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  • Season 1
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      Episode 18

      In the season finale, Michelle sneaks out of town for an audition with some unexpected company.

    • It's Not a Mint
      Episode 17

      A wildfire endangers the town, so Bash takes over the dance studio and forces Michelle to help turn it into a shelter since Fanny, the designated co-captain, is still out of the country. Talia, in town for her wedding, must cope with changes to her wedding plan and Michelle's real feelings about Rick. Meanwhile, the girls deal with romantic complications as Dez dogs Melanie wherever she goes, Roman and Sasha become more intimate, Boo is involved in a relationship triangle of which she wants no part, and Ginny can't stop staring at Frankie.

    • Milly assembles a war room at the studio when she learns the local historical society—charged with "keepin' it real in Paradise"—has called a meeting to determine the amphitheater's fate. Elsewhere, Ginny feels further estranged from her friends as they each pursue relationships or other interests, and Roman forces Sasha to acknowledge him in public. Meanwhile, Michelle has an identity crisis caused by an enforced pantsuit and Talia's good fortune.

    • Take the Vicuna
      Episode 15

      Fanny must negotiate a cease-fire with Milly after she crosses from the money side of the aisle to the artistic side in true Milly style. Michelle and Scotty's plans for a final night blast together take a trip down memory lane when Scotty detours for an errand. Sasha channels her inner Martha to throw a perfect housewarming party, but finds out it's hard to hang onto perfection once company's gone home.

    • 1/28/13

      All the girls deal with massive stress loads differently. Ginny turns to Melanie for support with her mother, but Melanie isn't there. She's escaping her father's pressure with roller derby. Boo depends on Carl for help with her brothers, but he's not happy with the extended boyfriend duties. Meanwhile, Michelle's brother visits and challenges her life and responsibilities.

    • 1/21/13

      Caught short from the studio's extended closure, Fanny and Michelle must find an ongoing way to make money fast. Elsewhere, Sasha realizes the effects of moving from Paradise, and the new students continue to entrance the girls.

    • 1/14/13

      Michelle gets right back into the fix it game shortly after returning to town when she learns Truly's been evicted from her shop. Meanwhile, two new talented students fascinate the girls, and Talia sets up Michelle on a blind date.

    • 1/7/13

      Several months after the disastrous Nutcracker performance, the studio is closed and everyone has scattered to the winds. That is, no one is dancing except Michelle in a dreary magician's show on the outskirts of Las Vegas while she camps out on Talia's couch. The girls, meanwhile, deal with the chaos of their lives, and Sasha's return from Joffrey only creates more when she refuses to go back home.

    • 8/20/12

      In the summer finale, Michelle and Fanny's preparations for the studio's summer presentation of The Nutcracker create a bond that is quickly broken through a misunderstanding. Elsewhere, Boo finally approaches the boy she likes.

    • 8/13/12

      Sasha takes up cheerleading to prove a point to Fanny, but it doesn't go well. Fanny, meanwhile, addresses the loss of her Nutcracker lead by opening auditions. Elsewhere, Michelle finds nirvana in a coffee cup, but the price of dealing with a committed barista may be too high, and Ginny's behavior makes Melanie curious.

    • 8/6/12

      That Fanny has a long-distance boyfriend who has been around for years stuns Michelle. Even more stunning, Fanny willingly invites Michelle to attend a play with her. In class, fed up with Sasha's acting out, Fanny awards a key role to Boo.

    • 7/30/12

      A leak at the dance studio means the girls' changing room moves to the guest house, and Michelle's relationship with the girls changes when one of them takes advantage of her access to its contents. Meantime, Ginny endures teasing about her boyfriend and their relationship.

    • Movie Truck
      Episode 6

      Michelle is excited when her friend Talia delivers her car from Las Vegas. Unfortunately, their plans to celebrate Michelle's birthday in a big-city way are ruined when Fanny disappears on a vacation and Michelle has to teach her classes at the studio. Talia refuses to relinquish the dream, though, and makes plans to celebrate small-town style, but a reluctant Michelle is even more unsure of the night's success after Truly invites herself along. Meanwhile, the girls must sneak out of Sasha's house so they don't miss the night's movie, which gives Boo an unexpected opportunity to see her crush in action.

    • 7/16/12

      Frankly horrified by Fanny's bill keeping and payment schedule, Michelle steps into a situation she doesn't understand and jeopardizes Fanny's new ballet performance at the Spring Flower Festival when she tries to turn a profit. Elsewhere, Boo's miserable job at the Oyster Bar is easier to bear when the hot bartender notices her.

    • 7/9/12

      The Joffrey Summer Program threatens to pull their auditions from Fanny's studio unless she makes a costly repair. Boo's mom tries to prepare Boo for her annual audition failure, but Boo doesn't want to hear about it. Elsewhere, Michelle questions her commitment to the guest house after a closer look in daylight. Her worries seem justified when her belongings arrive from Las Vegas with an unwelcome furniture bonus.

    • Inherit the Wind
      Episode 3

      Fanny's reaction to Hubbel's will is typically dramatic, and Michelle escapes the atmosphere by driving her inherited car along the coast. Unfortunately, she encounters small-town atmosphere when the car breaks down and she's stranded on a private road from which no one will rescue her. Back in Paradise, the Girls participate in an ugliest feet contest with other dance studios.

    • For Fanny
      Episode 2

      Fanny and her friends plan an elaborate memorial to honor Hubbell, freezing Michelle out of the planning and sympathy until the event spins out of control leaving her to deal with a distraught Fanny and odd vendors. The girls, meanwhile, use the tragedy as an excuse to skip school until they encounter Fanny and their focus shifts to comfort.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      Michelle, who is tired of her showgirl life and disenchanted with the business after many failed auditions, grabs at the new life her longtime admirer offers her. But the culture shock that comes from leaving Las Vegas tipsy only to arrive in sleepy Paradise sober makes her doubt her decision. Hubbell's mother Fanny is none too pleased, either, and everything boils over at Hubbell's and her reception with tragic consequences.