Season 1 Episode 12

Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Michelle is teaching her adult tap class, and at the end, Sam asks if they are having a recital. Michelle says no. Sam suggests a tap dance flash mob, and Michelle says she will look into it. As she is closing up the studio, the light comes back on, and she goes back in, and Sasha is there, saying that she needs to rehearse. Michelle says that the place is hers, and asks how her home life is. Sasha says not great, and Michelle offers her friendship for talks, or whatever Sasha needs. Then Michelle asks if he is outside or on his way. Sasha asks who, and Michelle says, "Dude." Sasha admits Roman is outside. Michelle calls Roman in and sends him on his way. She offers Sasha food at her place, and they go to get something to eat.

Michelle is teaching the ballet class. They are working on ballet partnering. The guys leave seemingly angry with Michelle for the hard work. Talia calls Michelle and says that she sent her an email, so Michelle opens it and it is a fuzzy picture of a supposed man named Marion and Talia said that it is Michelle's blind date that Rick (Talia's 60+ year old gentleman) set up. Michelle fights it and then relents.

Boo comes into the locker room stressed because Carl says he is coming home early, and she had a homecoming bash planned for him and he was ruining it by missing her. Melanie is reading a book (which everyone else is marveling at) because she fell behind on her summer reading. She confuses The Great Gatsby with Moby Dick. The girls help Boo pick some items out and as she rushes off, Carl meets her in the studio. Carl says he wants to hug her and she refuses because she is sweaty and gross and wants to still look nice, and Carl is concerned because he was gone at camp for 6 weeks. He wants to make sure she still cares for him. She admits she does but that she saw Magic Mike twice. She gives him a quick kiss and says more after she is ready. He asks if Thursday is still good, and she asks for what, and he says meeting the parents. He gives her a bow and arrows he carved because she liked the Hunger Games so much. She runs off and says she will see him when she is clean.

Truly brings some things to Michelle's home and asks for help. She tells Michelle that someone changed the locks at her store (Michelle interrupts with a dream story) and Michelle says her landlady can't lock her out if she has a lease, and Truly admits that she no longer has a lease, and hasn't been paying her because she raised the rent 40%. Truly says her land lady won't take her calls and that she needs to store her clothes there until she comes up with $1200 a month. Michelle finds a dress she likes and asks how much, to which Truly replies, "Twelve hundred a month."

The girls are at school, commenting on the new freshman class when they see new students pull up on a scooter. (Melanie is still reading and listening to audiobooks) Everyone is curious about the two new students (male and female)

Truly is knocking on Michelle's door, saying she couldn't wait longer but Michelle sleeps late. Michelle defends herself. Truly asks if she can bring someone by to see her new fall line, Michelle relents, and Truly calls to someone to come in. Michelle was surprised that it is now, but still allows it. As the woman browses, she asks for coffee. Michelle gets on it.

The new girl speaks French to someone, and Boo tells Melanie she heard her speaking perfect Japanese earlier. Then, Ginny sees him (his name is Frankie) playing the piano. They see her (her name is Cozette) in a new outfit. They discuss how he plays the violin and piano, and she speaks French, Spanish and Japanese.

At the Oyster Bar Michelle shows Boo the picture of the blind date. Once again, the fuzzy picture leads to confusion. Boo asks Michelle what to do about the meeting of the parents. Michelle says not to go (several times) and then just agree with everything Carl's mom says and be what his parents want her to be. Michelle says to duck out 90 minutes in because that is when stuff happens. Michelle gives her a watch and a bunch of examples of things going wrong.

At the family dinner, Boo keeps trying to be whatever Carl's mom wants. It is comical, but uncomfortable. Carl is defending Boo. Boo's alarm goes off and she says it is to remind her to go to the bathroom, which Carl's mom finds strange and comments on it. Boo eavesdrops and hears Carl say that this is the girl he may marry. She bolts.

Michelle gets home and sees a ton of people in her home. She asks "What is going on in there?" and says she isn't talking to herself and Roman pops out of the bushes. He says he doesn't know, and she says that Sasha isn't there. He leaves. Michelle finds out that Truly is having a store in her home, and Michelle says she can't keep doing this because it is her home. Michelle suggests that she meet her landlady on neutral ground like the Oyster Bar, and that she will go with Truly. Michelle then sells her lamp for $50.

Boo tells the girls that Carl said he was going to propose and they ask her if they have had sex. Boo says no, that they promised to call each other after to tell. They all are surprised because they made that promise so long ago. Boo said it made the concept much less scary for her knowing that promise was still there. (Sasha apparently promised to call during.) Ginny says it was a nice promise and that they will still tell each other. The new girl (Cozette) is in another new outfit having a picnic with a popular boy, and has wine. The girls are all incredulous and force Ginny to talk to the brother (Frankie). Ginny goes. Ginny asks Frankie where they are from, and he says they are nomads and just in from Bavaria. He was drawing a picture of Ginny and the girls. She notices, he leaves.

Boo's mom is making paella for dinner with Carl, and it isn't turning out. Boo's mom decided to add barbecue sauce to make her green paella brown. Boo's dad keeps trying to duck out. Carl is making the best of it. Boo's brother and other kids are running around like crazy children. Later, Boo's brother puts on a western cowboy dance thing while they eat dessert. Carl apparently whipped up dessert, and Boo's dad ducked out. Carl knew. He was so sweet that Boo says okay, she will marry him. He wonders what she is talking about, and she explains the logistics of what they can do, and he wonders why she brings this up, and she says she overheard them all talking, and he said that he likes her and cares for her but he isn't ready for marriage, and he just says that stuff with his mom.

Michelle and Truly meet with Milly, Truly's landlord. They begin chatting about how she raised the rent 40%, and Michelle wonders if it really needs to be such a steep increase. Milly says that she has others interested in the same space, and Michelle asks if they can find a middle ground, and Millie says no, there is no middle ground. Truly says that she invested all of her money into Sparkles, and she can't afford the hike, please don't ruin it. Milly scoffs and says, "Your money, really, you're going to pretend it isn't mom's money?" They continue to argue and Michelle wonders if they are sisters, and they each claim that the other hates them. Michelle tries to appeal to the family side, and Milly says that Truly stole her boyfriend. Michelle asks her to forget the past, and Milly says that Truly stole Hubbell away from her. And Michelle introduces herself as the girl that married Hubbell. Michelle comes to Truly to say they have a game plan. Truly asks if she got her shop back, and Michelle says no.

The girls are heading to ballet class and still talking about Frankie and Cozette. They get into the studio, and there is Cozette, dancing beautifully. Frankie sends a paper airplane down to Ginny. It is a picture of the castle she always wanted to see.

Sasha is in the dance studio late at night texting Roman again. Michelle comes in again. Her blind date didn't go well. Michelle makes sure that Sasha doesn't need "The Talk" and someone knocks on the door. It is Sasha's mom. She argues with Sasha and says that she and Sasha's father are splitting up. He is moving with his boyfriend to San Jose, and her mom is moving back to Los Angeles. Sasha says that her whole life is here, and she doesn't want to leave.

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