused. What's the problem?
        Fanny: What's the problem?!
        Truly: What's the problem?
        Fanny: They just lopped my head off.
        Truly: Game of Thrones.
        Fanny: With no warning.
        Truly: Ned Starked her.
        Michelle: I'm rereading. I see nothing about a head, a guillotine, an evil boy king with mommy issues. I'm behind here.

      • Michelle: If you want the auditions here so damn much, fix the damn floor.
        Fanny: Oh, fix it. Why didn't I think of that? Fix the floor. Pay the money to get someone to come in and fix the floor.
        Michelle: Yes.
        Fanny: Okay. Well, I'll just go out back to the barn and get my goose that lays the golden eggs and I'll squeeze one of those little suckers out of her — one should do it. Or wait, how about this. I'll wait for the magical rainbow that will lead me to where the sprightly elf has hidden the pot of gold, and I'll grab those gold coins and whatever other treasure he has — maybe a crown or some ingots — and then I'll have the money to fix the floor.
        Michelle: I'm picking up a wee bit of snark here, so I'm going to take my toolbox and leave you to spiral down the rabbit hole you've jumped into. Send a postcard.

      • Boo: (about her mother) She thinks I'm a loser, and that I'm totally gonna crap out along with everybody else in this place.
        Sasha: She didn't say that.
        Boo: She didn't have to, the cake did.
        Sasha: What cake?
        Boo: The cake in the fridge with the frosting that says, "Better Luck Next Year," with a stupid exclamation point at the end. She probably buys them in bulk.

    • NOTES (4)

      • The song Michelle sings in her two dreams is "Me and My Baby" from the Broadway musical Chicago.

      • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Maria L. Melograne (Produced by), Lisa Nash Jones (Department Head Make Up Artist), Kim M. Ferry (Department Head Hair Stylist), Clint Bennett (Music Editor), Level 3 Post (Post Production Services), Todd-AO (Post Production Sound), Marat Daukayev School of Ballet (Production Assistance Provided by), Gaynor Minden (Production Assistance Provided by)

      • Although credited, Bailey Buntain (Ginny Thompson) and Emma Dumont (Melanie Segal) did not appear in this episode.

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Norway: September 25, 2012 on FEM

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Nanette: Kettle corn!
        Boo: Keep moving, keep moving.
        Nanette: Popcorn's a whole grain. The Southern lady with the diabetes on the food channel said so.
        Boo's mother is talking about Paula Deen, a cook with several shows on Food Network. On January 17, 2012, Deen announced her diagnosis along with a hefty endorsement deal with a diabetes drug manufacturer to much criticism. Much of it was directed at the fact she'd had the diagnosis for three years, had adjusted her diet for the disease and lost weight, but had not changed the fatty and sugary foods she promoted on her shows — her network brand.

      • Michelle: Okay, we're fine vetters. They should put us in charge of finding vice-presidential candidates.
        Michelle refers to Sarah Palin and the rush job done vetting her for her 2008 candidacy, part of which story was told in the HBO movie Game Change.